Hey everyone,

First of all, I am sorry for the delay of this post. I know it was supposed to go online yesterday but as I was traveling the whole day and couldn’t finish it before my flight you only get it today.

However, I hope you still enjoy this little update because I have some adventures to tell about.

But let’s start in the beginning okay?

(German Version here.)

So, my last week in J-Bay was full of good surf and a little bit of rain.

The weekends here seem to be the swell attracter.

I surfed my heart out on Saturday and Sunday and enjoyed some lay days to recover on Monday and Tuesday.

Those days I hung out with my J-Bay family, we cooked together and had a lot of fun.

Then at the end of the week it was time for me to pack my bags and say goodbye to everyone.

I love J-Bay and it was hard to leave. But I know I will come back as soon as possible. So, don’t worry.

On Monday this week me, my German friend and some of the local surfers went to East London for a national surfing competition. I mainly came to watch and see something different cause we all know, I haven’t really seen much of South Africa.

East London is about 4h from Jeffrey’s Bay and the drive there is shocking but beautiful. Shocking because I’ve never seen so many shacks in my entire life. It made me sad to see that the gap between rich and poor is so big here.

Beautiful because the landscape changes so much during this short amount of time. It was all green and then it got desert like the further north we went. You can really see the lack of water here.

East London is not the prettiest city but still a good change. We stayed in a hostel called the sugar shack and it is right at the eastern beach.

The competition is held at Nahoon reef which is about 10 min by car from the hostel.

So, lucky us we rented one for this week.

After last time, it was also not weird to drive on the left side, in contrary I’m pretty used to that now.

Watching the competition was really fun. I just love seeing those guys rip and am getting so jealous because I would love to surf like that.

But I also got in the water and got smashed. Rights are definitely not my strength but that is exactly why I have to train them, right?

When not watching the Comp or surfing I took a lot of pictures and videos and enjoyed seeing new things.

On Thursday, my friends drove me to PE to the airport.

It was time to leave for France.

It definitely was my hardest goodbye so far and it surprises me every time that even though I travel so much I never get used to saying goodbye.

But, and that makes everything at least a little better, I know I will come back soon.

So far that’s it from South Africa. Back to France and back to work. But of cause, I will keep you up to date about that and all my future travel plans. Cause one is for sure, I have big ones.

In the meantime I’d love to hear about your travel stories, so feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram.

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See you next week.


What do you think about saying goodbye?

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