Have you ever met someone while traveling and wanted to start a conversation, but somehow that person didn’t really hop on that train and rather seemed to be annoyed by the questions you were asking? Or maybe you are a long-term traveller yourself and can totally relate to the unpleasantness of answering the same questions repeatedly. Well in any case I thought it would be fun to put together some of the most annoying questions every long-term traveller hates answering, because they get asked them a hundred times. And in addition, to make future conversations more fun and effective I will give you a bunch of questions you can ask instead.

Sounds good? Okay, let’s get started.

5 of the most annoying questions every long-term traveller hates answering and what to ask instead.

1. Where are you from? What do you do at home?

Okay, yes these are fundamental questions to get to know a person. But let’s be honest, if you travel long-term, you get asked that questions approximately 10 times a day, so no wonder it gets annoying over time.

In addition, if you travel long-term, traveling is what you do so you often don’t have a real answer to the second question. This then makes it complicated and you always feel a bit trapped and put into a category by this question because you’re never at home doing something there.

What to ask instead?

“How do you afford to travel?”

A quite similar question to what you do at home.

Though compared to that one, “how do you afford to travel” relates more to the traveling part and not the being at home part. Long-term travellers will be more likely to answer this question as they have usually very cool jobs that involve traveling.

2. How old are you?

As if it would matter how old we are. Seriously. Have you ever chosen your travel friends by age?

This question is just another one that helps us put people into categories and have prejudices. In addition, getting asked that question makes you always feel either too old or too young to travel. Though there is no perfect travel age so why bothering with this question.

What to ask instead?

“What have you been doing since you graduated from school?”

This way, you as the questionnaire can get a sense of how old that person is and at the same time the person who gets asked that question doesn’t feel like being put into a certain category or judged by their age.

He or she rather gets excited about telling about their life and what he or she has accomplished.

3. Don’t you want to do something serious?

No one who made traveling their life really wants to hear that traveling isn’t something serious. In fact, they will very likely hold the belief that traveling for sure is something profitable. And to be fair, they are right. Traveling can help your future in so many ways and everyone that thinks it doesn’t should now probably overthink his opinion. Traveling for example helps your self-development and boosts your confidence.

As a matter of fact, it plays a curial part in finding out who you are and what you want which is the foundation of a happy future. So, save that question if you don’t want to make someone feel bad about themselves or have a major discussion if and why traveling is something serious and not just a pleasant distraction to procrastinate your real life.

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What to ask instead?

“How come you chose to travel long-term?”

Through this question, you get a broader sense of why this person chose to travel over building a career or maybe even tries to build a career through traveling.

You will understand the persons’ intentions more clearly and in addition get an impression how he or she plans to make a living without stepping on someone’s toe.

4. Where have you been already?

Also, a very frequently asked question. In general, you can say, every question asked on a regular basis gets annoying the more you travel. So is this one. After telling the same story 40+ times you get tired. But of cause, I understand you are interested in what one has been up to and which countries he or she has been visiting. That’s why I have an even better question that will help you put up a real and deep conversation where you can get to know your opposite a bit better.

What to ask instead?

“Is there any place/country you would recommend me to go?”

This question challenges the other person a bit more. When answering it you have to think about the places more in detail then just pointing out all the places you’ve been to already, which makes them more likely to want to answer it. The questionnaire on the other hand gets helpful and relevant information for future travels. Win, win.

Also, this question is a good starter for further discussions about places and countries one has been to or wants to go.

5. Don’t you miss home?

Of cause I do. Who doesn’t miss home?! But obviously I chose to miss home to travel the world.

You can’t have it all. If you choose to travel you also choose to miss home sometimes and getting reminded of how much you miss it, doesn’t necessarily help. Also in case you don’t miss it it’s probably not your most favourite thing to do to explain someone why you’re not missing home.

What to ask instead?

“What do you miss most from home?”

This is a bit more specific and already assumes that one misses home. Also, it is perfect to get to know the person and his desires better.

6. How long are you here for?

To be fair, this is a reasonable question. But if you travel long-term you mostly have no plan how long you are staying at one place or for how much longer you are traveling. You don’t even want to think about it because then you need to plan and think of the future. What an effort.

What to ask instead?

“How long are you traveling? Are you more of a travel around person or staying at one place person?”

These questions also give you an impression how long a person is planning to stay. But it doesn’t pressure the other to make a final statement about their travels.


I hope this post was a bit entertaining to read and also helped you improve your future conversations.

If you have any questions that really annoy you or also questions you love answering when traveling, let us all know in the comments.

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What question is the most annoying for you?

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