Hey everyone,

Today it’s time for a new travel diary entry. For everyone who doesn’t know yet, I am back in France since two weeks and therefore have a lot to tell.

Though let me start from the beginning.

(German post here, as usual)

So as mentioned on my Instagram and in my last blogpost the goodbye from South Africa was very hard and therefore I needed a few days to get back into the routine here in France.

After landing in Bordeaux, my best friend was already waiting there because she arrived at the same day as I did and we both got picked up at the airport and brought back to the campsite. There I was welcomed with an open heard. Everyone was happy to see me again.

I though really needed some time alone as traveling for more than 24h can be really exhausting.

The next days I used to organize my life. It’s always a surprise how much gets pushed back when you are traveling.

However, as waves were too small to surf any way it wasn’t a big deal that I did some business stuff. Also, I have to admit, it felt awesome to be productive again and really crush it. Also, I got back into my workout routine, which felt great too.

Then by mid of last week I also was fully back into my working routine and lessons were running smoothly. This time, it’s my first time ever, I got a university group which is so fun because they have a great dynamic and are more or less my age.

Besides work there wasn’t much going on. I still tried and mainly managed to put my life together and get things rolling. I finally found a room in Lisbon, where I’ll be going in mid-September. So exciting! And I spend some time with my friends here.

On Sunday, finally, a swell arrived and I over did it a little bit with surfing I guess. I spent about 5h in the water and had a lesson as well. I don’t know when I felt that tired the last time. My body is wreaked.

But it was an awesome day and it felt great to be in the water again.

The rest of this week was very unexciting again. You know the usual working stuff.

The group from last week stayed for another week and upgraded to intermediates so that we could take them out, which is always great because we can get some surf in ourselves.

Besides that, I am still crushing it and enjoying time with my friends. At the moment, almost all my besties are around. Besides my J-Bay family of cause, and not one day goes by where I don’t miss them.

However, a reunion is planned soon, so I hope I can take it till then.

So far, that’s it from France. Weather is perfect here. Hot and sunny, just as I like it.

I have about two more weeks here now, so there will be one more travel diary entry about France in a couple weeks and then it goes to Portugal, where I of cause will take you as well.

So, stay excited and if you want daily input and inspiration come by my Instagram or Facebook to not miss out on anything.

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Otherwise, see you soon!


When was the last time you were so exhausted you couldn’t move anymore?

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