Are you feeling lost now that you got home from a trip? Did you loose your sense of who you are, what you want or where you want to be? Then you let me tell you, you are not alone. I as well, have that feeling of being lost many times after and even while traveling. Reason for that is because traveling changes, and even tough change is good and necessary it is sometimes hard to not lose yourself completely. Though I found a way, or a few ways to be exact, how everyone, you and I, can prevent that from happening and stop feeling lost. Here are my 7 easy tips to prevent losing yourself while traveling and use the change to find yourself.

Ready? Let’s get started.

prevent loosing yourself - 7 easy tips to prevent losing yourself while traveling and use the change to find yourself

Like I said before, traveling changes. There are so many challenges, good and bad experiences we make during our travels which have a great impact on our personality, desires and wants. Traveling as I find is the best way to get to know yourself better and find out who you really are.

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However, with all that change that’s going on inside and outside of you while traveling, it can be hard sometimes to not get lost. A big part of finding out who you really are is getting unstuck, getting lost and open for change. Though this can result in the temporary feeling of not knowing who you are or what you want. And I know that’s not a great feeling because I had it many many times and still have it regularly.

Though, if you apply some of the below tips, you will get a better sense of how to deal with that feeling and what to do in situations like that to find back to yourself and make the most out of that very positive change traveling sends you through.

So here is what you can do if you are feeling lost while traveling:

1. Listen to our feelings

First of all, it is important that you listen to your feelings. Listen to that voice inside of you and what it tells you. Ask yourself what you want and what sucks at the moment. Why do you feel how you feel? What is causing that feeling and what would you want instead. Is it only a fear you have that causes your feeling of being lost or is it something else? Dig deeper in that area and really try to understand why you feel how you feel and describe your feelings with adjectives. Trust me it will help to find the very reason for your current state of mind.

2. Journal

Once you are aware of your feelings and thoughts it is time to write them down. Get everything out of your mind and make space to think clear and objectively.

Journaling is such a good therapy and you can get back to it once you feel ready and analyse habits and find behaviours that occur often in certain situations.

For example, I tend to get overwhelmed and feel lost once I think my goals aren’t getting forward. Though then I figured I have to remind myself that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and it’ll help to calm me down.

IMG 5672 - 7 easy tips to prevent losing yourself while traveling and use the change to find yourself

3. Picture who and where you want to be

Furthermore, take the time to think of where you want to be in life and who you want to become. It is perfectly normal that you feel lost sometimes. We all do. It is just a result of you not having a clear picture of who you want to be. So, figure that out and you will have a clearer goal in mind towards which you can strive.

4. Set goals

After that, set yourself goals that will help you get to where and who you want to be. Go on a self-development journey and figure out what you need and want to improve. By setting such goals you are forced to reflect on yourself and always keep in mind who you want to be. Also, it will help you reach that picture you’ve been pointing out earlier.

5. Write down values, goals, wishes, review them

It doesn’t only help to set yourself goals, you have to write them down as well. Otherwise you will forget about them in such situations of feeling lost while traveling. Also spare a page in your journal to write down your beliefs, values, standards and wishes. All of those things will help you to figure out who you are and what you want.

Make changes if necessary and review them whenever you feel lost.

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IMG 5718 - 7 easy tips to prevent losing yourself while traveling and use the change to find yourself

6. Learn to read yourself

A very essential thing I figured to prevent feeling lost while traveling. Learn to read yourself. Along with being aware of your feelings, learn to read your behaviours and thoughts. Why do you think what you think at that very moment? Why do you do what you do?

Making yourself conscious of those actions and thoughts will help you get to know yourself better and also recognize situations where you might fall into a bad habit again or overreact.

7. Take time for yourself, take time to focus

Lastly, when feeling overwhelmed, the best you can do is take time for yourself. Get away from everything and everyone and only focus on you. Connect with your soul, mind and body and take the time to find back to yourself.

Like I said, it is perfectly normal to feel that ways sometimes. Maybe all you need is time alone. Or if that’s better, talk to someone who knows you very well about your feelings. Maybe that person can help you find back on track.

IMG 5870 - 7 easy tips to prevent losing yourself while traveling and use the change to find yourself

No matter how long this feeling will last, always keep in mind the little things that guide you to who you are. Take out that journal of yours or read a post about finding yourself. Or talk to someone who knows you.

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And never forget, that feeling will go away eventually!


I hope you could take something out of this post and I was able to help you overcome that feeling of being lost while traveling.

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How do you overcome the feeling of being lost?

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