Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by life? Then maybe what you need is a proper self-care routine. I know exactly how you feel, I feel like that so many times. I used to only take breaks from hustling when I was ill. And even then, I felt guilty for not crushing it. I got more and more depressed and stressed out and wasn’t getting any results from my effort. But a few years back I realized all I needed to get the results I wanted and also feel mentally healthy was taking a break from hustling and more time to care for myself. And very recently I read a book that helped me even more with doing so. As a result of that I wanted to spread that knowledge and help you as well to overcome that barrier and feel happier and healthier by showing you why self-care is so important and 6 tips to practice it.

Are you ready? Okay here is what we will cover today:

About the book that changed my thinking

Why self-care is important

How to practice self-care

Genera tips




First things first, I quickly want to tell you about the book I was reading and give a little shout out to Tami for doing such a great job.

About the book that changed my thinking

So, a few weeks back I came across a book called Love yourself by Tami Walker.

This book had a huge impact on me. It changed the way I saw taking a break and care for myself. It also helped me to set myself as priority and do what is best for me.

To be fair, I already knew most of why it is important to love yourself and also how to do it. But sometimes I struggled with taking action in that area because of my fear of not having enough time to do everything I want to do. And even though now I really love myself and my life, I know how it feels to not do it because I’ve been at that point. And even though it were some other things that helped me out of that self-destructing situation back then, I wished I had that book at that time. Everything would have been a lot easier. And it in my opinion you can’t hear often enough that you have to take time to care for yourself.

In addition, the helpful tips on how to do that and the very practical guideline on how to set up a self-development strategy again made my self-care routine so much easier.

So even though I knew most of what Tami said already, I am very glad I bought and read that book and I know I will read it many more times in the future. Because, as I said before, you can’t hear it often enough how important it is to love yourself and put yourself first.

So, a big thank you for that Tami and I can just recommend everyone to read it, even if you are good at self-care and loving yourself.

Now though let me tell you some things I learn from the book and how a self-care routine can look like.

Why self-care is important

So, like Tami said in her book, practicing self-care is essential to not feel overwhelmed, unhappy and stressed out. She takes it even a step further and claims that not loving yourself results in anxiety and depression in the long term.

Also, what I found is that not taking care of your physical, mental and emotional needs will in the long run hold you back from living your best life and achieving your goals and dreams.

That is why it is so important to take the time and listen to yourself and what you need. Do what is best for you ever moment of your life.

Learn to read your emotions and actions. Learn what you need in certain situations and don’t hesitate to take time to step away from everything if it gets too much.

Your main goal in life should be to be healthy and happy, mentally, physically and emotionally. And all your actions and thoughts should follow this approach.

How to practice self-care

1. Make yourself a priority

First pin that approach somewhere you can always see it, as a little reminder.

Then do something self-care related every day for at least 15 minutes. That’s not too much. And remember you should never be “too busy” to take care of yourself. You have to make yourself a priority.

2. Start loving yourself

Also, always remember to love yourself because you are the most important person in your life. You are the one that is responsible for where you are and if you don’t like it, change it.

More tips on how to love yourself in the book ;). Now we are going to focus on taking care of yourself as a result of you loving yourself.

3. Take time for yourself, alone time

Alone time is the best how you can take care of yourself because you get away from outside influence. If you are alone you have the time and space to listen to our feelings and what you need. This will not be able if you are with other people.

Also switch of TV, Laptop and phone to really disconnect and be alone.

4. Disconnect to connect

By disconnection from everything and everyone around you, you get able to connect with yourself.

Pay attention to how you feel and what you need at that very moment.

5. Journal

Once you are aware of your feelings and thoughts, write them down. Write down everything about every area of your life. Weather it is love, relationships, work, school, physical health, finances, or anything else, think about what is bothering you and write it down.

You don’t have to write about all those areas at the same time. Sometimes the struggle is more in one area than another so focus on that one then.

6. Reflect on yourself constantly

Lastly, reflect on your thoughts and feelings constantly. Whenever you feel down, stressed out, unhappy or even happy. Write it down and reflect on how you can maintain or change the situation. Be aware of your feelings, all the time.

And then if you feel overwhelmed, try to find the source of it. Is it mentally. Does it have to do with your emotions, Mindset or mental wellbeing? Is it spiritual. Does it have to do with your inner calm, your soul? Or is it physical. Is it your body that brings you these out balanced feeling?

Once you know what area to target here are some things I like to do. But as we are all different you might want to think about things that make you feel good in each area. And then do some of these to feel better again.

So, here’s what I like to do to keep balanced in my mind, soul and body.

  • Go for a walk
  • Listen to music
  • Cook a healthy meal
  • Write everything down
  • Unplug from social media
  • Surf
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Read a book
  • Be grateful
  • Be kind
  • Tell others I love them, spread positive vibes
  • Surfing
  • Yoga
  • Exercising
  • Getting and receiving hugs
  • Eating healthy
  • Getting a massage

Now it’s your turn. Write down what makes you feel good mentally, emotionally and physically and then every time you feel a lack in one are apply some of those things. You will see you feel a lot better after doing them.


I hope that post was helpful and you now know how important it is to take care of yourself. Also, I hope this post could deliver you some practical tips on how to maintain a self-care routine.

If you found it valuable, I would love it if you would help me to positively impact other peoples lives as well, by sharing this post.

Also, I’m always interested in your stories and experiences, so don’t hesitate to connect with me on Instagram or Facebook and share them with me.

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And otherwise, we see each other next week or on Friday.


What does your self-care routine look like?

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