Hey friends,

I am back with another travel diary and it’s the last one from France.

First of all, please let me apologize, it’s one week later than planned because I was ill and couldn’t motivate myself to write but more on that soon. I hope the post that came up instead about how to how I afford to travel all the time was a good replacement.

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Now though, rather late than never here is my travel diary from France.

(German version here, as usual)

So, let me start from where I was leaving you last time.

I mentioned some exciting things are going to happen. A new swell was about to arrive and it really did. The next one and a half weeks were incredible. The waves were good all day every day.

Also, some more of my friends came to visit and also took some surf lessons in the camp.

Now I had two missions, first spend a lot of time with my friends and enjoy every minute I have with them because I know after that, I will again not see them for a while. And second, surf as much as possible because I just love it and waves are awesome.

Well, let me tell you that, I didn’t really manage to do either of both in the excess I wanted to. On Saturday after my last post I got ill. First I thought it was only a quick thing and if I stay out of the water for a couple days I’ll be fully recovered. I wasn’t.

It’s hard to get healthy here in France because I couldn’t take a day off work as there was no one to replace me and standing on the windy beach for hours definitely isn’t going to make you healthy. In addition, it caused additional stress for me that I felt the necessity to spend a lot of time with my friends. Of cause I knew, and I was right, they wouldn’t me mad if I didn’t they, knew about my health problems and that I had to work as well. However, as it doesn’t happen often that I get to see them. I told you traveling has downsides. So, I myself had the approach to use that time I got with them.

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So, what I did instead of surfing and just spending time with my friends was struggling with my health trying to maintain stable, get work done and still spend time with my friends.

I hoped every day that I could finally surf again. By the end of my time in France now I can tell you, I didn’t surf one wave of that swell. But sometimes there are times like that and you have to have faith and focus on the many waves you will get in the future. At the point I was then it wouldn’t have made any sense to go surfing anyway. And I learned to listen to my body and put my personal health as a priority.

However, when not feeling completely crushed at the end of the day I at least spend some time with my friends and it was awesome.

I enjoyed every minute and we had a lot of fun. I can’t believe I only get to see them so less. But that makes the time we have together even more valuable and there will be times again, where we will see each other more often.

At the end of my last week I already felt a lot better and could spend my last day at the beach, surfing!

Then it was time for me to leave for Portugal. This goodbye was a little different then the past few years as I decided to probably not come back next year.

It was a very hard decision to take, but there were a lot of signs thrown my way, that it is time for a change and something new.

In addition, deciding to not come back next year, doesn’t mean I’ll never come back. I don’t know if I will work here again, probably not, but I will for sure come to visit again some time.

Also, I don’t quit working as a surf instructor, I just want to experience other places you know.

So as hard as it was to say goodbye to the place that was my second home for the past 10 years and all the people that had such a great impact in the person I became today, I am excited about the change and everything that is coming in the future. I’m sure it is exciting.

And as scary as it might be sometimes, change is good. Change is necessary for growth and if you ever feel like something or someone is holding you back than you should stop hesitating and take the step that is necessary for you to move on. Choose the new and unfamiliar to stay inspired and keep growing personally and professionally.

That said, I’m off to Lisbon now. Technically by the time you read this post I’ve already been here for a week, so if you are interested in what happened so far, go check out my Instagram or Facebook, there are some news.

Otherwise, come back next week for my first travel diary from Portugal, it’s going to be exciting, for sure!

Until then, cheers!


What was the biggest change in your life recently?

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