Hello everyone,

Surprised to hear from me? I know in my last post, the first travel diary of Portugal I said I’ll only do two week updates, and now I’m back already.

The reason is that so much has happened the past week so that I though it’s better to tell you now then wait another week, otherwise I’ll forget half of it.

So, here’s another travel diary from Lisbon, Portugal. I hope you enjoy and feel some travel vibes.

(German post here, as always)

Week 3

Like I said above, so much has happened since my last post, it feels like weeks have passed. I truly lost track of time. If I look into my planner it says I’m here for three weeks now, however it feels so much longer. It feels like months and every day goes by in the blink of an eye. Time runs way to quickly and like I pointed out in my last post already, I really like to press a pause button sometimes to not lose track of everything.

However, enough whining, let me tell you what I have been up to.

Exploring Baixa and Bairro Alto

So, my last post ended with me exploring Lisbon and going to a dinner party. How has that been going?

Lisbon is awesome. Last Friday I explored the parts Baixa and Bairro Alto in the very center of Lisbon. Such cute areas. Lots of little houses, streets and art work. Delicious restaurants and cafes on every corner and so many things to see, it’s hard to decide where to look first.

Here’s a map of my tour through the city.

The city itself is very busy and a bit hectic but in a good way. Lots of friendly Portuguese and excited tourists wandering the streets of Lisbon.

After exploring for a few hours, I went to my faculty to attend the dinner party I already told you about. It was an event of the Erasmus organization of my university.

The dinner party itself was very nice and a great opportunity to meet more people. I talked to a lot of other Erasmus students and enjoyed their company.

The food however, was not that nice and if I can give you one recommendation then it is to ask if there’s a vegetarian option available because it is not normal to get one without asking for it.

Never mind though, as long as I had fun, and I definitely had, I am happy.

tram 28

Day to day life, still exciting

The weekend was very slow then as I needed a little bit of rest from experiencing. I surfed and spend some time at the beach getting some tan. However, I don’t recommend going to the beach on weekends, its crowded like hell.

In addition, I did some organizational stuff for next week and just enjoyed doing nothing.

Monday and Tuesday of this week I had university again and I must admit it is so much more fun than at home. I don’t know whether it is the people, the environment or the classes themselves, it’s just so much more fun. I basically workout the whole time as I only have two practical classes Badminton and outdoor sports. Both are exhausting but exciting and I learn new stuff every day.

I also went surfing as every day. Waves are cooking at the moment. It seems the high period and middle sized swell height is best for Costa da Caparica.

It’s so great to have the opportunity to jump in the water whenever I want.

The weather is still hot. Mostly 30+ degree, but I love it.

Going food shopping on the other hand is something I could leave undone if possible. The city is so busy and driving around with the car is everything else but fun. Also, the supermarkets are busy and the necessity to check prices because I’m living on a budget is overwhelming.

In general, I’m still totally crushed at the end of each day as it’s still so much new stuff every day.

Exploring Belém

On Tuesday I also went into Lisbon again and explored another part of the city, Belém. It is, like everything else, beautiful. Lots of old houses with flowers as decoration, nicely arranged parks and a lot of sightseeing spots and great views.

belem tower

I definitely have to see many of the places I’ve seen so far again and come back to really enjoy everything. You can’t enjoy it properly of you see it the first time as there’s so much new stuff to take in.

Though see yourself, here are some pictures above and a card of my trip again.

One little side note here, the pastry in Portugal is just delicious. I have a thing for baked goods and those here give me huge cravings. If you’re here, you have to try some of the traditional bakery stuff here.

In addition, the people are very open and friendly, but I seem to say this about every place I’ve been to. Nevertheless, it’s true.

Future Plans

Wednesday was again a “getting stuff done” day. Even when you are abroad and especially when you study you need such days where to make sure life is going by smoothly.

Though even on such days some exciting stuff happens.

First, I booked my flight to South Africa in December. Yes, I’m going back there, again. Some of you will probably wonder why I’m going back there the third time this year. Well, I just fell in love with this country and there is a lot I haven’t explored yet. Also, I just crave the waves in J-Bay. They are too good.

However, this time it’s not only going to be South Africa. I’m also going to Bali after. So, a big trip planned end of this year. So, I will keep you posted about that for sure.

In addition, I had kind of a job interview. Not really an interview as it was for a job as a surf instructor in one of the local surf schools, however still kind of an interview. The owner showed me around the school and also took me through the shaping studio where they build their own surfboards. That’s the first time I’ve ever been to a shaping studio and it was very interesting. And of cause I got the job.

So even the most ordinary days here turn out to be very exciting and I am stoked to be here and be able to experience all this.

Thursday was a “normal” day again. Surf and university. So basically, sports the whole day, just as I love it.

What’s Next?

Today I’m going surfing again of cause. The waves are still cooking and I have to take every chance I get. And I will go into Lisbon again and explore some more. This time it’s going to me Alfama. However about that I will tell you in my next post. Probably next week :D.

So far that’s it. Hope you enjoyed and have an awesome weekend.


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Enjoy, have a sunny weekend and see you next week.


How does an ordinary day look like for you?

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