Bom Dia!

And welcome to another episode of my Travel Diary in Portugal. So, I’m back with lots of exciting news. I have probably underestimated how much I’ll experience here and how much can happen during a week so that a new entry every two weeks is way to less. That’s why from now on, or well technically from the beginning on you’ll get one every week on Friday.

Excited?! Okay, I’m too and I can’t wait to tell you what happened. So’ let’s not waste time.

(German post, here as usual)

Week 4

I can’t believe we are in week 4 already! I really don’t know where time went. It went by so quickly, way to quick. However, I’m still enjoying to the fullest and there’s still so much to see and do I haven’t done yet. So, what happened this week.

Exploring Alfama

In my last post, I mentioned that the Friday it went online I will explore Alfama, another part of Lisbon. And so, I did.

Alfama Map

After an awesome surf in the morning I went to Lisbon and walked the tiny streets. Alfama is so far, my favourite spot. Lots of little shops with handmade stuff, a little bit alternative if you want to call it that way. Also, many restaurants with “hip” and delicious food. I could spend all my money here. Also, like every part of Lisbon you have cute houses and small streets that make it feel so cosy and adventurous at the same time.

Furthermore, there are a few awesome Miradouros (Lookouts) where you again have a great view over the city. You might come to think by all the lookouts here you get boring after a while but no, every one of them has its uniqueness and is worth a visit.

My favourite so far is Miradouro del Sol in Alfama. Best place to watch sunsets.

Surfing Time

The weekend was slow again but I loved it that way. After adventuring the whole week and attending classes I really enjoy taking it easy on the weekends and chill a little. Also, my body needs rest because here I do in average 4-5h exercise per day. I know it’s a lot but it’s because of my classes and it is fun.

Luckily waves were good in Caparica too and in the morning the crowds are still okay. Even though nothing can compete with Monday to Friday where there’s usually only a handful guys out there.

This week there was more birds than people in the water which made it a little harder to catch the waves but still fun.

Also, I have awesome news, I got a job at one of the local surf schools and had my first lesson that weekend. It’s nice to make some extra money but even better to collect more experience and see how other schools teach. The team was very friendly and I got along well with my new colleagues. I’m stoked and I love it.

Costa da Caparica

The lesson itself was quite difficult as it was a beginner’s lesson and full high tide with about 3-4ft waves.

I got killed by either my students or a surfboard nearly five times and I couldn’t but laugh at how ridiculously funny this situation was.

I’m excited for more and can’t wait for the next lesson.

Getting shit done Days

Monday and Tuesday of this week were usual “getting shit done” days because we all know most things don’t do themselves alone. Also, as one of my friends is coming for a visit Tuesday night I wanted to get as much out of the way as possible to have time to spend with her.

Also, I had classes again and really enjoyed the activity in nature, especially in the outdoor sports class. I’ve never had class in the forest where you had a view above the city. So, beautiful.

In additon I went to Belem again and saw one of the most beautiful sunsets. I also saw a few sunrises this week because of my early surf sessions. I’m still very impressed.

Surf trip to Sintra

Wednesday, as the waves here got smaller, me and my friend took the opportunity to drive to Sintra, which is about an hour from Lisbon center.

And as it is further out on the coast waves break bigger here.

Sintra Map

After getting up at 6AM, leaving the house at 7AM and getting stuck in traffic till 9:30AM we arrived in Sintra.

It’s beautiful here. Lots of coast line and cliffs, hills and beaches. I could stare at the nature here for ever. However, surf was more important.

At first, we struggled a bit where to go in because no one was out and neither of us surfed here before.

But after a while we figured it out and got company by one or two surfers. The waves were chest high and open most of the time. We both had a stoked surf session.

After that we went further to Azenhas do Mar, a little town close by to enjoy some more culture and beach vibes.

I am really excited to see even more of what Portugal has to offer the next few weeks, because what I saw so far is just awesome. Wave wise and nature wise. And the people are great too.

Azenhas do Mar

What’s next?

Thursday again, was a very usual day. Nothing worth mentioning, only university and stuff. However, today and the weekend is going to be fun again. So, I don’t mind a “boring” day every once in a while.

The plans for the weekend aren’t set yet, but we are probably doing another daytrip as waves are still small here and will do some more exploring. But as always, I’ll tell you about that next week.

So, stay tuned and come back next Friday.


I hope this post was fun to read and I could spread some good vibes and be an ambassador for this awesome country and city.

If you found it entertaining to read, feel free to share. Also, I’d love to know if you have been here and what I liked most, so let’s connect on Instagram or Facebook and chat a bit.

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Otherwise, see you next week.


Have you been to Lisbon? What’s your favourite spot?

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