Hostels, hotels, Airbnb, apartments, single rooms, camping, and more. There are so many options of how to live while your travels. However which one is the best? Well, this really depends on what you want, where your preferences are and how much your budget is giving. There’s for sure a lot to consider before choosing your bed for the night. However, to make this decision a little bit easier for you I have a pro and con list of each form of accommodation for you today to make it easier for you to choose where to live during traveling. And I want to also outline some things you should consider before choosing where to sleep.

So, here’s what you’ll get today:

  • What to think of before choosing your stay?
  • Pros and Cons of a hostel life
  • Pros and cons of hotels and apartments
  • Pros and cons of camping
  • What to consider before choosing your hostel, hotel, campsite where to look?

Are you ready? Okay, let’s get to it.

What to think of before choosing your stay?

Before you decide whether to book a hostel, hotel or go camping there are a few things you should think of first.

1. Where are you going?

Not every country is the same and some forms of accommodations are less safe or common in certain places. Get information about the country and what is the most common way to stay there.

2. When and for how long you are going and what your budget is like?

The time of the year (winter or summer) is also very important as you don’t want to freeze to death in a campervan during winter times. Also, the duration and your budget should be considered as this can have a great impact on what you will probably prefer. Hotels or apartments are usually the most expensive form of staying but also the most comfortable ones.

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3. Your preferences?

Here it is on you to find out the pros and cons of each form of accommodation and decide which one suits you best. And that’s what you are here for I guess.

So, let’s look at the pros and cons of each accommodation.

Pros and Cons of a hostel life

Many of the pros and cons of living in a hostel are the opposite for living in a hotel or apartment so as we get to the other forms of accommodation I will get less precise as it will repeat itself.


Getting to know people easy

If you have a hard time to get to know people and don’t like being alone much then hostels are made for you. As you share your room with others it is very easy to meet likeminded people of the same age. You’ll have new friends in no time, I promise.

You might even meet your next travel buddy there, who knows.


Besides camping, living in a hostel is one of the cheapest form of accommodation. In most countries you get a bed in a dorm for about 10$/€. Also with some there is free breakfast included so even cheaper for you.

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Tourist information

Hostels are like tourist information. The staff usually knows everything about the place and can give you all information you need. Also, most hostels offer to book trips for you and you mostly also get discounts on them. Planning your trip was never easier.


In most places, there are plenty of hostels in great locations. There is a huge range of choice and you should definitely find something suitable for you.


Almost no privacy

If you are living in a dorm you are sharing your room with others which leads to you not having privacy at all. If you want to have your peace you need to go somewhere out of the hostel.

In addition, keep in mind you are sharing kitchen and bathroom with everyone.

Can be disgusting

Depending on the hostel it can sometimes be less luxury as say a hotel. It’s a very common thing to find the bathroom dirty and full of trash the next morning after a party in the hostel. Also

loud and party. Also, some of the hostels can be quite run down and old. However, nothing you cannot solve with making the right choice. There’s plenty hostels that are nice and cosy.

Bad Wi-Fi

If you love the internet that start saying goodbye fast Instagram and Facebook and hello to hours of waiting till a picture has uploaded to your page.

As there are so many people using the Wi-Fi in hostels it’s most of the time so slow you are better off not using it at all. Or you have to get up early to get the times where no one is using it.

Pros and cons of hotels and apartments

Next on the list are hotels and apartments. As mentioned before most of the cons of hostels are pros of hotels and the other way around. So, I’ll add them just for completeness.


Usually good Wi-Fi, if there is
Clean and luxury
Breakfast also included, very cheap

In most hotels breakfast is included or costs very little to add.

Central and good information

The same as for hostels, hotels are usually in good location and a good place to ask for travel advice.


The biggest advantage of hotels of cause is besides the privacy, the luxury you get with it. So, if this is in your budget, why not, it can be very relaxing and amazing holidays.


Harder to meet people

As hotels are usually less social and less personal.

More expensive

Usually, especially if you travel a long time, hotels are definitely not in your budget.

So, if hostel or hotel is really mostly depended on your budget and if you are rather social (hostels) or have your privacy (hotels).

Pros and cons of camping

Whether in a tent or camper van camping can be fun.

Like with hostels, camping is more a low budget form of traveling so mostly long term and young travellers pick this form.

However, there are no rules you can’t go camping if you are older.



Usually the very cheapest form of traveling. For camper vans, there are even free camp sites in most countries.

Independent and mobile

Mostly you can just come and go on camp sites and don’t have to pay in advance. And if you have a camper van you have accommodation and transport in one. Isn’t that great.

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Close to nature

If you love being outside, this is the best way to do it.

Privacy and social ability

With those two it really depends on the camp site. If there are not many other campers and in a camper van you definitely have privacy. Although keep in mind tents are only illusion and you can hear everything.

Social ability is also dependent on how many other campers there are and the country you are in. In Australia for example there are a lot of young people camping so no reason to worry about meeting people. In Europe on the other hand it can be harder to get to know others as it’s mostly families that camp.


Shared bathrooms, no kitchen

As you can’t sleep in a proper bed. And it can get cold and rainy.

Usually further outside

It’s very rare to find a campsite in the center of a city. So, plan to travel a bit to see places. And it is necessary to have a car if you want to camp.

So, to draw a conclusion camping mostly makes sense when you do a Roadtrip or something similar.

What to consider before choosing your accommodation, where to look?

Okay on to the last point, what you have to think of before booking and where you can find information.

1. Budget

Set your price limit.

2. Safety and location

Of cause check the recommendations about how safe the place is and how the location is.

3. Check the terms

Have a look what’s included and what other people say about the conditions and friendliness of the staff.

Where to look?

There are many sites on the internet you can check out.

For hostels, I recommend either or but there are many more you can check out. Both sites list all hostels in a certain area and give you all the information you need.

For hotels, I guess it’s the same, as though I never stayed in a hotel besides when traveling with my parents (and then they usually booked) I don’t have any recommendations here.

For camping it depends where you go. Usually google is a great source or apps like Wikicamps for countries like Australia or New Zealand.


That’s it. I hope this post was helpful and you could decide where you are going to stay. If I forgot any pros and cons then don’t hesitate to tell them in the comments for others to read as well.

If you found this post valuable, feel free to share it to help other people decide as well.

Lastly, come by my Instagram and Facebook if you are interested in some more travel stuff. And come back next week for more.


What is your recommendation on where to stay?

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