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It’s Friday again, I can’t believe it… But that means, it’s also time for a new entry into my Travel Diary from Portugal. I hope you are as excited as I am cause this week was kind of special, not that anything happening here is not special, and I can’t wait to share with you what happened.

Ready? Okay let’s do it.

(German post, here!)

Week 5

The thing that makes this week so special is, that my good friend and surf buddy is visiting me and we are having a revival of our #allgirlssurftrip. By now it’s our third time going on a surf trip together (we’ve been to Spain and France last year and England this spring) and it is always fun and a great time.

So, I left you last week, saying that plans for the weekend weren’t set yet but as my friend is visiting me, there’s going to happen something for sure.

Tour guide in Lisbon

On Friday, as waves were still too small to surf we went and did some culture in Lisbon. After doing our workout routines (it’s so nice when you’ve got someone that shares the same passion for working out as you, it makes motivating yourself and taking time for it so much easier, especially when you visit), we went to Lisbon.

This time it was on me to play tour guide for the first time and I chose my most favourite places so far to show her.

First we went to Belem, walked along the river side and enjoyed the sun. I can’t believe it still has over 30 degree Celsius here and it’s already mid-October.

Then we walked to LX Factory, which is a little area with lots of small restaurants. It’s the place where the young people hang out in Lisbon these days. We had lunch there and rested for a bit.

Even though my body has adjusted to the intensity of activity by now it is still exhausting to walk for hours.

After, we went to the city center and I showed her Alfama, my most favourite part of Lisbon so far. We went up hill and downhill and tried to not get sunburned. But we loved it to explore.

Finally, we went to Bica and the shopping area to experience the real city vibes and see some of the most famous sights in Lisbon.

The best surf ever

The weekend then, was all about surfing, after all this is a #allgirlssurftrip right?! Saturday morning waves were awesome about a meter to one and a half, light offshore and open shoulders. We couldn’t believe no one was out there. Must be the not so promising looking forecast. Anyway, we had the surf of our lives and celebrated each other of the waves we got. Just awesome.

Shared happiness is still the best happiness and makes it even more valuable.

surfer girl

As of the high temperatures we then tanned and I gave another surf lesson. Today was fun compared to last week when we got basically dumped by the Shorebreak. The students did very good and I loved to experience some more differences to teaching in France.

Sunday the waves got smaller and less good but were still fun. And the afternoon we spent exploring “my” side of Lisbon, Almada. We went to Cristo Rei and enjoyed the incredible view and did a little shopping trip to Decathlon.

If you’ve never been there, you should definitely go, they’ve got so much cheap but great stuff.

Sports, sports, sports

The next four days were full of surfing. We got up every day at 6AM to be at the beach with first light and enjoy sunrise surfs. Wave were still small but surfable. Also, it’s always nice and a good way to start the day if you jump in the water first thing in the morning.

The afternoons I had classes so we went to university and practiced even more sports. Badminton was quite fun as we played games against each other and I got beaten almost every, no every time. But I don’t mind, I’m a good looser.

Climbing was also exciting as it took me a bit of courage to overcome my fear of height, but after I just felt great.

To finish the days of we went to the beach again and watched the sunset, enjoyed each other’s company and ended the day with delicious, home cooked food.

All you need for a perfect “surf trip”.

As much as I enjoy being alone and doing my own thing, it’s nice to have a close friend here with whom you can share your experiences and have great, deep conversations. Friendships are really something of great value and should be appreciated as much as possible.

Pink Tree

Would you laugh or cry?

Wednesday there were no classes so we instead went to the beach to tan. Though from all the relaxing and enjoying we forgot that it was pushing tide and suddenly, half a sleep, we got hit by a wave and all our stuff got washed away. Including my phone.

At first I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh but I then decided to not let this ruin the great day we had so far and laugh.

I would really like to see this on camera, we must have looked ridiculously funny.

Would you have laughed or cried?

What is next?

Thursday, the last day of our #allgirlssurftrip, again was a “normal” surf day with classes in the afternoon. We enjoyed some more sun although you can now really see it’s getting fall. The temperatures dropped (it’s still warm though 26 degree) and it was raining some nights. However, the days are still sunny and you can tan.

This weekend for me will be a lot of organizing and “getting shit done” as this got pushed back during the past two weeks as of the visit. However, I don’t mind. Also, there’s a big swell hitting the coast. Forecast says about 8-10 Ft. I will probably check out the other side as this will be too big for Caparica. However, I will let you know about that and more next week.

So, stay excited.


I hoped you enjoyed this post and I could send you some surfing vibes to brighten up your day.

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See you next week.


Did you ever drop your phone into water? How did it happen?

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