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It’s Friday again and that means, time for another update about my time here in Lisbon, Portugal.

In my last post, I left you saying that #allgirlssurftrip was over and it was time for me to head back to my normal life. However, what is normal when you are on the road right?! It’s always exciting and there are very few days where nothing new and adventurous happens so I am excited to tell you about what awesome things have happened this week. Also, there’ll be more impressions about Lisbon and how it is to live in this city.

Ready? Okay let’s get started.

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Week 6:

Like I said in my last post, because of the visit of my friend there were a lot of things that got pushed back and needed to be dealt with now. So, I planned to use the weekend to sort some things out.

Staying on track with life

Friday, we woke up really early and I drove my friend to the airport and said goodbye. As soon as it was bright I went to the beach to go for a surf. Maybe today was the last time surfing for a few days as there is a big storm hitting the coast and the waves are going to be too big to be surfed.

After that I went on and got my life sorted. You know the usual things like washing, cleaning, paper work and stuff. But despite how annoying they sometimes can be, I really enjoyed this simple kind of work.

Recently I found that it gets harder and harder for me to deal with the constant change of having people around 24/7 and then no one anymore. It’s hard to get used to those extremes and has much as I love to have my friends visit me, I figured it’s not good for me to always spend 24/7 with them and then have them leave. It makes me feel lost and crushes my momentum.


However, I tried to focus on the fact how much I enjoyed to have time for myself again and do the things I had no time for the past weeks but really like doing.

And I know that I will get used to being alone again and I will get to enjoy the bright sides of it like I did before. Because it’s not that I don’t like either of both. I love spending time with my friends 24/7 and I love being alone. Just the constant change between both is what costs me my momentum in life.

Though I reacted immediately and got out there and did something.

Rato it is

I decided to use that last sunny day for some time to explore another part of Lisbon that I haven’t seen yet. Rato.

It’s a bit further away from the center and therefore a lot more modern and you see a lot of skyscrapers and office buildings.

Though it’s got something. Also, there is such a cool lookout where you can see through the whole city towards the ocean.

Also, Rato has a lot of beautiful parks and as it was Saturday there were markets everywhere. I really enjoyed walking through the streets and do some window shopping.

Before going home, I went to Time out Market at Cais do Sodre and had lunch. I love such food markets. It’s always busy and there’s so much delicious and a high variety on food. It’s amazing. Also, it’s mostly not that expensive and the flair is just so nice.

Do you like food markets?

I also bought some fresh fruits and vegetables, I can’t believe how much cheaper they are on markets. I paid 4 euros for one avocado, two courgettes, about a kilo of carrots, a mango, two peppers, two sweet potatoes and a kilo of tomatoes, I should do this more often.

Stormy days

Sunday and Monday, it then was time, the storm finally hit us in its extended form and waves got about 5m big and it was raining and windy the whole day.

I really though summer’s left us now. Which didn’t necessarily better my mood. Also, there was a lot of university stuff I had to do as this rotation ends and I have assignments to write.

So maybe it wasn’t too bad that the world seemed to end this weekend. At least I got everything done in time and couldn’t spend it surfing.

View Lisbon


Tuesday though, after three days without surf I needed to get back in the water. As waves, here in Caparica were still to big I decided to go to the other side of the river to Carcavelos as waves break smaller there.

Though everything turned out to be less easy then I though in the beginning. I was like: great then I’ll just drive there in the morning, have lunch and then go to university for my classes.

Well, the universe said no. As it turned out I forgot about the usual morning traffic and got stuck for like one hour which then lead me to being at the beach just a little too late for the good waves and less crowds.

When I got to Carcavelos it was already a little too low tide for this size of waves and it was only crushing on the sand. Also, I don’t know whether it is because of holiday or something or because this beach is closer to the city, but it is so much more crowded here than in Caparica.

End of the story, I haven’t had the good surf I hope to have but it was nice to be in the water again.

Also, the sun came back and it got warm again, so maybe summer isn’t gone after all. Let’s just hope so.

Aqua fitness or Judo

Last exciting thing that has happened was the start of the new rotation, which also means new classes aka new sports. I chose to do aqua fitness and the first class was on Tuesday.

However, I somehow couldn’t connect with this class. The teacher was to rough if you ask me, she said she will not translate anything and was only showing on us from the side of the pool.

Also, even though the class was exhausting and hard I found I didn’t really like aqua fitness and it is compared to the classes I had last rotation not as fun. And as I really want to spend this month having fun and not having to motivate myself to go to class every day, I asked my coordinator to change classes.

Judo it was. As I’ve done Kickboxing before I really enjoyed this class and am happy about the change.

Now momentum can come back. I’m ready to take on life again and get the best out of it.

Statue Lisbon

What’s next?

As this week, the WSL Ripcurl Pro in Peniche started and I love watching contests I am planning on doing this today or sometime this weekend, depending on if it’s on or not.

I also want to do another trip to Lisbon to do some shopping and enjoy the sun as long as it’s still there.

But like it’s most of the time, my plans for the weekend are still open and we will see what I will turn out to do next week.

Till then, stay tuned, have fun, enjoy life and keep crushing it.


I hope this update was entertaining and a little informative. If you have any constructive criticism or any wishes about what you want to read here, please let me know. After all I am also writing for you and I want for you to get the most out of it.

Also feel free to share the post if you’ve liked it and tell me about your experiences and travel stories in Instagram and Facebook or in the comments below.

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See you soon.


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