Do you want to travel the world but don’t give up your healthy lifestyle and fit body? Some of the girls and guys on Social Media seem to be really fit and healthy and still travel the world all the time. Have you ever wondered how they do it? It seems undoable and yet there are so many examples for it to work. And let me tell you, they are not gifted with this looks from their birth. However, I found a way everyone, you and I can get that fit body and still travel the world. Doesn’t that sound awesome?! I am about to share with you my secret tips for staying fit while traveling, I’m giving you an example workout routine for the road and I tell you my story how traveling gave me the body I always wanted.

Are you ready to pursue your goals? Okay let’s do it!

Here is what we will cover today:

  • Staying fit & traveling, it works!
  • How traveling gave me the body I always wanted
  • General tips on traveling & working out
  • An example travel workout routine

travel and workout - Stay fit while traveling: Travel Workout Routine + How traveling gave me the body I always wanted

Staying fit & traveling, it works!

No matter if it’s for work or for fun, most of us have to or want to travel occasionally. And your dream of having a healthy and fit body should definitely not hold you back from exploring the world. Or make you beat up yourself because you don’t have another choice but to travel for work and therefore can’t stick to your usual workout routine.

Working out and staying fit goes so well together with traveling and there are so many examples out there that show us how much it is possible.

All it takes is effort, will power and an action plan.

While I can’t give, you will power or put the effort in for you I can surely give you an action plan.

However, before I’m going to do this I quickly want to give you a heads up to encourage that will power and motivate you to put in some effort.

I won’t lie to you, staying fit while you are on the road is hard work. It takes a lot of motivation and commitment. So, before you get started deciding whether you want to give that or not.

If you find you are not ready to motivate yourself to get that workout in even in a little uncomfortable circumstance or you know you are not committed enough to stick to your routine, don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.

You can still travel the world. You might lose some of your fitness and shape but always remember: Everything can be won back. If you decide this is not going to work for you because you can’t push yourself, either find a way or a person that keeps you motivated, or decide to actively take a break and work hard again when you are back from your travels.

Also, it might even be that nothing really changes at all depending on the way you travel and for how long. So, first thing to do is to calm down, relax and take it easy. Everything is going to be alright and you will get where you want to be.

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Remember what I said, traveling gave me the body I always wanted, and I for sure not stuck to my routine all the time.

And now I tell you how I got it.

IMG 7279 - Stay fit while traveling: Travel Workout Routine + How traveling gave me the body I always wanted

How traveling gave me the body I always wanted

Let me start with telling you a little about my personal fitness journey.

I always loved sports. I loved to fatigue my body and feel that soreness all over. When I was 17 I got into weight training and from the age of 18 I took it very serious. For about 4 years I worked out 5 to 6 times a week for 2 hours. I did everything from cardio over free weight to machine training, I also got in some workout classes at least once a week.

I loved it. Also, due to a stomach illness I had to change my diet when I turned 18. Living a healthy lifestyle without sugar, dairy and almost no gluten helped me lose weight and build strengths.

However, although I got more and more into the subject of healthy living and nutrition and can say I am having deepened knowledge in that area, I wasn’t aware of the consequences of losing so much weight. I haven’t planned to lose weight, I changed my diet as I said above out of health reasons, however I must admit I liked losing a bit of weight. Though as I was doing so much exercise and didn’t adapt the amount of food I was giving my body and also changed from starchy carbs to many vegetables and whole grain I lost weight quickly.

I got to a point where it got unhealthy.

IMG 7241 - Stay fit while traveling: Travel Workout Routine + How traveling gave me the body I always wanted

Lucky me I started traveling at that time, after graduation. You could say traveling saved me from having serious body damage and health problems.

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While I kept eating healthy and tried to work out regularly I couldn’t maintain the amount I did at home. So, what happened was that I gained some weight.

At first, when I got home, I was devastated. I hated myself and this and a few other things lead me to having depressions and being unhappy.

Though it was traveling again, that helped me overcome that struggle as well.

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The next few trips I took were the best lessons for living a balanced life. I learned a lot about what my body needed relating to food and exercise. I learned to rest and relax and enjoy my life. My workout routine and nutrition got less strict and I let go of the necessity to control everything.

I kept eating healthy and working out or being active as much as possible. But I also gave myself some treats (I love pastry) and took it more chilled when I once couldn’t stick to my routine.

I adapted the belief that no matter what happens, I can always gain back that fitness once I’m at home.

IMG 6896 - Stay fit while traveling: Travel Workout Routine + How traveling gave me the body I always wanted

This new habit not only helped me to enjoy my travels more but also gave my body the much-needed break and helped it to get back the balance.

It was very recently though that I realized what traveling actually did to me.

As I stopped paying attention to how I looked, stopped comparing myself to others and cared less about my visual fitness but more about my actual fitness and sticking to my workout routine, I didn’t realize the changes my body went through at first.

Through the fact of gaining weight after my first travels and continuing to work out I put on a lot of muscles. I didn’t realize it because I was still looking soft. I only realized I got stronger and my cardiovascular fitness increased. Which kept me going and gave me some first signs of getting in shape again.

Referring to my nutrient I struggled way more to find a balance. I didn’t listen to what my body needed but more ate what my plan said. However, living together with some local south Africans showed me how to pay more attention to that again. I saw how they ate and tried to adapt some of their good behaviour. I started eating when I’m hungry and stopped when I’m full.

This new gained behaviour did the rest. I continued losing a little weight. Not much but just enough so my body could take on its best shape. While I am sure I haven’t found the perfect balance yet and probably will never as there are too many outer influences, let’s be honest, the perfect doesn’t exist and we all struggle in all areas of life sometimes. I am at a point now where I can say, I am healthy, in balance and my body is at its best form. And most of all I am happy.

And all this came from just traveling the world, relaxing on my goal of getting fit and being open for other cultures.

So, if I can do it, you can do it too.

IMG 7149 - Stay fit while traveling: Travel Workout Routine + How traveling gave me the body I always wanted

General tips on staying fit while traveling

Before I give you, an example travel workout routine, I want to tell you some general things you need to know in order to get the best results.

Make a choice and set your goals

Like I said somewhere above, you don’t have to keep working out when you travel. It is okay to take a break and just enjoy traveling for a few months and get back on track after.

However, for this to work you should really make yourself clear about your objectives. Do you want to work out and are you ready to give what it takes? Or do you rather go on real vay cay?

Once you took that choice, always keep in mind why you decided that way. This is very important to keep yourself motivated during tough times.

Don’t stress yourself

Whether you can fully stick to your routine or not, stay calm. You can set out a routine but whether you can stay on track or not is depending on so many circumstances you have no control of. It’s not only your mental strength but also your environment that has an impact on that. However, even if you might fall of track or can’t pursue your routine as planned, remember you can always get back on track as soon as you get the chance too.

Also, sometimes it’s not the worst to take a break. Your body needs rest to fully develop. So, don’t beat yourself up for taking a break if planned or not.

IMG 7037 - Stay fit while traveling: Travel Workout Routine + How traveling gave me the body I always wanted

Eat healthy

Main thing you have control of while traveling is what you eat. As it is at home nutrition plays a huge part in your overall fitness. So, stick to a healthy diet as good as possible even when you travel.

But also remember here, it’s no big deal if you fall off track, just hop back on asap.

Less is more

You don’t need to work out as much as you do at home. 30 min, 3 times a week is enough. Just be active and get some training in if you have the time for it.

Walk a lot, take the stairs

If you have an overall active lifestyle you don’t need to work out that much. Get moving, walk and take the stairs instead of the elevator. What better opportunity then when traveling to get moving on your feet.

Play with what you got

Lastly, for setting up your travel workout routine its best to play with your surroundings. If it’s possible to go for a hick, make that part of your workout. Swim if there’s an ocean close, go surfing if you can.

At some places, there are even outdoor gyms you can use if you want.

That said, how can a travel routine look like now?

IMG 7498 - Stay fit while traveling: Travel Workout Routine + How traveling gave me the body I always wanted

An example travel workout routine

This is as I said an example so you don’t have to but can apply it as I point it out. However, be aware that you might have different preferences concerning the physical activity and also have other conditions depending on where you are. So, don’t take this as an ultimate success strategy but more as an inspiration to set out your own travel routine.

Find something you love and can do while traveling.

First and for most, to make your workout routine a success you need to find something you like. As traveling should be funny you should also make your workout consist of something you enjoy. If you have this secured it is a lot easier to motivate yourself to stop exploring and get your workout in. Also find things that are easy to do when you are on the road. Hitting the gym is probably not the best choice. Rather do stuff like running, surfing, horse riding, riding the bike or bodyweight workouts. There are really no limitations. Just be aware that in some countries you don’t have a lot of space. You might not have a private room where you can do your workout and there might not be parks around. Also in some countries, it is not save or common to run on the streets so you might have to find substitutes then.

Best is if you outline a routine and then make adjustments if you are there and know about the circumstances.

Also, you will for sure learn to perfect that routine the more you travel so stop fearing to make changes whenever necessary.

IMG 7577 - Stay fit while traveling: Travel Workout Routine + How traveling gave me the body I always wanted

So, what could a routine look like: What I love to do is the following.

Surfing as much as possible

As this is a nature sport I am dependent on things I don’t have control of. If there are now waves I can’t surf. However, if there are, this has priority and I spend as much time in the water as possible.

Usually that’s 2h hours, 3-4 times a week at least.

Normal routine

Besides that, I do a lot of bodyweight workouts and running. With my exercise choice, here I try to fill in what I’m missing at surfing which is mainly lower body and upper back exercises as well as core and cardio.

Here I get in a lot of different stuff just like I feel my body needs it and I change it up almost every workout.

Depending on how much I surf and how active I am during the day I adjust the amount I do of these exercises. If I surf a lot or am very active during the day (walking for 5h to explore a city for example) I do less of it then if I’m not active at all.

Usually I try to do around 30 min each workout as I found this si something I can motivate myself to and it is enough to see results.

I try to do 3 bodyweight workouts, 1 yoga session and 1 30 to 45 min run a week.

My exercise inspiration I mostly get from YouTube. Channels I love are Blogilates and Boho beautiful for yoga or I do my own exercises I know from my time at the gym and my sports science study.

You see the routine is very individual and changes all the time.

However, as I said in the beginning, the most important is that you find something that you like doing and that suits your circumstances.


That’s it for today. I hope I could help you a little with your concerns about working out and traveling and give you some inspiration, information and motivation to get yourself on track.

If you found this post helpful at all, feel free to share it so more people can take advantage of what I’ve learned.

Also tell me about your stories and experiences on traveling and working out on Instagram and Facebook or in the comments of this post. I’m always excited to hear what you have to say.

Lastly, come back on next week for more.


What is your travel workout routine?

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