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And welcome back to another part of my travel diary from Lisbon, Portugal.

Last week I left you saying that there’s a surfing competition from WSL on the way and I want to go to Peniche to watch it. Well that’s not exactly what happened this week but stay tuned, I’m about to tell you.

Are you ready for some more adventure? Alright, let’s get started.

(German post here)

Week 7

I can really feel that I’m already here for seven weeks now. Life here gets kind of ordinary. At least as ordinary as it can get when you just started living in a new country. Routines are getting build and the daily life starts getting more familiar day by day. Classes, work, surf and a little bit exploring.

Every day starts to get similar and less extraordinary as I find myself more and more adjusting to the lifestyle and the culture here.

I see people I know everywhere I go and start to recognize places, streets and restaurants I pass.

Things are getting pretty comfortable around here. However, although I like the comfort and am more than okay with a little more “boring” weeks every once in a while I am still seeking the adventure.

To many days in a row without adventure make me feel unsatisfied and not using my time right.

That’s why I make sure I have new stuff to explore every few days.



So, last Friday I planned on going to Peniche to watch the surf competition. I took the risk to drive for two hours there even though I didn’t know if it was on that day or not. If I would have driven later I would have missed it if it were on because I would have got stuck in traffic.

But like I was guessing, the comp wasn’t on so I drove there for nothing.

I know, I know you might say now but you could have explored Peniche instead. Well I know, but I will do this in a couple weeks as I will spend the weekend there to get some surf coaching. However, more on that later.


So, what I decided to do instead was go to Ericeira, which is a lovely little town on the way between Peniche and Lisbon.

Ericeira is so beautiful and laid back. It reminds me a lot of Hawaii and the vibes there.

It is all the way up on a hill and surrounded by cliffs and forests. There wasn’t much going on there but you could tell it is a touristy place, but in a good way. It’s full of little streets with cute houses, fishing boats, small restaurants and little shops.

The vibes are very laid back and relaxing and the scenery with all the cliffs and the ocean right underneath is amazing.

I could have spent hours there to just sit and watch the huge waves coming in.

Despite my fear that day I also decided to jump in and surf for a bit. Waves were big, at least for me, about 2-3m and it was high tide. I don’t know what scared me that day, usually I’m not that afraid, especially not when it is high tide, but this day I was frightened. However, I knew I must overcome that fear immediately otherwise it will follow me a long time. So, I jumped in. Didn’t really catch anything as the waves were fading anyway but I realized my fear was for nothing.

Mission accomplished I’d say.


Beach days

Saturday and Sunday the weather was so awesome and the waves were firing. That’s why I decided to use that opportunity to do some beach days and get some winter tan in. I can’t believe it’s still so hot even though it’s almost November.

I surfed the whole day and despite all the amazing beaches around here, I’m still most comfortable here in Caparica. Not because the waves are better than somewhere else but just because it’s always uncrowded during the week and by now I know the spot quite well and that gives me opportunity to really practice my surfing.

The waves were between one and one and a half meters, which is perfect for me. They had open faces and lots of opportunities to practice some turns and making speed.

I love to see how I make progress in my surfing and if you’d asked me a few years back, I’d never believed you that I am where I am now.

Sunset Caparica

Work and study

From Monday to Friday I didn’t really do much exciting. Like I said above, the normal life is very present at the moment and sometimes there are weeks where you just need to get shit done.

Monday I again had an awesome surf before going to university. Classes this month are pretty cool. Judo is very fun but also challenging as the techniques are not easy to learn.

On Tuesday the swell left us and it got more or less flat. However, not too bad in my opinion as I had to work every day any way.

I gave a little kid, about 7 years old, a surf lesson, which was pretty amazing. I pushed him into waves and he just surfed everyone. It was so cool to see him smile and even though we couldn’t speak a word to each other we had both so much fun.

I can’t wait to teach my kids one day. LOL.

Then there were a couple German girls who took a package, 5 days one lesson per day. That gave me a lot to do and as I still had classes in the afternoons there wasn’t much time to do anything else besides my workout routine.

However, I still manged to get in some short exploring in the area, as I would have been too unsatisfied otherwise.

Trafaria hills

I need adventure to feel happy and satisfied about the way I use my time. There has to be excitement and joy in every day for me to be happy.

But the good thing is it doesn’t have to be long or far away. It can be as simple as going on a walk around my house and explore some of the home turf.

I went up on a hill and had the most incredible view above Trafaria and Costa da Caparica.

This is the perfect place to watch a sunset and it’s only a 15 min walk away from my house. Couldn’t be better, I think!

Trafaria Hill

What’s next?

No matter how normal this week might have been and how many times I might have felt a little out of balance and unexcited, the knowing that next week is going to be a whole new adventure made me feel a lot more settled.

Next week my mum and a couple friends come to visit and I have some adventure planned. Also, I will do the surf coaching I mentioned above. But more on that next week then.

So far, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed and come back next week for more.


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