Do you want to travel the world but just can’t make up your mind about the right time to pack your bags and head off? I know leaving everything behind at home and going on a longer trip, one that takes longer than just a couple months, can be very overwhelming and scary. Nonetheless it is very important that you challenge that fear and start traveling. And I want to help you today to figure out when for you is the best time to travel the world and take that step to fulfil this dream of yours.

Are you ready? Okay, here’s what we’ll talk about today:

  • Why you should go traveling?
  • What you must consider while choosing the right time?
  • The best time to go

best time to travel - Travel the world, but when? How to find the best time to travel the world

Why you should go traveling?

As I wrote a separate post about this topic I only want to slightly touch on it to give you one last encouraging heads up to chase that dream and do what is necessary to fulfil it.

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I know many of you really want to travel the world but they are scared because, and that is so okay, going somewhere far away from home is challenging and can be frightening. However, you should never let your fear of something, no matter how big it is, keep you away from pursuing your dreams. You will only regret it later.

There is nothing I can do or say to take that fear away from you. I can only encourage you to face it and step out of your comfort zone to have an awesome time. Because traveling the world is awesome, trust me.

For sure there are hard times but traveling gives you so much. It strengthens your personality and it makes you more confident.

Traveling helps you develop as a person, find out more about yourself and the world. It shows you the beauty of nature and other countries and maybe even gives you amazing friendships and lets you find true love.

To travel the world is the best you can do for yourself to grow and gain confidence for whatever life has in store for you.

No matter how many difficult times there will be or how scared or uncertain you are at times, I’ve never heard anyone say he regretted to have started traveling.

Let me warn you though, traveling is addictive. Once you do it too often, be aware to get caught by the travel bug and find yourself in a very new and also challenging situation of not wanting to stop traveling.

But no worries, I have some tips on that too :D.

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So, don’t let fear stop you from doing what is best for you, traveling the world.

IMG 7095 - Travel the world, but when? How to find the best time to travel the world

What you must consider while choosing the right time?

Have I convinced you that it is absolutely necessary for you to travel the world and you are now more than keen to take it on? Okay let’s look at some points you should think of when you choose the perfect time to travel.

Besides the usual things like the best travel time for the countries you want to go and the price of your flight ticket and stuff there are three things you should consider setting the overall timeframe in life when you should travel.

Your work/study situation

Depending on where you’re currently at in life it can be harder or easier to throw the towel and pack the bags. If you have a job for example or are at university you can’t just take off the next day. You have to plan this in advance. Especially when you want to go for an extended amount of time.

Say you want to go for 6 months, then you have to probably quit your job or finish your studies first before you can free up that time. So, think about how long you want to go and when you can spare this timeframe.

Side note: even though it also awesome and absolutely enough to travel for a couple months at a time I want to still encourage you to take on a longer travel throughout your life. Traveling for half a year or even more will just strengthen the benefits of traveling on your personality and gives you the opportunity to completely get out of your normal routine and environment. This itself is something very rewarding and experience worthy.


Of cause, money plays a huge role in this, and not just the amount of money you will need to travel but more the time you will need to save that amount.

If you want to travel for six months and calculated you will need about 10k then you have to think of how long it will take you from today till the day you have this amount.

Of cause, you can always take on a loan but if possible I would try to save the money in advance.

Other obligations

Lastly once you know the time it would be possible for you to go traveling you should consider what other obligations you might have at that time. Is there a family you have to take care of, a house you need to rent out, a job you have to quit, and so on? All those “burdens” that keep you tangled to your home need to be cut loose for that time.

Okay now that you have an idea of what needs to be taken care of we can look at when is the perfect time to travel.

Beach Portugal

The best time to travel

As taking that step and facing the fear of leaving everything behind and travel the world doesn’t get easier the more of the above things you have to take in account. You should not wait too long and rather get started sooner than later.

So, there are basically three times trough out a person’s life where it is more or less easy to travel for a longer period of time.

After high school, after university and during your job as a sabbatical.

The older you get and the more responsibilities you have the harder it gets of cause to take this step. So that is why I put the timeframes into following order:

1. After high school

This is by far the best time to travel the world. Why? Because you don’t have any obligations. There’s nothing that is in your way. You have no job/university, you in most cases don’t have a family or other responsibilities to take care of, you are basically a free person.

When finishing high school there is nothing that is holding you back but yourself (and the money question maybe). You are as free as you’ll probably never be in your entire life. You can do what you want, where you want and when you want.

So, take this opportunity and don’t waste it by putting on new obligations right away.

Enjoy the freedom you have now because the time where you will be caged up will come undoubtable.

If you are still in school and already know you want to travel after, start saving yesterday, so you have the money (or at least a little bit) to make this dream happen. I know not everyone has the privilege to have parents who support them with that dream. But it is more than possible to save the money for a 6 months’ trip after high school. And always remember, you can always do a work and travel somewhere.

So, there is really no reason to not go traveling after high school.

Palm trees

2. After university

While in university you have more freedom and longer holidays than in school and therefore can travel for a couple months during semester break it will very unlikely be possible to travel for more than that.

Unless you are like me and choose to live a life beyond what is normal. Then you might be interested in how to travel and study at the same time.

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However, after you finished university you are basically in the same position as after high school. There’s only the difference that you had more time to save money but also maybe have more obligations already like a flat you need to sell or a boyfriend/girlfriend you have to take into account when taking this decision.

Though, these things are usually not that big of a deal and if you are certain of what you want then this should not be a big problem to take care off.

3. Sabbatical

Last but not least when you are working fulltime already and don’t want to quit your job there is still an opportunity how you can fulfil your dream. The sabbatical.

I won’t lie, this is a lot harder than just going traveling after high school or university. You have to talk to your boss if it is possible to get unpaid holiday for this time and you maybe even have a family already.

However, if you really want this, there is nothing that can hold you back. It might be hard to deal with all those things but I know you can do it and you will not regret it.

Just make sure that everything is sorted before you go and then you have set the stones for an easy return once you’ve finished your trip.

No matter in which stage of life you are finding yourself, there is always the opportunity to travel the world. It only comes down to how much you want it and how much you are willing to do and sacrifice for it.

I can only stress out here again how worth traveling will be all the sacrifices you have to take. You will not regret it.

However, if you are still in school and want to make life easy, I encourage you to travel the world as soon as you can. It’s going to be one of the best times of your life.

IMG 7635 - Travel the world, but when? How to find the best time to travel the world


Have I made you keen to travel the world? Awesome then I’ve reached my goal. If you wound this post helpful and know someone who can’t make up his or her mind on when to go traveling, send them this post to help them have the best time of their lives.

Also connect with me on Instagram or Facebook to get more motivation and impressions of how it is to travel the world non-stop.

And come back next week for more inspiration and tips on traveling and improving yourself.


Did you travel for a long time? When did you go?

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