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And welcome back to my Portugal travel diary. Another week has passed and a lot of exciting stuff has happened I want to share with you. Lisbon is still amazing and I fall more and more in love with it every day. But see for yourself. Here are some things I really enjoyed on living here this week.

Ready? Okay let’s do it.

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lisbon 7 - Travel Diary Portugal (Part 7) - Lisbon: Day Trips and Food Love

Week 8

Last week I left saying that there’s a lot going on this week. And it was. No matter how “boring” and normal last week was, this week was excitement pure.


Friday, as waves were still small and the wind was strong I spontaneously decided to do a little trip to a cute town close by called Sesimbra.

It’s about an hour drive from Lisbon and really, really beautiful. I know I say that about almost everything I see here, but it is true.

Sesimbra is laying in the middle between a national park and mountains and the beach.

It’s a typical tourist town but now, in the low season, it is so quiet and peaceful there. No one besides elderly people are wandering the streets. The beach is calm and the water so deep and peaceful. It is very relaxing and mindful to just sit on the rocks and watch the mirror-like surface of the ocean. Only a couple fishing boats are slowly floating in the silver shining liquid of the ocean.

Sesimbra Beach

Surrounded by mountains and forest you get the impression you are in the middle of nowhere, far away from everything that putting pressure on yourself. It’s the perfect place to meditate and find back to yourself.

Exactly what I needed.

The town itself is also very beautiful. Small streets like it’s typical for Portugal, lots of cute restaurants, little markets and old but beautiful buildings.

It’s got its charm, but as you can guess by the hotel resorts and apartment blocks around, the high season kind of steels a lot of this charm.


Social Time

Saturday was pretty chilled and relaxed, although very windy and I almost got blown away with the flags while giving a surf lesson. Sunday was more exciting. My mum came for a few days to visit.

I showed her around and still explored a few new and unknown places to me as well. We went out for food so many times that I am kind of looking forward to cooking for myself again and enjoyed each other’s company.

It’s great to have her here.

Also, I find always fascinating again that you can live in a city and actively go out an explore so many times and still see new things every time you are going outside.

My must shows when I get visit are Baixa and Barrio Alto, it’s just a must as this is what mainly characterizes Lisbon. Also, I always suggest Belem as the riverside is beautiful to walk along. Alfama is my place to go for eating and watching sunsets and Caparica is my all-time favourite beach around here.

IMG 7873 - Travel Diary Portugal (Part 7) - Lisbon: Day Trips and Food Love

Food Love

As soon as my mum left on Tuesday other friends from home came for a visit and we did some more tourist adventuring.

I also showed them around my favourite places and we went out for food so many times.

I got the impression that this week I did nothing else but eating or deciding where to go eat.

But that’s wat I was kind of expectation so therefore I didn’t go out much in Lisbon before but saved it all for now.

We went to an awesome Restaurant called Tapisco, it’s a bit higher class but very classic vibes and delicious fish.

Next up was Time Out Market, always a great choice for a variety of different foods for lunch.

Sushi in Caparicas Sushi’n Paradise was the best sushi I’ve ever eaten, at it is really cheap.

Pizzeria Romero has the best pesto pizza and is super cheap as well.

Buddha Sushi in Barrio Alto also has awesome sushi, especially for those who never get full, the all you can eat option is perfect.

Last but not least the cute and cosy Tapas bar Tapas’n Friends Sé was the most lovely and ambient place I’ve been to the past few days.

However, every restaurant has its own flair and I’m happy with our choice. Though now I’m looking forward to cook again and eat a little more veggies :D.

Squeezing in the daily life

Besides all the visits and social time, I still had to go to university and managed to keep up with my workout routine as well as going surfing almost every day.

Whether you manage to do all the things you want or not is really only a matter of prioritizing and will. If you really want it you can find a way to fit it all in your day.

I’ve been getting up at 6am for the past, I don’t know, 4 weeks or so just to make sure I have enough time for everything I want to do. (I know this is hard if you’re not a morning person, but you can still do it)

Also, scheduling in advance what I am going to do every day really helps me to not forget anything important. And even though many might think I am sacrificing some spontaneity, this isn’t the case as I can always move around things.

But more on that in another post.

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Finally, after about a week without surfing I needed to jump back in the water. I started to feel a serious lack of surf spirit and this always makes me unsatisfied and unhappy. So, it was time to surf again, even though waves were still messy and it was pouring rain and wind outside.

However, you gadda do what makes you happy right?!

Also, it got better towards the weekend.

IMG 7992 - Travel Diary Portugal (Part 7) - Lisbon: Day Trips and Food Love

What is next?

So, as you can see, a lot has happened this week and I’ve experienced Lisbon in a different more delicate way. Also, it was very nice to have some friends and family for a visit and show them around the city I’m falling more and more in love with.

It’s been great to get in some social time and enjoy the company of awesome people.

However, adventure doesn’t rest and that’s why there’s even more happening on the weekend. I know I’ve already spoiled on that last week but I will mention it again as I am so excited. Today I will go to Peniche for the weekend to get some professional surf coaching.

I’m really excited not only to surf, eat and sleep the whole day and learn and improve my skills, but also to explore that area of Portugal.

I’m planning on visiting some towns close by and exploring Peniche and the area. But more on that and how the coaching went next week. Stay tuned.


That’s it for now. I hoped you enjoyed and it was a little entertaining to read. If you liked it and found the impression great you got from Lisbon, feel free to share it.

In addition, let’s connect on Facebook or Instagram and share each other’s travel stories. I’m always excited about hearing other people’s travel stories.

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