Feeling homesick while traveling is perfectly normal. It’s okay to miss home, friends and family when you are traveling. All of us do. Though it would be a shame to let this missing feeling take away the joy and fun you have during your travels. So that’s why I want to give you 6 effective things you can do to overcome homesickness and gain back the fun in traveling, enjoy the place you are at and stop letting that missing feeling take over your life.

Sounds good? Okay let’s get started.

homesick - Find the travel stoke: 6 effective ways to immediately overcome homesickness while traveling

3 reasons for feeling homesick

Before we start with the 6 tips I want to quickly get into why we are feeling homesick in the first place. Really analysing where this feeling is coming from can help you big times in overcoming it and pursuing joy again.

So where does homesickness come from? While I am not an expert and don’t know anything about the psychological structures behind this feeling I’ve done my own analysis while feeling homesick and came to the following conclusion.

We are feeling homesick because of three reasons.

Each of them can either occur in the beginning of your trip or trough out your travels. So, this would explain why feeling homesick is independent from time and place. Also, those things are only taking place within yourself and are therefore possible to overcome with the right Mindset and some tips from below.

IMG 6838 - Find the travel stoke: 6 effective ways to immediately overcome homesickness while traveling

So, I found that I most of the time feel homesickness when one or more of these things are current state:

Being alone

When I’m alone I have time to miss my family and my friends. Especially when I just got to a place and don’t know anyone or anything about it, it can be very easy to feel lonely and alone in this world.

However, once you get to know the place better and meet people this will go away quite quickly as you will enjoy the company of amazing people that have potential to play important parts in your life.

Missing something constant

When I first started traveling I was longing for adventure and for new input every day. I didn’t mind to not have a home base and be a nomad for a while. Also, it didn’t bother me that I never had a person around who knew me for more than a couple days.

However, the longer I’m traveling the more I’m missing something constant in my life. A place I can feel settled, people I can talk to and who know me very well and a daily routine that feels normal and unadventurous. This absence of something constant is then resulting in me being homesick because at home I have all this. I have a home, a daily routine and friends and family to turn to.

Being overwhelmed and stressed out by traveling

When there is too much new and unknown things happening at the same time we can get overwhelmed very fast. That then for me always results in feeling stressed out by traveling because I don’t know where to start and what to do first. Being stressed out by traveling then makes me want to go back home because there everything is familiar and easy. However, as soon as I realize that my homesickness is coming from feeling overwhelmed, I challenge that fear and turn it into momentum by taking on that challenge and stepping out of my comfort zone by exploring my destination.

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6 ways to overcome homesickness

So, while I’ve already slightly toughed on how to overcome certain reasons for feeling homesick, I still want to give you some proper tricks. So here they are.

1. Meet new people, get to know the place

To overcome feeling alone, the best you can do is go out there and meet people. Get to know them, spend time with them, have fun and you will see they will turn into your second family in no time.

Also get to know the place, this will make you feel more at home and familiar.

And always remember, even though you might feel alone at times, you are never lonely. Your loved ones might be far away, but they are still there and you can always turn to them if you feel like it.

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2. Get out there and do something

The best distraction and way to get to know the place is to go out and to something. Feeling homesick will only get worse if you keep sitting in your room and missing home. Go out there and explore, after all that’s what you came here for in the first place, right?

You will see once you see all those amazing things this place has to offer you will stop missing home and instead start appreciating all this beauty and excitement. In addition, you’ll be way too tired to feel homesick because you’ve been adventuring so much.

3. Make yourself feel at home

While getting to know the place is the first step in making yourself at home there’s something else that really helps to build that constant in your travels. Integrate as much as you can from your home routine. Build a solid morning and night routine, get back on your workout routine from home, really anything that is a routine will help you to feel more settled and less lost.

And while there will always be places you like more and some you like less and therefore not feel so at home, you’ll be surprised of how quick a new place become like home because you find it so amazing there. Just keep looking and be open for finding a second, third, fourth, tenth home on this planet.


4. Don’t pay too much attention to this feeling

Like I said before, distract yourself. Don’t pay too much attention to feeling homesick, it will only make it worse. Accept that it is there and let it go. Don’t let it affect your emotions. Be aware and let it go.

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5. Gratitude the good things you have right now

While it’s a good thing to miss home and all the things you love there, it is very important to live in the moment. Be grateful for what you have right now and appreciate that you are able to travel and see all those amazing places. Remind yourself of a few things every day, that you are grateful for. Recall three things that made you happy today. This exercise will help you to maintain a positive state of mind.

6. Call home

Lastly, remember, there’s always the possibility to call home. Tell them how you feel, talk to your friends and family and tell them you miss them. I’m sure they will just encourage you to enjoy your time and say that they are looking forward to having you back but you have to enjoy your travels while you can.

Live your life and live it with a *bang*.


Those were the 6 tips. I hope they were helpful and you are feeling a bit better and know what you have to do now to overcome that homesickness.

If you found it valuable and know someone that is feeling homesick at the moment, share this post with them to make them feel better.

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Lastly, don’t forget to come back next week for more.


What’s your recipe against homesickness?

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