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Welcome to a new update to my travel diary from Portugal. Like I mentioned in my last post this week was all about following my dreams and improving my surfing skills. Therefore, I went to Peniche for a weekend and I’m going to tell you about everything exciting in just a bit.

Are you ready? Okay let’s do it.

(German post here, like usual.)

Week 9

I can’t believe I’m here for 9 weeks already! Time flies. On the one hand, it feels like I just got here. I’m still lost sometimes and a lot is still new. However, on the other hand it feels like I’ve been here for ever. It feels like home and I came to love this place so much the thought of going home gives me anxiety. So, I really want to enjoy and use every moment I have to its full potential.

But enough of my feelings for now, time to tell you what I’ve been up to this week.

Surf coaching in Peniche

So, after that week full of social time and enjoying moments with my friends and family I immediately went on a trip to Peniche over the weekend. There I met with the awesome, friendly and very competent Portuguese surf coach Nica from Surfmorecoaching.

I had three coaching sessions, one each day of the weekend. Every coaching session took between 2-4 hours and we were two surfers Nica coached at the same time.

We always met around high tide and checked the beaches for potential. Friday, we surfed at Supertubos. It was about 4-6ft and clean wind. Perfect conditions for a great start.

After Nica and I talked about my skills and goals he gave us some individual exercises on land to prepare the upcoming session.

Already after those 15 minutes of training I felt like I knew the movements better.

Then we jumped in the water and Nica filmed us. Although it was a tough paddle and I got worked the whole session, I managed to catch some good waves and get footage for the video analysis later.

Nica also called us out two times to give new input and tips on positioning.

After I was half frozen to death and totally exhausted from surfing as active as I’ve never been surfing we did the video analysis. We went through all the footage and Nica gave us important and helpful tips on what we need to improve.


Saturday, as it was smaller and light onshore we went to the other side and surfed there. Today it was only me but the procedure remained the same. First training on land with new exercises according to my goals, then a water session with filming. Today I got three small goals glued to my board on little tape strips which I needed to fulfil during this surf session. I loved this little goal setting ritual and I think I will hold on to it after that coaching as well.

After I broke out a fin and was again so freezing I couldn’t feel my feet we did the video analysis and I enjoyed seeing myself surfing. It really helps with improving. Also, I implemented mind-surfing a lot more trough out those days and found the positive impact incredible.

Sunday, we were by three again and went to Baleal to surf there as everywhere else was too big. When I was standing there in the rain on the rocks watching the waves break massively on the beaches surrounded by cliffs I was scared. I was freezing, I’ve not been warm in days and I was afraid of the waves. Though the boys encouraged me to go surf with them.

Although I was freezing so much that I couldn’t move my fingers proper and every time a bigger set came I though “Jesus Christ, help me” I had the time of my life. I had a couple waves and it was awesome. I managed to fulfil all the goals I had for today and got good picture footage.

After the surf session, we analysed the pictures and Nica gave us some last tips.

The whole coaching weekend was a success and I’ve improved so much already, even though of cause, I still have a lot to practice. I can’t wait to do it again next year.


Exploring the area

As of the constant rain and cold it was hard for me to motivate myself to get out of bed and do something. Especially after this very intense week before and the surf coaching which was also physically exhausting. However, I knew I wouldn’t come here that soon again so I needed to go explore the area a little.

I took it easy and really put on the chilled vibes. I walked a little trough Peniche and enjoyed the stunning cliffs and rocks all along the coast. Also, the harbour and little town is quite beautiful and really quiet during this time of the year.


In addition, I went to a lovely castle town close by, Obidos. It reminded me a lot of a place in Germany, I’ve been a lot with my parents when I was a child.

It’s beautiful and old. A village inside a castle. I loved it and enjoyed spending some hours in a different time. But see for yourself, the picture say more than I can with my words.

Besides that, I gave myself the permission to rest and take a break from excitement. As strange as this might sound, but if you are exploring and adventuring so much, you sometimes need a day or two without adventure just to relax and recharge.


Back to routine

With Monday on its way, so was my daily routine. However, the time of morning surfs and sunshine tanning were over and I had to adjust my routine a little.

I loved it the way it was before my social marathon started where I was surfing first thing in the morning then working on some projects and getting in some social time and more activity at university during the afternoons and evenings.

However, now that it has gotten a lot colder and stormier I had to change things up. Surf in the morning was not a possibility for me anymore as I don’t want surf when it’s freezing. Also, there are a lot more days where waves in general are not surfable because of the strong winds.

Although I still tried to go surfing as much as possible I also enjoyed working more on some other projects.



And if I’m saying I surf less, that means I just don’t surf 7 out of 7 days a week anymore but rather 3-4 days of the week, which in my opinion is still plenty.

On Wednesday this week I did a little trip to Cascais to explore that side of the city. Cascais has a beautiful coastal walk and is like every other part of and around Lisbon very cosy and stunning.

I walked around there and enjoyed the sunny day. When the sun is shining it still is very warm and the spring vibes were back on.

I love Portugal and I can’t stress out enough how much I can imagine living here for a longer time.


What’s next?

I will again be a little spontaneous with my plans for the weekend but so far, I was thinking of going to Nazare to watch some big waves.

Also, I plan to do some shopping and more exploring in Lisbon if the weather plays with.

But more on that next week then. Enjoy your weekend and I can’t wait to see you again next week.


I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful, entertaining and valuable. If that is the case, feel free to share it and spread the stoke of traveling.

Also, I’d love to connect with you on Instagram or Facebook and hear about your experience with surf coaching or just about your current travel stories.

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And then, see you next week.


Are you a surfer? Have you ever gotten proper surf coaching? Share your experience in the comments.

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