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This week has been crazy. So much has happened, so much change and exciting but also scary new stuff is coming up. However, let me start from the beginning and tell you everything in detail. Let’s get to another episode of my Travel Diary from Portugal.

Are you ready? Okay let’s do it.

(German post here.)

Week 10

So, I left you last week with a pretty certain plan in mind how things are going to be the next few months. But as life is, exciting and full of surprises, a lot has changed trough just taking one, small but very essential decision. Though what exactly has changed? That I will tell you in a bit. First let me share some of my adventures of this week.

Big waves and old churches

Friday of last week I did a Roadtrip up north again. Nazaré looked promising that day and I really wanted to see big waves again.


That’s why I decided to jump in the car and do a little trip. I got to Nazaré by sunrise and it was breath taking. The sun rose over the city and tinted everything in wonderful, bright and peaceful colours.

Watching that sunrise showed me again, how amazing nature is. Also, the waves were as big as predicted and it was incredible seeing this spot, I only knew from pictures, in real life.


After watching the waves for a bit, I continued my trip to a small town close by, Batalha. There’s nothing exciting happening there besides the pompous church right in the middle of the town. This building is so impressive and makes me wonder how people back then managed to build something so beautiful in detail as this.

Also, there are a lot more castles, churches and other sights in this area, which makes it a great place to do some roadtriping.

Another small town I visited was Fatima. Here as well, the most impressive and see worthy thing was the church. Hearing the bell ring at 12pm was very fascinating.

After enjoying this area and the great weather for a few hours I made my way back home. Happy and excited about life.


Let’s spend some money

Saturday I went to Lisbon again because I wanted to do some shopping. I haven’t really bought any cloths the past few years as I had better ways to spend my money, but now I really felt like having new things to dress up.

And like always I just enjoy going into the city and wander those beautiful streets and take in the city vibes.

In addition, Saturday, the first exciting thing happened that will sort of change my life.

I will get a tattoo, again!

The reason for my visit to Lisbon was the appointment I had with the studio to go over my idea and wishes. It was very rewarding and we scheduled an appointment for in two weeks. I’m very excited and can’t wait to show you what it’ll be.

The beauty of tattoos in my eyes is that you can express yourself and make a commitment to something that is really important to you. The two tattoos I have so far are my commitments to surfing and traveling. Two of the most important things to me. So, stay tuned what my next tattoo is going to be and what I’ll commit to this time.


Major life changes

Sunday and beginning of this week very in its content pretty normal. I only got stuff done, went to university, had exams and surfed again, finally!

While I enjoyed taking it slow and working on some projects as well as getting back to my surfing routine and working on the goals I set in the coaching last weekend, I came to realize something.

In the beginning of my time here in Lisbon I told you that there is a part of me looking forward to going home and spend some more time there. And that is true. I miss home, my family, my friends and my room. However, what I came to realize is that I only miss what home stands for and not the actual place.

I was lying in bed one night thinking of what will come next year. I imagined me going back to classes in Germany and living my normal life there. I panicked.

The reason: I don’t want to go home, I don’t want to get back to that life. My life here is so much more awesome, University is so much more fun and I am a lot happier here.

I realized what I actually missed was not home but what my home stands for: being settled, routine, familiarity, love and safety.

And while I miss seeing my friends and family every day and wished I could spend more time with them, I knew that going back home will only make me unhappy and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my time with them.

So, what can I do about it?

I thought long and hard and finally came to the conclusion, I have to figure out a way to stay here. So, I extended my Erasmus stay for one more semester.

Crazy, right?! Another half a year here in Lisbon!

Taking this decision however, was followed by a lot more change. The trip I planned for this winter was not possible anymore as classes here start a lot earlier.

It wasn’t easy for me to decide not to go back to South Africa, a place I really fell in love with and also put off my trip to Bali to another time. Though I also knew it was the best to do because it meant I don’t have to go home after.

But as you know me, it wouldn’t suit me to just spend the winter in Germany instead. So, I looked into destinations, close by and cheap and figured Morocco would be a great place to go for a month.

So yeah, seems like I’m staying in Lisbon and going to Morocco instead of South Africa and Bali. Who’s thought that, huh?!

Well, let’s see what this new plan brings and I’m excited to share everything with you then.



After taking a few days to digest all that change that has happened I was ready for new adventure.

On Wednesday I went to Sintra to see why everyone speaks so highly of this are.


Sintra is placed right in the middle of a national park and therefore surrounded by forest, mountains and beaches.

It’s really beautiful and so calm and peaceful. There are hardly any cars driving and the only sound you hear most of the time is the birds singing.

Coming here was exactly what I needed to calm down and connect with myself again.

I just recommend everyone to escape the busy working life every once in a while, and find some peace and calm somewhere in the nature.

Besides being surrounded by nature Sintra has a lot of impressive sights, old castles, beautiful churches and houses to offer. It seems like you just dove into a fairy world here in the rainforest. So wonderful!


After walking through town, I went further to Praia da Ursa, one of the beaches close by.

This little spot on the cliffy coast of Portugal is breath taking. I know I’ve been saying this about a lot of places here, but it’s true.

Seeing the waves from above roll into the bays is so exciting and inspiring at the same time.

Here are some photos so you can see what I’m talking about.

Praia da Ursa

What’s next?

After this exciting week, full of change I am looking forward to enjoying my last few weeks here in Lisbon with a lot of exploring and surfing. My classes have ended this week, so a lot more time to go places and enjoy Portugal.

What exactly I’ll be doing is not set yet, but for sure it’ll be fun and I will keep you posted.

For now, let’s see what the tattoo is doing next week and how my Lisbon exploring is going.

So, come back next week to get that news.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and could find some inspiration in my personal story. I always love to share my experiences and adventures because I hope people like you find joy in reading it and take it as inspiration to design their lives according to their dreams too.

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