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We are in week 11 already, can you believe that?! It’s already almost 3 months since I first arrived here in Lisbon. So much has happened, so much has changed and so much is planned. Even though by now I’m settled here and living a day-to-day life here I am still traveling. I might not travel the common way, but by now you should know me and should know that I rarely do anything the common way.

Despite the daily life of university, work and working out I still live the travel life and even though some might say I live in Portugal and don’t travel Portugal, I disagree. You can live and travel in the same country or even city. It’s all about how you design you daily life.


Traveling is all about exploring, going beyond what you know and seeking adventure. Traveling is stepping out of your comfort zone, experiencing things you usually wouldn’t and also enjoying the variety of nature and culture in a setting of newness.

You can have a home-base somewhere, a place you live and return to every night or every few nights, and go places just for a day or two. That is traveling. You don’t always have to go far away or for a long time as long as you go somewhere you haven’t already been many times it is traveling.

That said, I’ve really lived that kind of travel life in excess this week. But let’s see what I’ve been up to.

Week 11

I love having a home-base you can return to every night. Some familiarity within all the newness a travel-lifestyle brings with it. I love to explore during the days and see a lot of new and unfamiliar things but I love it just as much to come back to a place I feel comfortable at. That’s what I’ve by now really established here. I love Caparica and the beaches here. It’s quiet and calm, a perfect place for a home-base. However, I’d get bored if I wouldn’t go adventuring during some days.

Campo de Ourique

Last Friday after having an awesome surf in Carcavelos, I went on some adventures. I got filmed by a stranger, who probably though I was some famous surf athlete, when I walked down to the beach.

Furthermore after (to my own surprise) making a very steep drop I’d usually failed on making, I got many cheers from other surfers in the water including a very friendly guy from California. After talking for a bit and mentioning I’m form Germany he said, I must be one of the top surfers from my country regarding the fact that we don’t have much ocean there. I was flattered but also amused as this is more than the contrary of what is reality. I’m really not that good. LOL. I’m not bad but there’s a lot of better surfers, also form Germany.

However, this compliment and the drop made my day and I could happily enjoy my adventure to Campo de Ourique.


This Arabic part of Lisbon is very diverse but not at all less beautiful than what I’ve seen so far. The market is lovely and there is plenty of delicious and cute little restaurants.

In addition, I went a little bit more outside of the old town and explored more modern parts of Lisbon. The diversity this city has to offer is incredible.

Campo do Ourique


After a productive Saturday where I got a lot of stuff done, me and some friends from University jumped in the car on Sunday and drove up to Nazaré again. I know I’ve just been there, but who doesn’t like watching 30ft waves rolling in the coast?!

We had a lot of fun and not only because of the incredibility of nature and the braveness of those big wave surfers, but also because we were a cool constellation and had a lot of fun enjoying each other’s company.

It’s always great to go on adventures with other people, you can share memories and have someone you can be excited with.

More social time

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all kind of similar. The mornings I lived my daily life of working, sport and getting things done. I really enjoy doing those things as well. As long as there is time for adventure. This week I experimented and scheduled my adventures every second day and also made sure that every day at least 1h I’d do something fun and exciting.

This way I hoped I’d stay inspired and motivated to give my best in daily life.

It worked!

I never felt a moment of boredom or dissatisfaction about anything. I felt completely in control of my life and my happiness and that is something very satisfying for me.

So, my adventures and excitements those days were first, that my dad and stepmom were here for a visit and we explored Lisbon together. I love showing people around and taking them to my favourite places.

We also went out for food a couple times and I enjoyed the delicious, fresh seafood and fish. A treat I love giving myself frequently.

It’s always great to spend quality time with people you love. So, this really made me happy.

sailing boat

Tattoo magic

Wednesday then it was time, I got my tattoo. Although I was very excited I was also nervous. It’s a big step and it’s forever. What if I don’t like what the artist is drawing for me? Will I have the courage to say I don’t like it?

All those questions made me so nervous but as soon as I walked into the studio and met the lovely girl who was about to do my tattoo I got so excited. The sketch she drew was more than beautiful and I fell head over heels in love with what she had in mind for my tattoo.

After one and a half hours of the most horrible but also necessary pain I finally had my new baby. And it turned out even more stunning than I’d ever imagined. I’m so happy and excited, still.

What’s next?

Thursday again was a normal day and besides my usual walk and a sunset watching session there was not much exciting happening. But that’s okay.

The weekend is going to be about the same but I will go to Lisbon again and explore some of the newer parts around Monsanto.

What else I’ll do next week I still have to figure out, but I will let you know in time.

So far, that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed and I could inspire you to also implement an adventure policy to keep up the motivation to do what has to be done.

Make sure to come back next week for more updates and adventures.


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And then, see you next week.


Do you have tattoos? Do they have meanings?

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