Hey there!

So, great to see you again! I assume you’re curious how my life here in Lisbon, Portugal is going and that’s why you came here. So, let’s not waste time and get right to it.

Have fun reading and enjoy this episode of my travel diary from Portugal.

(You can find a German version of this post here.)

Week 12

Twelve weeks here in Lisbon and still plenty of room for adventure. Last week was officially my first week without university and I must admit, in the beginning I was worried that I’d get bored because I’ve already seen so much around here. Also, it was a challenge to get used to having no routine during my days anymore.

I’m a huge fan of routine and stability just as much as I need excitement and adventure and change. But without classes and very inconsistent surf conditions my routine and stability got a little bit shocked up.

Nevertheless, it didn’t take me long to adapt a new routine.


Working on some projects

Now that I have the time and inspiration I decided to work on some projects and products I’ve in mind for a while now.

Last weekend and also most days of this week I worked on something pretty cool that I can hopefully share with you soon. It is a tool that I’ve been using for years now and without which I wouldn’t be able to live the life I am living at the moment. It helps me to reach all my goals, travel the world, study and build a future I’m excited about all at the same time.

And because this tool makes me so happy and is the reason why I weak up every day thinking:

Life is pretty awesome!

I want to share it with you so you too can create the life you want and become happier every day.

Even though working on such projects is always time consuming and also mentally exhausting it’s so much fun at the same time.

I enjoy being creative and it’s such a huge motivation to be able to give some of my happiness back to you.

So, make sure to subscribe to my blog or follow me on Social Media to stay up to date and get all news about the process and be the first to know when it gets released.



Besides working on those projects I’ve of cause kept my resolutions to do some adventure every 2nd or 3rd day to make sur I’ll stay balanced and motivated.

Last Friday I went on a short trip to one of the parks in Lisbon to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Although I had expected more of this huge park that takes so much of Lisbon’s size there was one spot I really enjoyed. A ruin of an old landmark from where you had the most incredible view over the city. I love such spots.

And even though this adventure was only short and didn’t take much of my time that day, it was enough to keep me inspired and motivated to work again.



In addition, beginning of this week, I went on a half-day trip to Setubal. A city close to Lisbon.

Like I said there are not many places left, that I haven’t seen and even though I love Lisbon and don’t mind at all to go their again and again I still like to see new places.

However, I really figured that I’ve seen the most beautiful places and even though Setubal was pretty and a great change there are nice cities and after a couple hours I’d seen enough and went home again.

I guess next semester I have to do weekend trips so I can go further away and explore there.



Next up was Sintra. I know I’ve been there already, too, but as I wanted to spend some time with a friend and Sintra is huge and so beautiful I didn’t mind going there again.

And despite the fact that I’ve been there already I’ve seen a lot of new places and just hiking to the palace and spending time with my friend was so much fun.

Finishing strong

Like I begun the week I finished strong with pushing my projects further.

And as good as it feels to be creative and productive and really focus on something again I miss surfing and the adventures could be a little more exciting for my liking.

However, nothing I can’t change, right?! So, let’s see what we can do next week to add some spiciness to my days.


What’s up next week?

As Christmas is just around the corner I think I will enjoy some Christmas vibes in the still very spring like Lisbon this week. Also, I will try to find some more beautiful spots I haven’t seen so far.

Also, it’s my birthday week and I hope to get in plenty of surf and Portuguese pastry before I go home for Christmas.

So, stay tuned for that and I hope you have an awesome weekend and start into the next week.


I hope you enjoyed reading and got inspired despite the fact that this was a little different from my usual travel diary entries. There are just some weeks that are not so exciting and where normal life is just going its way. However, personally, I like those weeks as well because you get to do other things that you also enjoy doing but don’t have time for when you are just adventuring.

So hopefully this was an inspiration for you to get some projects going and if this was the case then feel free to share this post so we both can inspire more people.

Also like I said above, make sure to connect with me on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date about my surprise tool for you.

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What projects are you working on currently?