Being able to do anything anytime without worrying about what other people think or whether they approve of it or not, don’t we want it all? There are many people out there, especially girls who lack a lot in self-confidence due to the pressure of society and other intrinsic and extrinsic factors. If you’re one of them, don’t worrying, you are not alone and you are understood. I am coming with help. While I’ve had the luck to be born with a good amount of self-confidence I took my reflective ability to analyse my behaviour to give you some very effective and not so hard to apply tips on how to be confident and find lasting happiness.

So, are you ready to take this on? Okay than, let’s get to it.

Here are the two things we will cover today:

The benefits of self-confidence

8 tips to build confidence and find happiness

be confident - How to be more confident? 8 tips to build true self-confidence and find lasting happiness

The benefits of self-confidence

Whether it is being confident about your abilities, looks or actions, having self-confidence is crucial to your happiness and also for being successful in your personal and professional life.

Being self-confident is not only referring to your looks, you can also be confident about your abilities, your goals, your actions, your desires. And while we might lack confidence in one are, we have confidence in another area.

So even though you might think you are not confident, you are probably more confident than you think. Nevertheless, it’s awesome you want to improve in this area as there is always room for improvement, for everyone.

Also, you will not regret going on this journey as adapting this trait has many benefits. Here’s what self-confidence can do for you because confident people are:

More willing to take risks

If you are confident about your actions and know this is the right thing to do for you, you tend to be a lot more willing to take risks. Risks involve the ability to deal with setbacks and difficult times and to really be able to overcome mistakes, struggles and hard times you have to really stand behind your actions and decisions.

It’s perfectly normal to have doubts, everyone has, and of cause when something goes wrong you start doubting yourself. But if you are really confident about your actions you will let go of this doubt very quickly and know this was the right thing to do at that moment and that whatever went wrong is just an opportunity to learn from it.

More open for change

Same as for risks goes for change. If you are confident about yourself you are more likely to see change as a positive, achievable thing.

Change is good, it’s necessary to grow, but you can only be willing to change and able to grow if you believe that you are perfect the way you are and that you will end up where you are supposed to be. Otherwise change will make you unhappy.

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Better able to grow and adapt

Confident people have a better ability to reflect on themselves because they know that their weaknesses and flaws don’t define them. They know that just because they want to improve themselves and grow personally it doesn’t mean they are less of value now. They know they are perfect the way they are and still can strive to be better.

Also for them it’s easier to adapt to changing situations as they usually know what they want and are confident about it. So, an unfamiliar situation won’t throw them of track.

IMG 8456 - How to be more confident? 8 tips to build true self-confidence and find lasting happiness

More likely to achieve goals

If you know what you want and who you are it is very easy to keep focus towards your goals. Also, it makes it a lot easier to justify your actions toward your goals and really do what is necessary to achieve what you want.

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Usually happy and satisfied because they can take criticism

No one likes to be criticised, however confident people see criticism not as offend but rather as welcoming input towards becoming a better, happier person. They take criticism not personal because they know how awesome they are and rather take it as suggestion and inspiration on what they should maybe work on to become even more awesome.

As you can see, being self-confident can really make life easier and also help you to become happier as it resolves so many of your internal battles.

So, let’s look into how you can establish that confidence. Trust me, it’s not as hard as it might seem.

8 tips to build confidence and find happiness

And even though some of us are born with a good amount of confidence, being self-confident is something you can learn easily and everyone, with any background can adapt this trait. All it takes is a few tips to establish habits that will support you and strengthen your positive picture about yourself.

While I’m way aware that it is easier said than done to stop worrying about what people say and think, this is key to building confidence. If you constantly worry about what others may think or say about you, your actions and your life you will never find true happiness and confidence within yourself.

You have to let go of the desire to please everyone and start living the life YOU want. Choose to let go of the pressure put on you by others and know that you are the one who is in charge of your life. It’s your life and you get to decide how you want to life it. And this also goes for your actions, thoughts and looks. It’s on you to decide what you want to do and how you want to be seen. Also, always remember, there are certain things about ourselves, we can’t change, like the looks, but you are perfect the way you are and just the fact that you are healthy and happy and able to do whatever you want, should be reason enough to celebrate your existence.

Lastly whether you believe it or not, but not as many people as you may think do actually care about how you look. At least not in the critical way you look at yourself, so stop judging yourself for things you have no power of and start seeing the beauty in yourself.

IMG 8389 1 - How to be more confident? 8 tips to build true self-confidence and find lasting happiness

Self-confidence is a very wide topic and everyone, even the most confident people at some times have moments of doubt. And while you can be very confident about your looks you can at the same time be very unconfident about your abilities. Just because you are feeling unconfident in one are it doesn’t mean you are not confident at all. Maybe it’s just this one are where you have to find more confidence. So, don’t give up on yourself, I believe everyone is confident in some areas of her life and if it’s not your looks then its maybe your abilities of your goals. Just know that no matter in which areas or how many building confidence always works the same way.

And here is how:

1. Act the way you want to feel

First step towards being confident, no matter in which area, is to act the way you want to feel. If you want to feel confident, act confident. Put purpose and meaning into ever action and tell yourself you are confident, even if you are not.

I know, I know, you probably doubt this is working, but give it a try. Take on a confident posture and Mindset next time you feel lack of confidence and see what happens.

2. Focus on your strengths

While it is of cause important to be aware of and work on your weaknesses, to build self-confidence it is important to focus on your strengths. Focus on what you are good at, your awesomeness. Like I said, just because you lack confidence in one area, doesn’t mean you are not confident at all. Find the areas you are feeling good about and focus on them. Seeing and experiencing that you are sure about some areas will give you the necessary motivation and boost to take this confidence into all other areas of your life.

3. Do things you are good

While focusing on your strengths, also start doing things you are good at. If you can see how playing tennis or drawing for example is easy to you and once you get compliments for your achievements you will feel a lot more confident and encouraged already. Also, it’s always fun and satisfying to do something you’re good at, don’t you think?!

4. Have little reminder of how awesome you are

If the pure thinking of your strengths isn’t helping, find ways to remind yourself of your awesomeness. Whether it’s a gratitude journal or little sticky notes with your strengths.

Find a way to tell yourself every day how awesome you are and that you are perfect the way you are. No matter what everyone else is saying or thinking. And trust me in most cases no one is thinking you are not awesome. In contrary you probably underestimate your impression on others and be surprised by how positive they are thinking about you.


5. Surround yourself with encouraging people

So, if you want to find out what other’s really think, surround yourself with people that tell you how awesome you are. And I don’t mean people who just pet your head and tell you “good girl” but I mean people who know you and encourage you and make you feel good. Having those people around you in times of less confidence will help you to feel strong despite all doubts.

6. Start reflecting and being honest to yourself

It’s okay to fail and have weakness, confidence is not about Being perfect it’s about accepting yourself as you are and working towards improving yourself. So, don’t hesitate to think about your mistakes and failures and take them as lessons. Also recognise your weak areas and find ways to improve. Be honest with yourself where you are good at and where you need to work on. Admitting that you are not perfect but also accepting it and letting it go is the first step to find confidence and strength to grow.

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7. Adapt a Mindset towards personal growth

Being confident is not about being perfect it’s about accepting yourself as who you are with all your flaws and insecurities but also striving towards improving them and getting better every day. Adapt a Mindset of growth and start working on the areas you are not so good at.

(But the fact that you are here and still reading, shows me that you’ve already done that and are on your best way to become more confident and a happier you!)

8. Take small challenges, risks

Lastly, when trying to improve and step out of your comfort zone to build confidence it’s important to take on challenges. No change comes easy and it certainly doesn’t come from doing nothing. If you want to be more confident you have to actively step out of your comfort zone and do something about it. Take small risks, one at a time and experience that it wasn’t so bad after all to have taken it. Find yourself getting better every day and experience the change in your attitude.

Believe and trust in yourself.


That said I hope by now you are motivated as hell to get to building more confidence. Always remember, you are perfect the way you are and being unconfident is nothing of big concern, nothing you can’t change. It’s in your power to make this change. Decide to start working on it today and you will see small changes every day.

Good luck and enjoy the journey.


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What is the area you are most confident about?

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