Do you love traveling and taking photos? Awesome then you are perfectly right here. Social Media is full of stunning travel pictures from all across the globe. And even though every place has it’s right to be photographed and for sure there are so many awesome spots you can take photos of there are just some that are more photogenic then others. So, if you are planning a new trip with the purpose of takin beautiful pictures of either yourself or the landscape or both then you will love this post. Here you will find 8 stunning places that are worth a visit and pop out to be amazing photo spots.

Curious where those places are? Okay then let me tell you.

photo places

8 stunning travel photo spots across the world

Before we get to those places you absolutely have to visit, I quickly want to hop on a topic I’ve already been talking about in one of my older posts. The importance and beauty of photography.

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So, for me, I’m a huge fan of taking photos. I just love it. The process, the outcome, just everything on taking photos is amazing. And I’ve already shared some of my favourite reasons in the post I linked above. But today I want to go more into detail about one reason in particular: Capturing memories.

Traveling, and if you follow me for a while now you know how much I love it, is awesome in itself. There are so many great benefits on your life, your personality and happiness that you can get from traveling the world. And of cause when you see so many different places and experience so many things every day, a lot of memories are made.

And in my opinion every single moment of those is worth holding onto in your memories. However sometimes, especially when a lot happens at the same time, some memories get lost or pushed back so we need to find ways to capture them and what better way to do this then with pictures.

For sure I can only encourage you to also write travel diary, something I’ve been doing since the very beginning and absolutely love it, but pictures is just a so much more visual way of holding on to those happy memories.

Just looking at the places I’ve been to makes me want to jump up and down for happiness.

So, if you haven’t started yet, please, I encourage you to try this little exercise to become happier. Capture your favourite moments at your favourite places and take out the pictures whenever you feel down.

Back to this post and it’s purpose though. No matter what the reason is for you to take photos, if it’s capturing moments or just being creative or because you love to capture emotions in visual form, here are the 8 places I enjoyed taking photos of/at most.


1. Great ocean road

This part of Australia’s south coast has many beautiful photo spots. I suggest renting a car and doing a little road trip in two or three days and stop along the coast.

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This part of the coast is very cliffy and has lots of stunning caves. The water is crystal clear and nicely breaking waves are rolling onto the beaches.

Watch out for crowds though, if you want a picture without people go there in the mornings or during the week.

2. Harbour bridge and Opera house

These very famous tourist attractions made it on my list because they give a perfect photo location to set yourself in scene.

If harbour bridge or Opera house, both sights make an amazing background at night and during the day.

Especially during special times like New Years and Christmas though, these sights will show themselves in very different and extraordinary light.

Here too though, watch out for crowds. Especially during the peak season and one days of special events.


3. Christo do Rei

This gigantic landmark in the city of Lisbon not only makes a great focus of your picture once you are on the opposite side of the river, but also gives a great view once you are on its foot.

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Either way you will enjoy and find a perfect photo spot for everything.

cristo do rei view

4. Praia da Ursa

If you love beaches and beach photography, you’ll love this one. This pretty beach close to Lisbon has its own charm and I’ve never seen something quite like this. It is very rocky and has huge rock towers guarding the beach.

It is a great spot to not only take pictures on the beach, but also of the beach. Just follow the little paths to the lookouts and enjoy the breath taking view.

Watch out, this spot is sometimes a little hard to find, but just pay close attention to the signs and go for an adventurous hike.

Praia da Ursa

Costa Rica

5. Santa Elena

Now that we have ocean and beaches covered and also some sights, rainforest couldn’t be missed on this list.

Santa Elena in the beautiful Costa Rica – which in general is very awesome for photos because of its huge variety of scenery – is the perfect place to enjoy nature and place with some animals and plants.

South Africa

6. Cape Town

While Lisbon and Sydney both are great cities to take photos of and I’m sure you could spend an entire month in both cities without losing inspiration for pictures, Cape Town is my absolute favourite photo city.

The variety of coast with views from Table Mountain and stunning buildings all over the city gives a great combination for all kinds of photography.

No matter which genre you prefer, Cape Town is suitable for everything.

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Also, the light in South Africa is just always perfect. So, perfect you start wondering if this is even real.

Be prepared for saving time on editing.


6. Bali

Is probably the most famous photo place regarding Instagram. At least on my feed. Everyone seemed to have been there and my whole news feed is spammed with pictures of Bali. However, there’s a good reason for that because Bali with its cute markets, beautiful rice fields and stunning nature just has it all to make a great background for stunning pictures.


8. Olympia park Munich

Last but not least, of cause my home town had to be on the list as this is the place I’ve developed so much of my photography skills.

From Olympia park in Munich you have the best views across the city and especially for fireworks on New Year’s Eve this is the place to be if you want to have an amazing shot.

Be prepared to spend some time looking for the perfect spot. This park is huge.

olympia park munich


I hope you are inspired now and hyped to get the photography game on. If you could take anything from this post and want to help me inspire more people to take pictures, please share it.

Also, if you want to see my travel photos, come by my Instagram or Facebook to have a look. And of cause I’d love to see yours there too.

Lastly, don’t forget to come back next week for more.


What is your favourite photo spot?