Are you in Portugal and looking for a great way to treat yourself? Or do you just want to get inspired and are looking for things to do and eat in Portugal? Either way, you are at the right spot. Portugal is pretty well-known for its amazing pastry especially the Pastel de Nata. And since you are here I want to make sure you get to taste all the other beyond delicioust reats this country has to offer. So here is a list of my favourite pastries you have to eat while you are in Portugal.

3 deliciously sweet pastries from Portugal

 While I’m all about a healthy diet and managed to go almosttwo years without one gram of sugar I figured I wasn’t going to have no pastry ever again in my life.

 During those two years, I didn’t miss sugar at all. I washappy with what I had, I never liked chocolate or candy anyway but what I really missed was pastry, cake, cookies, everything made of dough.

And while it is definitely possible to bake healthy and without sugar I’m all about balancing and making exceptions. A little bit of sugar won’t kill you, right?! And what’s life without proper pastry. Also, you’d miss so much if you don’t allow yourself to have this treats every once in a while.

So, while love eating healthy 90% of the time, I enjoy it equally as much to try all the pastries the pastelerias here have to offer.

And by now, after three months in this beautiful country I have tried quite a few different pastries and stuck with those three as my favourites.

No matter if you care about eating healthy or not you have to try these, otherwise you miss out.

And please if you are like me and tend to feel guilty for not eating healthy, remember that one treat won’t do you any bad. In contrary it fosters your soul happiness. So, no guilt and indulge and enjoy this deliciousness.

portuguese pastry

1. Pao de Deus

This is my absolute favourite pastry and I have it everytime I want to treat myself. It’s plain dough that is neither sweet nor salty. It’s very fluffy and soft. However, what makes this pastry so special is the topping. Usually it’s a mix of coconut, sugar and some sort of binding element like butter or something similar.

The dough topped with this delicious coconut spread is just amazing and will make you addicted in no time.

pao do deus

2. Bola de Berlim

Coming from Germany, this wasn’t a new sort of pastry forme. At home, we call it “Krapfen”. However, this “Krapfen” is a bit different as the filling is not inside but all over. And while we at home usually have a jam filling here in Portugal they have their famous vanilla filing. The same that is in the Pastel de Nata.

But there are also some bakeries that offer custom or other fillings like cookies and cream or chocolate.

Just amazing, I tell you.

bola de berlim

3. Pastel de Nata

Of cause this one couldn’t be missed in this list. This very popular pastry here in Portugal has its fame not for nothing.

It’s puff paste filled with said vanilla cream. It’s very sweet and has the perfect consistence of crunchiness and creaminess. Like the Bola de Berlim this is sometimes available with chocolate filling, however if you want to taste the real Pastel de Nata you gadda try vanilla.

By the way, they have almost everything with this vanilla filling. From donuts over croissants to cake. You can get everything with this tasty creamy filling.

Is your mouth watering already? Mine is definitely and just from writing this post I want to have them all, now.

So, I hope you enjoyed this little excursion into the food world and let me know what you think of those pastries once you got to try them. Also, if there’s any I have to try, let me know. I’m always up for something new.


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