It is the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas time. And this most wonderful time deserves to be celebrated accordingly. That’s why I have 10 ways for you today, in which you can really enjoy Christmas time and celebrate it with everything it offers. So, get comfortable and start enjoying!

Christmas for me is all about relaxing, reflecting and taking it slow. It’s not only a very peaceful time but also the end of the year so what better way to spend it then with taking a break from the noise and stress our daily lives cause.

Christmas is much more than just cookies, christmas markets and presents. It’s about spending time with your loved ones, embracing the beauty of silence and peace, treating yourself with everything life has to offer and being gentle and kind to yourself and others.

There are for sure a million awesome ways to spend christmas time and enjoy it to its fullest. And there is definitely no wrong way to enjoy christmas time. However, today I’ve picked out my 10 favourite things to do during christmas time. Sharing those I hope to inspire you to unwind and take a break from hustling to recharge and gain never motivation and energy for the next year.

Here they are:

10 ways to really enjoy Christmas time

1. Slow down

First things first. Many of us, goal driven and ambitious people live our lives fast. We rush from one thing into the next, not even having finished the first before taking on the second task. We live life with a pace that is beyond the normal. This allows us to achieve greater things and live our dreams. However, it also leaves us with a feeling of being exhausted. It’s hard to breath and relax if you hustle all the time.

So, I want to urge you to take this peaceful time as an opportunity to slow down and breath.

For once forget your goals, your ambitions, your to-dos. Relax, take it easy and just enjoy some down time.

2. Connect with nature

While taking a break, what better way to spend this new gained time then with going for long walks in nature.

Being out in the fields enjoying what nature has to offer is a wonderful way to practice gratitude and getting inspired.

Also being active is a great way to give your thoughts some time to wander. Pay attention to what is coming to your mind and relive your loveliest memories.

Christmas Tree

3. Candles

To be fair this is something that comes from growing up in a country where Christmas is during wintertime. If it’s dark outside and cold there’s nothing more calming than lighting a candle and relaxing on the couch with a good book or movie.

However, if you spend Christmas in a country where there is summer, you can still light a candle or you could make a campfire. Fire in general is something pretty calming don’t you think?

4. Take care of yourself

You should definitely care for yourself 365 days a year, but during Christmas time especially. Take this peaceful time to not only treat yourself with cakes and cookies but also with hot baths, delicious meals and other stuff you find good for yourself. Christmas time is there to treat yourself physically and mentally.

5. Do something you love

Like I said, Christmas is there to treat yourself. Mentally as well. So, take these few weeks to do what you love. Spend some time on a project you wanted to do for a long time, start doing something new or long forgotten. No matter how you spend your time, make sure it is fun and you enjoy it.


6. Clean up

I find the end of the year is a great opportunity to declutter and clean up before starting the new year with a fresh mind and a fresh environment.

So why not declutter not only your brain but also your laptop, your house, your life.

Take some time to reflect on what you really want and need in your life and throw all the old burdens and rubbish out to start fresh and organized into the new year.

7. Drink some tea or cocktails

Whether it is cold outside and you want to drink some tea or hot and you’d like a cold refreshing beverage, Christmas time is there to be celebrated with some awesome drinks don’t you think?!

8. Bake or cook

For those of you who love baking or cooking, christmas time is an awesome opportunity to try new things. Spend an afternoon backing a ton of christmas cookies and then give them to your friends to make them happy. Or invite them over and have a delicious, homemade dinner together. Or you just cook your favourite dish for yourself to make you happy.

9. Spend time with friends and family

Like I said above, many times throughout the year we are to “busy” to focus on our relationships. But it is never to late to start and what better time to catch up on missed out time with your loved ones then during Christmas time.

Christmas Tree

10. Embrace Christmas traditions

Last but not least, of cause christmas markets, christmas music and christmas present shopping can’t be missing on this list.

Free up some time during these months and embrace these traditions. Enjoy every moment of it and experience how much fun it can be to listen to old, cheesy Christmas songs all day long, wander through shops on the hunt for the best present and spend some time tasting delicious, sweet treats on the christmas markets.

Really anything that brings you in christmas mood is awesome to do during christmas time.

In the end, it really only comes down to this one point: doing what you love and taking time for yourself.

So that said, I wish you the merriest christmas and hope you enjoy this time to the fullest!


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