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Welcome back to my blog. I hope you all had fantastic and peaceful Christmas.

Like I promised in my last travel diary entry from Lisbon, here are some insights in how I celebrated Christmas at home in Germany.

(German post here)

Coming home

Yesterday I’ve already packed my bags again and flew to Morocco for three weeks to enjoy my semester break. So, I had exactly two weeks at home.

I landed on 14th of December. The first weekend went by pretty quick. It was so nice to see my family again, as I haven’t seen them pretty much since beginning of the year. Besides the short visit, they gave me in Lisbon.

Also, I loved to be back in my room and our house. That’s one thing I really miss when being away. I love how I decorated my room and all the pictures on my walls. I miss the brightness and openness of our house and I miss having my family around all the time.

That’s why those first days were pretty exciting and I enjoyed them very much.

Busy life that home visit

However, as a fact of only being at home so little time during the year I also had a lot to do.

I needed to get my medical check-ups done and some other appointments that could only be done at home.

Also, I of cause wanted to see all my friends whom I only get to see when I’m here. So, I basically met with someone else every day.

Furthermore, I needed to do some things with my dad for some presents I’m planning on releasing for you guys next year.

And as it is sometimes, not everything went by so smoothly and many things took longer than I’ve expected them to take.

That’s why last week things happened back to back and I couldn’t make as much time to enjoy Christmas time as I would have like to do.

But still it was an awesome week and it felt good at the end to have accomplished and checked off so many things.

Being productive and checking off things is still one of my favourite things to do.

christmas trees

Enjoying Christmas time

And despite my full schedule I managed to squeeze in some Christmas celebrations. I went on some Christmas markets with my mum and enjoyed crêpes and other delicious goodies.

I can only recommend all of you to once visit a German Christmas market. They are beyond what you are used to.

Also, I was invited to a Christmas games night of some friends which was amazing because I usually don’t take the time to play card games but it is so much fun.

Christmas itself was also pretty amazing. For us it looks the same every year.

On German Christmas day, the 24th, we decorate our tree in the morning and then for lunch and the afternoon we are spending some time with my grandma from fathers’ side. The evening we spend with the close family at home.

We usually play games, have dinner and get presents. Pretty chilled but cosy and I love spending so much time with the family. That’s what Christmas is about for me.

The next day, after getting in my workout routine so I can eat more, we visit my other grandma. All my aunties and uncles are there as well and we again have just a lot of food. Play traditional bingo and talk a lot.

Christmas really is nothing special but a perfect opportunity to spend a lot of time with the family.

Preparing for what is next

Wednesday then was all back to normal. I loved and muchly needed the break over Christmas and now could start fully reenergized into my pre-vacation planning and preparation.

I prepared for Morocco, did my yearly planning to make sure I achieve great things next year and are able to grow and become an even better self.

Now everything is ready and I can start exploring the world again.


What is next?

Like I said in the beginning, by now I am already in Morocco. I am very excited and can’t wait to explore this country.

I will be here for three weeks and of cause keep you up to date.

So, until then, enjoy your holiday and have a great New Year’s Eve, we will see each other next Friday with more updates then.


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How did you spend Christmas?

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