Are you unhappy, dissatisfied or only want new inspiration on what you can work on to improve your life and happiness? Here are 12 life guidelines that, if followed accordingly, will improve your life, bring you happiness and help you achieve your dreams and goals.

Choose your favourite ones and build habits around them. Make them a resolution for this year and stick to them. Take them as rules to guide your thoughts and actions. I promise they will make your life easier and help you stay positive.

Also, don’t fear coming up with your own life guidelines. Just write things down that you want to implement in your life because you know they will make it better. Think of all the things that should guide your behaviour and be foundation for your life.

Ask yourself: How do I want my life to be? How do I want to live my life?

Write your answers down and remind yourself of them every time you take a decision or make an action.

Having life guidelines will not only help you improve your live and achieve your goals, but also stay true to yourself and your journey. They ensure that you stick to your standards and strive for becoming a better self every single day.

So here are 12 of my life guidelines. Maybe you have the same, maybe not. Either way they are a great inspiration on what to work on to improve your life and really everyone can benefit from applying them.

12 life guidelines that will improve your happiness

1. Accept and let go!

There are things we can’t change, things we don’t have control over. So why let them bother us? Thinking of them too much will only make you unhappy and there’s nothing you can do about it anyway. So just accept it and let it go.

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2. Focus on what you can control

However, also know what you CAN control and focus on that. Know what you can change and figure out a way to do so. Find ways and build strategies on how to change the circumstances, things and situations that you have impact on and go do it! Take faith into your own hands.

3. Live like there’s no tomorrow

What would you regret not having done today if you’d die tomorrow? Live life so that at the end you can say you want to relive every moment of it because it was so awesome. Chase your dreams, follow your passions and do what you love.

You only have this one life, so don’t waste it!

4. You never know until you try

There are things we just fear doing without reason. But we have to overcome this fear because we are only standing in our own way and if we’d be able to put it aside greater would come towards us. So, remember that you can always stop doing something if you don’t like it. Say no if you don’t want anymore. Go back if you’ve gone too far. But you will never know if it might not turn out to be a great thing if you don’t try doing it.

5. Everything in moderation

Whether it is food, work, exercise, travel, really anything is best in moderation. If you do one thing in excess you will soon realize that you’ll get sick of it or worse suffer a burn out from it or get serious health issues. So, do everything but do it in moderation. Just as much as necessary and as little as you can.

6. Get started

Stop waiting for tomorrow, next month, next year, some time. Stop thinking too much and start doing. Like I said above, you can always go back again. But you have to start now otherwise it might be too late. And just think of where you could be in x months, years from now if you’d start now!

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7. Ask for help

I know you can do it all alone but why should you if you could ask for help. Asking someone to help you is nothing to be ashamed of, it doesn’t show weakness, it shows strength and confidence. It shows that you are confident enough about your actions and trust someone else enough to ask for help. It’s a lot easier to do it together than all alone.

8. Enjoy the journey

I’m all about striving for more and setting goals but it is just as important to enjoy the journey. Your days are what will define your year. When evaluation your life about happiness it only comes down to how happy your days were. So, love the progress, find happiness in every day and enjoy the journey of creating the life you want.

9. Swim against the crowd

It’s okay to do what everyone does, but will it make you happy? I doubt it. Don’t fear doing something different. Stop wanting to be like someone else or have the job, family, life of someone else. Actively choose to do things differently and you will automatically create a true, unique and authentic life you will love to pieces.

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10. Slow down and breath

Take time to enjoy your life. Don’t hustle until it’s too late to slow down and breath. Stop every once in a while on your marathon to success and take time to enjoy the moment.

11. Imagine it were easy

Nothing is impossible if you stop thinking it is. Whether you can or can’t do something is all in your head. So, imagine how things would look like if they were easy and then find a way to make them easy.

12. Act the way you want to feel

There is so much you can achieve by just believing you have it already. If you want to be happy, act happy. If you want to be confident, act confident. If you want to be liked, act liked. As soon as you start believing you are what you want to be you will attract it and implement it into your life.

13. Be a fan

A little bonus. Be happy and share the happiness with everyone. Show people you like them. Make compliments. Spread the stoke of life and smile.

Give back to people and make someone’s day by just showing them you celebrate them.

You’d be surprised how much happiness it can bring to your life if you make someone else happy.



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What is your most followed life guideline?