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It’s another week gone here in Morocco and a lot has happened throughout those seven days. It feels like a year has passed. So, let me tell you what we’ve been experiencing and what adventures we went on the past seven days.

Let me take you to Marrakech and Essaouira and tell a little bit about my experience in this very different country and how two girls on their own are dealing with traveling Morocco.

Are you ready? Okay, let’s not waste time.

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morocco 2 - Travel Diary Morocco (Part 2) - Essaouira & Marrakech: City trips

Week 2

Today two weeks ago I’ve landed in Morocco not having any expectations and rather having heard negative than positive about this country and its people.

The first week, like I’ve already told you in my last travel diary, was pretty relaxed and a good start.

The second week though, after our friends had left, continued in a roller-coaster of emotions and experiences.

But let’s start at the beginning.

grape market

Paradise and hell

My friend and I decided to stay a couple more days in Taghazout after our friends had left, to sort stuff out and get prepared for two weeks of constant traveling and adventure.

There also was this very nature and beautiful spot everyone recommended us to go in the beginning of our stay, so we decided to take this on before we leave as well.

The day our friends left we took a cab to Paradise Valley, which is about an hour drive from Taghazout. It’s a little jungle in the middle of this dessert like country.

We drove through serpentines alongside to a river and into the mountains until we finally arrived at the foot of a mountain covered in trees.

We thanked our very polite taxi driver who’d be waiting for us until we come back from our little hike and went off into the wild.

A short hike of about 1h lead us to a very pretty and calm lagoon with ice cold but very refreshing water and a lot of palm trees for shade.

It was awesome to see so much green again. You first realize how much you missed it until you have it again.

We spent some hours there and enjoyed the calm.

Back at the hostel we joined the loving family for a dinner. Which in the end turned out to be the worst mistake of our lives as we suffered poorly from food poisoning after.

However, after a day of constantly visiting the toilet and wishing for an end to this misery we had overcome the worst.

Our host family was the best though. They took care so good of us and not just because they felt guilty for poisoning us but because they are good and caring at heart.

They brought us tea, medicine, blankets, all we asked for.

But let me tell you, food poisoning is something I don’t wish for anybody.



Lucky us though we felt so good the next day we could keep up with our travel plans and head to Essaouira. A city about 2 and a half hours north from Taghazout.

The father and daughter of the family took us there with the car and showed us a hostel as well as some parts of the city.

The Taghazout family really was awesome so it was a little sad to have to leave them with the knowing to not ever see them again.

But we both were very happy to finally get to leave the town we now only remembered rather bad than good.

And although the food poisoning was overcome mostly we still felt weak and sick when just thinking of eating.

It’ll take some days until we’re finally recovered I guess.

Essaouira itself is pretty. It’s got a short beach walk with lots of palm trees. It has a lot of European cities with a heavy touch of Moroccan culture.

We staid right next to the market and enjoyed wandering around there and shopping a little bit.

We also found that the “selling” and “approaching” prejudices you have of Morocco are not as bad as you expect them to be.

There was never an incident, neither in Essaouira nor later in Marrakech, where someone overstepped any boundaries. Of cause people try to sell you stuff, but if you stay hard and just walk by they leave you.

And selling is about it. There’s never been men coming up to us hitting or trying to offend us.

So, if that’s concern for you to visit Morocco, you’ve got nothing to fear.

Watch out for the food though. A chicken can be more dangerous than any men!



Tuesday this week we took a local bus, which was a pretty comfortable traveller for about 8€ to Marrakech.

It took us three hours there and we arrived happily at our hostel.

Marrakech is a lot different than everything we’ve seen so far. It’s exactly how I’ve imagined Morocco.

A lot of huge, glittery, golden decorated buildings, huge markets and little shops everywhere.

Marrakech is beautiful but overwhelming.

We took a stroll through the famous markets of Marrakech and by just walking through there you get so overwhelmed because of all the people and things around you.

It’s busy here and hectic. Not in a bad kind of way. It’s just so full of life, you can’t handle it all at once.

We eat the best food with an awesome view over the main square and the Atlas Mountains and enjoyed some freshly squeezed juice.

But after two days here we both felt ready to head off into the quiet corners of the Sahara Desert.


What’s next?

Today, while you’re reading this post, we are in the middle of our Sahara trip.

We are very excited to see how this is going to be as we both have never been to a desert.

After that we’ll spend one more day in Marrakech and then head to Agadir to spend our last days there.

I will of cause keep you up to date on that next week and tell you all about the desert.

Until then, have a great time and enjoy every day.


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