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Welcome back on my blog. As promised I’m sharing some more insights of my Morocco trip this week. It’s been my last week here and we’ve experienced a lot. We’ve been to Sahara, crosses the Atlas Mountains and went back to where we started, Taghazout.

So, let’s me tell you about those adventures.

(German post here)

Week 3

Like mentioned above, this week was our last week get in Morocco and we had a lot on our plate as we really wanted to see everything.

Into the desert

From Thursday to Saturday last week we did a trip to Sahara. We booked it online on TripAdvisor as it is not possible to go to Sahara all by yourself.

It was a three-day trip with breakfast and dinner included for about 80€.

We got up very early on Thursday and got picked up at our hostel. From there we went to the central station where we had to change bus. We got a comfortable 12 seat mini bus.

After everyone took their seat we started our drive through the Atlas Mountains towards Ait Benhaddou.

Ait Benhadou

It was pretty clear from the beginning that we would sit in the car a lot as we had a huge distance to cover. But we didn’t mind at all. At least not the first couple of days.

We were still a little weak from the food poisoning and it wasn’t that bad to sit in the car as the landscape was amazing and changing so fast.

We did a lot of stops to take photos, have lunch and move a little. However, at some point in the mountains we just couldn’t manage to get out of the bus. It was freezing cold!

And we all know, I just can’t handle the cold.

The first long stop we had was in Ait Benhaddou. A Berber village in the mountains. We got a tour through the village that is setting for a lot of movies like prince of Persia, game of thrones aso.

It was stunning to see these places that you only know from your favourite movies. However, the sad and annoying thing was, and unfortunately it would continue throughout the tour, every place we went they made us pay extra. We had to buy scarfs otherwise we wouldn’t be allowed to ride the camel, we only ate in the most expensive restaurants for lunch and had no opportunities to go somewhere else.

I guess that’s this with tours. Especially in countries like Morocco.

The first night we spent in a big hotel that had an oven on the main area which was just amazing as we’ve been freezing since days.

We also shared 5 blankets by two and could therefor get a good night of sleep.

The next morning we left at 8am after breakfast. Moroccan breakfast is the best! Traditional Moroccan pancake, honey, jam, amlou and bread. Mint tea and sometimes eggs and fruits.

We made our way further towards a few more Berber villages, the Grand Canyon of Moroccan and we’re finally able to see the dunes of the Sahara Desert in the far.

The longer we drove the more the landscape changed. From mountains and trees to colourful rocks and huge sand dunes. It was amazing!

Atlas mountains

In the afternoon, we arrived in Merzouga from where we took the camel into the desert. The ride on the camel was everything else but comfortable but it was an experience for sure!

In the desert, we unfortunately arrived so late we had almost no time to watch the sunset which was a little sad and I got annoyed even more as it turned out they had no vegetarian food. Only chicken tajine.

The shack we slept in though was warm and comfortable. At least for now. After watching the stars for a while we went to bed early as it again was freezing. Cold. Even colder than in the mountains.

Waking up the next morning was even harder as it only had one degree outside and all we had was a normal jumper. However, we made it and hiked up a massive sand dune to watch the incredibly beautiful sunrise over the dunes. Sand as far as you can see!

The way back by car (which we also had to pay for extra as we would have had to leave at 6am by camel otherwise) was the absolute fun! We sat on the roof of the car and raced and jumped over sand dunes. It was like driving a roller-coaster. Just so much fun! But also freezing!

After a quick breakfast the tour guide rushed us back to the car as we had to cover the whole distance back to Marrakech in just one day.

It was a long ride and by the end of the day we all were happy to finally arrive. I was never so glad to be moving again! I get to hyper active when sitting do long. Too much energy I don’t know what to do with.

But we’ve meet to very nice German guys whom we talked to a lot and could convince to go for dinner with us in our very favourite restaurant L‘Adresse in Marrakech. There we got welcomed very friendly and everyone knows us already so that we kind of get treated like VIPs or at least it feels like it. Lol.

After a little bit of walking and a delicious meal we tiredly fell into bed. Glad that we wouldn’t be freezing tonight!


Back to where we came from

The next day we spent in Marrakech again. We didn’t do much. Some paper work and organizing as a lot of things got pushed back the past week. We also needed to plan the last few days of our trip and spent some more time with our new friends.

On Monday, we took the bus to Agadir and from there we went back to Tamraght. The town we first started our Morocco trip.

It feels good and weird at the same time to be back here. It’s nice to have warmer weather and see the ocean again but also there are a lot of bad memories from this place.

We did a long walk and drank some smoothies.

We also surprisingly meet the two boys from our Sahara trip again and spend some more time together. It’s so cool how many awesome people you meet during your travels that then become good friends.

On our second last day, we went to Agadir to do some shopping. We bought spices and amlou, bread and pastry.

Agadir is very pretty too. Especially the beach walk.

It’s great to be back and enjoy the sun before we’re heading back to the cold.


It’s also nice to get a chance to reflect on everything that has happened and look back to the moment we got here and how much we and everything around us has changed over the last three weeks.

We’ve experienced so much! Good and bad and changes as persons. Our friendship got stronger and we now know this country and can draw a conclusion.

For me this trip has been an experience like no other. It’s the first time I travels with someone else (besides my bestie, but that doesn’t count as we are like one person, we just always want the same). I had to adjust and compromise but it was a good experience and we made many amazing memories together.

Morocco turned out to be different than I imagined. The landscape and cities, especially Marrakech were exactly like I thought they’d be but the culture was different. We’ve never had any problems or situations where we get uncomfortable or in danger. Of cause people try to sell you stuff, but trust me, turkey is worse! And of cause, there are guys talking to you on the street but all they do is say hi and once don’t let yourself get caught up in conversations that’s fine. Just say hi back and keep walking.

Also we’ve meet a lot of nice Moroccan people who just were friendly.

So, I guess there are a lot of prejudices that didn’t came true.

However, although we haven’t had any bad experiences with the people and the culture Morocco isn’t a country I would go back to.

I’m glad I’ve seen it and am happy about these experiences but I didn’t fall in love with it like I did with Portugal, Australia, Hawaii or South Africa.

But that’s okay. I don’t have the time anyway to go back to every country I’ve been to!


What’s next?

That said I am glad to be back home now, Germany for a week and then back to Lisbon!

I’m excited to spend some time with my family again and also to go back to me second home after.

I can’t wait to get surf in again and see some snow!

And of cause, I will let you know about all this here on my blog.

However, there will be some light changes this year as I have some projects coming up and my life’s going to look a little different this year compared to last.


What’s going to change?

There will still be two posts each week. Unless something urgent comes up.

The Monday post will be the same as usual. It’ll be a post concerning self-development, happiness, how to follow your dreams, goal setting, aso.

The Friday post is where there will be some changes. So far it was always a travel diary entry. However, as I will have longer periods without travels this year and don’t won’t to bore you out I decided to mix things up here. There will be travel diary’s ever two to three weeks, or more frequent when I travel a lot. The other weeks I will upload other travel related posts such as guides, tips and advices.

I hope that’s to your liking and you enjoy!

Also, if you want to stay up to date about my daily life, you should check my Insta story. One of my goals this year is to share some more insights there!

So that said! Hope you have an amazing weekend and see you soon!


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