Am I really cut for this? Have you been asking yourself this question lately? If so, let me tell you, you are not alone! I will go as far as saying almost everyone asks him or herself this question at least once throughout their lives. We all have doubts and struggles in some areas of our lives and that is perfectly normal. But how do we overcome them? How do we answer this question for ourselves? Well, I will give you some inspiration and a little head’s up here on how to see this question positive and take it as an opportunity for further growth. So, keep reading, if you want to know how you can benefit from asking yourself this question.

Before we are discussing how to answer this question, let’s have a look where it is coming from.

The positiv about having doubts about your direction in life

Usually this question of doubt only arises in times of struggle. When we aren’t sure anymore if we are doing the right thing, heading into the right direction or are still on the right track. But don’t worry, it is perfectly normal to have doubts about your direction or actions. You are only human so you are not perfect, no one is. And, why should you?! I mean after all your flaws are what makes you you!

Asking yourself this question is not bad at all. In contrary, it shows you some pretty cool traits you have and which you can use to overcome every struggle, no matter what it is.


You are brave

Asking yourself if you are really cut for something shows you that you are doing something really brave at the moment.

If you wouldn’t do something out of your comfort zone, there would be no necessity to have doubts. So, don’t lose your mind over it. It’s okay to have fears towards the outcome of your actions. But you should not let your thoughts hold you back. What you are doing, no matter what it is, will lead you one step further towards your dreams so stop hesitating and keep being brave.

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You go off the path

Having doubts whether you are going into the right direction is absolutely normal if you go a path no one has gone before. You don’t have a blueprint for how to live your life, nor should you. Life is amazing and it is there to be designed as you want it to be. So actually, asking yourself this question is a good thing because it is proof that you do something different than everyone else and that makes you absolutely unique. Awesome, right?

You follow your dreams

All our dreams are different and no one is living the same life as you, so it is absolutely normal to fear not doing the right thing. All the noise outside, all the things other people do and we see and think of being the right thing for us even if they aren’t causing doubts whether we are doing the right thing. But don’t let other people influence you or let someone else doubt your dreams. Own them and chase them!

You reflect on your actions

I know it’s hard now to believe that you are on the right track and it probably won’t help if someone tells you, you are. But see it that way, if you’ve asked yourself this question it only shows you, that you are reflection on your actions and that’s a good thing. You are the only one who can convince yourself that you are doing the right thing. And reflection on your actions will help you evaluate your direction objectively.

You are ambitious and strive for more

Having doubts is a sign that you are ambitious and do not fear to strive for more. It is very important in life to embrace growth and think further. You won’t be able to achieve your dreams or live a happy life if you don’t have goals and dreams. But on the other had having some of cause brings doubts with it as the uncertainty about whether it is truly what you want will never be fully gone. However, being ambitious and longing for greater is awesome because it will lead you to happiness. That I can ensure you.

You see. Having doubts is not so bad after all. It can show you some strengths within you. I know you are strong and I know every doubt can be overcome.

And while you will probably never completely be able to answer the question whether you are cut for something or not, because no one in the world, not even you can give yourself the certainty about what is going to happen, you can still see and take the most positive out of having doubts about your direction.

Here are some ways to do this:

How to see the positive in this question and ban it for good

Everyone has his or her own approach to overcome struggles and deal with doubts, but I found a few things very helpful.

Over time, I figured the only thing that really helps to overcome doubts is to believe, really believe that things will come as they are supposed to be.

Why bother with what can happen if you can’t control it anyway?

You need to have faith in yourself and your decisions and most of all faith in faith. Focus on what you can control and everything else will follow.

In addition, this doubt is only another challenge you have to accomplish and you will. Once you’ve managed to push through this tough time you will return stronger and more confident. Remember all the struggles you’ve gone through already. Isn’t it pretty likely you will manage this one too?

The beauty of challenges is that they teach us lessons. Maybe there is something the universe wants to tell you and you just need to listen. Is there anything you need to change in your life that will bring you more happiness?

Take this question you ask yourself as a chance to evaluate whether you are still doing what you love. If you love what you are doing, keep doing it. What is a little doubt compared to the joy you get from doing it. If it really brings you happiness it can’t be wrong!

And last but not least, I can only refer to Mark Manson’s words:

Happiness requires struggle.

No matter why those doubts arose, if you still love what you are doing and if it is still what you want it can’t be wrong. Sometimes we just need to learn a lesson or overcome a struggle to grow personally and return as a better version of ourselves. Remember that to truly be happy you need to fail sometimes. If you don’t fail you would never know what true success feels and looks like.

So, keep pushing through this time. I know you can! You’ve probably done it before and just forgot about it.

Hold onto the thought that once you’ve let go of this question, better will come.

All you need to do is: let it go.



How are you feeling now? Inspired. I hope so. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and could take something positive from it.

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How do you push through such doubts?