Are you a nature lover? Do you spend a lot of time outside doing sports related to nature or maybe love to go and explore? Well, then let me do some real talk. Have you ever though about being better for the environment? It seems like more and more people these days pay closer attention to their surroundings. The wave of sustainability gets bigger and bigger and the attention about saving the environment and being better for our planets is almost as present as never before. How come? I guess more people got aware of the danger we’ve put in that amazing planet for such a long time and at the same time they’ve seen that change can still turn the page. So, let us, at this point contribute something to this change. Let’s be better for the environment.

Are you in? Okay let’s get started.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Why it is important to be more mindful towards the earth?
  • 7 ways to be better for the planet
  • One last thing – Take action now!

Why it is important to be more mindful towards the earth?

I should have started this project a lot sooner! It took me years to finally see the importance and the impact I can have as a single person on saving the environment.

I always thought, what can I do. I’m small, I’m no one. How can my doing have any impact? Well it wasn’t that bad, actually. I’ve always been full aware that of cause you as a single persona can affect great things by only small actions. However, the dissatisfaction I get from not seeing results is what discouraged me from making this a priority.

With things like saving the earth it’s hard to keep pushing and finding reasons for you why you should put energy and money into it. Usually when you’re like me and want to spend as much time as possible on things you love doing, things you don’t see immediate output is getting less attention.

I’ve never been completely wasteful or uncaring about what is happening to the earth, but I’ve until now, also never made it a priority.

However, my love for the ocean and my recently new developed passion for self-development drew more and more attention to this topic. And with all those people out there on social media that already are doing more for the planet and sharing their experiences I decided I finally had to do more too.

I can’t just sit around and watch what I love so much go to waste. I love the ocean, I love nature, I spend almost every day outside doing something earth related. Whether it’s sports or photography or traveling for that matter. Everything I do is somehow related to nature. And I really enjoy it.

Nature has so much to offer. So much beauty, so much kindness and deliciousness. The food we eat, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seed are all grown on this earth. The sports we do, hiking, surfing, biking, sailing, even soccer is done in nature.

Traveling the world and seeing so much beauty everywhere. So much diversity of plants and landscapes, coast lines and other phenomena opened my eyes and showed me the great power of this planet.

Being out there exploring and taking all the beauty in nature has to offer is the most mindful and calming thing I do for myself. It keeps me grounded, it keeps me inspired and it keeps me happy.

So why? Why do we treat this planet, that gives us so much so badly?

That’s the exact question I’ve been asking myself recently and while I’m fully aware that with something like this you won’t make great changes overnight and it takes many, many people to really move something, I still believe that we have to start somewhere.

If I’m not doing something, who does? You can’t always rely on others. If there’s something of importance to you, no matter how big or small it is or how much impact you can have as a single person you have to do something.

You have to take small actions and hope to inspire and motivate others to do the same.

You have to protect what you love because if you don’t, no one will!

7 ways to be better for the planet

That said, I want to share some of the things I’m currently doing to be better for the environment. Those are for sure not all things you can do and I just want to encourage you to be creative and work out some personal ways on how you can be better for the earth.

However, this is some inspiration and definitely a start!

Choose what you love

To make this journey easier and make sure you’ll stick to it I recommend you find a purpose. Like I mentioned above, the motivation that is driving me here is to “protect what I love”.

Everyone of us is different and for some it can be a motivation to leave their children a wonderful world to live in and for others it might be the animals or whatever that motivates them to take on the journey.

I truly believe though that you have to find a very powerful source of motivation that is keeping you on track. For me it is the ocean. I’ve seen so much beauty in it and experienced so much joy on the shores’ that the pure thought of it being dead, being gone is making me want to cry.

I love the ocean like nothing else and I want to protect it.

Find your ocean and start protecting it.

Live mindfully, save recourses

This is the first take-action suggestion I have for you. Live mindfully. Not only towards yourself but towards your environment. Save sources, save water, energy and plastic. Cut down on your personal usage and pay more attention on how much you actually need. Don’t live wasteful and let the tap run while you’re brushing teeth. Take shorter showers, ride the bike instead of taking the car (btw. That’ll also keep you fit) or get reusable bags and bottles.

There are so many ways to save recourses I can’t even mention them all.

Visit my Pinterest, there I have a whole board on inspiration how to save the environment.


Eat green

Nutrition is the second thing that can have a great impact on the environment. I am not suggesting you should go vegan here, that is completely up to you. But I am encouraging you to also be more mindful about what you eat. Don’t throw away food that isn’t bad, eat a little less processed food and look out where and what you buy.

Eating greener will not only positively impact the environment but also yourself. You’ll have that beach body in no time, I promise!

Engage in community events

What better way to make this journey fun than joining like-minded people and do something together.

You could do beach cleanups or practice #take3forthesea or any other community event. Really, I’m sure no matter in what way you want to contribute, there are plenty people who do the same and with whom you can get together and have an even greater impact.

Live zero waste

Like already mentioned above, trying to be less wasteful is a great start to become better for the environment.

Especially plastic and paper usage is producing a lot of waste. So be careful and mindful about your usage.

Look for ways to produce less waste. Less waste will also make you feel a lot lighter as there’s not so much clutter on your mind anymore.

coast line

Learn more, buy better

Are you also completely addicted to learning new things? Me, too!!!

I love reading and I love to learn new skills and widen my knowledge. So, think of this whole thing as learning a new skill. Inform yourself about how to be better and then implement what you’ve learned.

Now that is true especially if it comes to buying. Look where you buy your stuff. Choose sustainable companies and fair trade.

Don’t by unnecessary stuff just for the sake of buying. Just think of better ways to spend your money.

Spread the word

Last but for sure not least, do what I do!

Spread the word. Encourage others to take action too. Let people know that and why you are so passionate about it. Tell them why they should care. Show them how coral reefs are dying. Show them how animals are treated. Show them how places that used to be so beautiful now are nothing but dead.

Help to motivate more people to save the earth.


One last thing

We all have our own motivations and I can’t force you to be better for the environment. But what I can do is ask you.

I love this earth and it makes me so sad to see what happens to it. If you think I’m crazy and just another person on that “be vegan, be green, save the planet” trip, then fair enough. I am. I’m another person who cares.

I am not trying to change who you are. All I’m trying to do is draw attention to a matter of hearth. So, if there is the slightest possibility that you could start caring as well, please start.

Find that thing that’s driving your motivation and start taking action!


I hope you found this post encouraging and are ready to join me and many other people to save the earth. If so, here are three things you can do now:

  1. Share this post, so more people get hooked and we can together have an even greater impact.
  2. Go and learn more. Watch some movies like, Mission blue or Chasing coral. Read articles (a whole collection of my favorites is on Pinterest).
  3. Spread the word on Social Media. Let’s connect on Instagram and Facebook to share our experiences and journeys with each other.


What are you doing to protect the environment?