Do you want to get fit and healthy? Do you want to finally have that body you’ve always imagined? Well, you’re not the only one. There are many people like you and me who what to get stronger, leaner and fitter and I’m here to help you make it happen. Through my wide knowledge thanks to my sports science studies and my passion for working out I am able to share some very effective and practicable ways for you to become not only fitter and leaner but also stronger.

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So, what are we going to cover today?

I will tackle some of the main problems you might face on your journey of getting fitter and healthier. I focus on the main things people struggle while maintaining a healthy diet and a regular workout routine. Then once I outlined the problem I will give you easy, quickly and effective solutions how everyone, you and me, can stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Lastly, I will give you even more practicable tips on how to stay on track. Those are my personal secrets, so stay tuned.

So, let’s start with the workout routine.


Here are three of the main excuses you might have to not be able to stick to your exercise routine.

No time

Many people holding the believe they don’t have enough time to work out. They either really are busy or they’re just making excuses. Either way, this is only a lame excuse. If you really want to work out you can make time for it.

If you really want it you have to make it a priority.

Solution: Treat it as appointments

See exercising the same way you see your business meetings, as an appointment. Schedule your workouts into your calendar and take those appointments you have with your yoga mat or dump bell seriously. Don’t let anything else come in the way. If someone suddenly needs your help during the time you’ve scheduled your workout, tell them you’ll get back to them once you’re done. This is as important as everything else.

If you really have little time, be realistic and maybe schedule shorter periods of time for exercise. More tips on that later.

No results

Another thing that’s discouraging many is the fact that they don’t see results.

Now, becoming fit is nothing that happens overnight. It takes time. So be patient. There’s no way you’ll see your abs after a week of working out. However, over time your best body will emerge and you will see change. You will see the true beauty of your body and the muscles you built.

Solution: Change things up

What I also like to do once a couple months have passed is to change my routine. Changing the exercises, you do will ensure that your body always is challenged and keeps growing. Only that way you will keep seeing results.

Also alternate between cardio vascularity training and strength training. The mixture between both will help you get the most out of your body.

Not suitable

Sometimes we decide to do a workout routine and then soon realize that it’s not suitable for our needs. It can either be not fun enough or too time consuming or too little time consuming. Either way, no matter why the workout doesn’t suit you, it’s no reason to quit it entirely.

Solution: Get creative

Find a way to make it more suitable. What is it that you need to change to have more fun. Maybe even get a coach to work out a better routine or simply research on the internet. There’s a workout for everyone.



Next on we have some threats to a healthy diet. Let’s look how we can tackle them.

Not practicable

Same as for exercising goes for eating clean as well. If it’s not practicable you won’t stick to it for long. To see results in both diet and exercise you need to make it as easy as possible to stick to it but as hard as necessary to still challenge yourself.

Solution: Stay realistic

So, when working out the best diet for yourself, stay realistic. Ask yourself what you need to feel energized. Don’t eat too little and don’t forbid yourself anything. Eat in moderation. Treat yourself. It’s okay to eat sweets sometimes, just don’t let it get too often. Work out ways that make it possible for you to stick to a healthy diet. Maybe meal prep if necessary or find restaurants that serve your needs. Find supplements for the rather unhealthy foods.

There are many ways to make a healthy diet work. I even have some clean recipes on the blog so check them out.

Not satisfying

Sometimes, and who can blame, eating vegetable and fruits just isn’t satisfying. We need some soul food as well. And that is totally okay.

Solution: Keep it balanced

Find soul food that maybe isn’t completely bad. For example, I love to treat myself with banana and almond butter. That’s an actually pretty healthy snack but it really feels like heaven to me. It satisfies my cravings.

But of cause if you feel like a slice of cake or a cookie, why not give it to yourself. As long as it doesn’t happen every day, a little treat won’t hurt you.

Too expensive

I admit, eating healthy not always is cheap. However, if you really want to do your body good you should stop caring. Just change your point of view and see it as an investment in yourself.

In addition, maybe if you’d do some calculation you’d realize that it isn’t that much more expensive. You could use the money you’d spend on eating out to buy healthier food and cook for yourself. Or you swap the sandwich snack for a more filling protein rich lunch.

Solution: Know your reasons

If you really want to eat healthier money should not be a matter. Better look at ways to save money on other ends. I’m sure there are plenty options.



Lastly, here are some problems you might have to face on your healthy lifestyle journey that concern both, nutrition and exercise. To not repeat myself I’ve put them together here and will cover them at once.

No motivation

No matter if it comes to exercising or eating clean, without motivation hardly anything goes. So how to find that motivation?

Solution: Go back to the roots

Like with any goal you are working on, you should write down why you want to reach this goal and why you are working on that area. So, do this for both, exercise and nutrition. Write down what you want to reach, be specific and realistic. Also write down what motivates you to start that journey. Once you feel unmotivated, remind yourself of why you wanted to do this in the first place.

No knowledge

If you’re first starting out with eating clean or exercising you might face complete overwhelm with all the information available out there. But don’t worry, there’s a simple solution.

Solution: Get a mentor

Find someone, online or offline who inspires you. You are where you want to be and who’s already figured out how to get there. Connect with him or her and ask for support. Follow them on their journey. There are plenty fitness instructors or fitness influencer you love to share their story and motivate you to keep going.

Falling of track because life gets in the way

This is something that can happen to everybody. Sometimes life gets in the way and we fall back into a bad diet or stop exercising for a while. However, that is not the end.

Solution: Get back to it

Don’t miss more than a day unless you have a really good reason. If you’re sick of cause take the break and rest until fully recovered and then come back to exercising.

Also, if you indulged or had a cheat day, don’t worry just eat clean again the next day. Even if it got more than a day, start eating better you’ll soon get back to the point where you were before.

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No fun

Living healthy is definitely not always fun. There are times where you just don’t want to exercise or eat vegetables. But like I said, if getting fitter and stronger is what you want you have to do what you have to do. No matter if it’s fun or not.

Solution: Keep pushing

The time will pass and the fun will come back. But what makes it a lot easier to stick to it in the first place is to find exercises you enjoy. Do something you like. Be active in a way that is fun. If you’re not a professional athlete, it really doesn’t matter what you do unless you do something. So, find that fun activity and it’ll be not hard to keep doing it.

Same goes with nutrition, find food you love eating. I love fruits for example and I love nuts so I have more of those. Also try new recipes and restaurants. There’s so much you can do to enjoy eating healthy.

Too high goals

Last but not least, often we set our goals too high when we first start out, just to realize soon that with either not going to reach it and then stop doing what we’re doing because we got demotivated, or we get frustrated because we don’t see results.

Either way, there’s a simple thing you can do to prevent this.

Solution: Track your progress but stay realistic with goal setting

Keep tacking your progress so you can see where you are going and ensure you’re making progress. And at the same time stay realistic with your goals. Don’t set them to high or too low. Make them challenging but only so hard that you know you’ll reach them.

It takes some time to get a feeling for goal setting, but once you do it often enough you will get a sense of what is realistic and what not. Keep trying.

More tips

Now that we covered most of what I think keeps you struggling and successfully overcame those threats, here are some more tips I like to implement to make sure I stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Get out and move no matter what you do

Like already slightly mentioned above, when it comes to exercising, it really doesn’t matter what you do. The most important thing is that you go out there and move.

Even if it’s going on a walk. That’s not exhausting at all, but it will in the long run show some results.

Never get too hungry

When it comes to food, I try to never get too hungry.

Paying attention to your needs is something I recommend in general, but especially when it comes to eating. Try to not get too hungry so you’ll binge on your next meal. Rather eat something small every time you get a little hungry.

Hungry Scale

This scale is something I’ve developed to make sure I don’t over eat. The scale goes from 1 to 10. 1 is the worst hungry you know. For me that would be being extremely hangry. 5 is being lightly full but still able to eat. That’s the sweet spot, where you are satisfied and full but not too full. That’s the point we want to stop eating. 10 on the other hand is being stuffed. Being so full you almost have to throw up again. I’m sure we all know this feeling.

So just imagine that scale for yourself every time you eat and stop at 5-6. This way you make sure you eat just as much as you need.

Also remember even if you’re still hungry a little bit. Let it sit and see if you’re still hungry 20 min later. If yes, you can always come back and eat again.

Focus on fitness rather than on weight loos

That is something that completely changed my fitness journey. I used to aim for having a perfectly shaped body. I was addicted to working out and gaining muscles. It even got to a point where it got unhealthy and I pushed myself too hard.

However, changing my point of view about working out changed my life. I now no longer strive for having a certain body or being really toned. I rather strive for becoming the strongest and fittest version of myself. I see working out not as a means to become better looking, I see it as a means to improve my physical condition.

Changing this point of view has not only made me mentally healthier but also gave me the body that I wanted in the first place. So, give it a try.

Make it a habit

Finally, to make it even easier to stick to your healthy life I recommend making it a habit to eat clean and work out. Keep your routine for some months and you will see a habit emerge.

Once you have made it a habit to have vegetables with each meal or work out every day you will crave these things. You will crave the exercise because it makes you feel good and you will crave salad because it gives you so much energy.


Implementing the tips from above should make it a lot easier for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, if you found this post valuable, feel free to share it.

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What are you struggling with most when it comes to eating healthy and working out?