Hello friends,

And welcome back to another “week in my life” post. There has nothing much changed throughout the past couple weeks, I’m still in Lisbon, still studying and still working on my secret presents.

Nonetheless it were two awesome weeks and I want to let you be part of this happiness and give you the chance to get to know me a little better. So, let me share with you what I’ve been doing.

11th till 22nd of February

Finding joy in something I used to hate

For those who’ve been knowing and following me for a while, know how much I disliked university and studying. However, here in lisbon it’s so much fun and the feeling of anticipation, I was telling you about in the last post, about going back to class held on until now.

I’m looking forward each day to go to university, take advantage of the best campus I’ve ever been to, enjoy the company of the nicest and friendliest people ever and constantly push myself out of my comfort zone.

I used to be afraid of ballgames. To me they seem uncontrollable and I was scared to play any team sports because I’m not comfortable defending or attacking other people. At least that’s what I thought.

But as soon as I decided to step out of my comfort zone and started playing those team sports, I came to realize something. Not being a team sport person, what I always thought is part of my identity, part of my personality, actually isn’t who I am. Just because I’ve never played any team sports and just because I am not feeling too comfortable attacking people and going all in, doesn’t mean I’m not made for team sports.

I am not afraid of balls, I’m just not familiar with them. But that’s a fact I can change only by playing such games. I can only start to get used to balls and overcome my false sense of self, by accepting that I perceived that unfamiliarity as part of who I am.

After about three weeks in these games I am still not good at playing, but at least I’m not afraid of my opponents or the ball anymore. I am completely at peace with where I am right now, knowing that if I keep practicing I will eventually, maybe never be a pro, but at least overcome the thought of me not being a team sports person. Because it simply isn’t true.


Finally spring time

In addition, the past couple weeks, nature decided to cover me in joy and happiness by sending so much sun and warmth that it almost felt like spring time.

I love spring. Everything is so colorful and smells so nice. These past days have been amazing. Just to go outside, not freezing anymore, laying on the beach, getting some tan.

I tried to catch up with one of my older routines to go outside first thing in the morning. That’s something I enjoy so much because it not only frees your mind and gives you the opportunity to start the day more relaxed but it also ensures you to be active.

These days, when you sit in front of the computer or desk majority of the time – and I’m guilty of that too sometimes – its necessary to build those habits and routines that make sure you stay active. And as I’m sure you know, what’s done is done. So, if you get your activity in first thing in the morning you don’t have to worry about getting out that day anymore. Although of cause, it’d be great if you would still manage to go out again.


Back on the salty track

The new warmer weather also made it easier for me to get back into surfing. I still have a hard time going very early in the morning as the wind usually is the strongest there and temperatures are still only around 10°. But later around 10am it’s definitely doable, especially when the sun is out.

The sun already has so much power and it gets to 20° during the day. The best though is that during this time of the year, here in portugal, it has off shore the whole day almost every day. Also, there’s very consistent swell hitting the coast and once you can overcome the little bit of cold you can catch waves you’re usually dreaming off.

I also bought a surf skate and after only using it a few times I can already feel the difference on the board. It’s so awesome that I’m now able to practice not only in the water, but also outside the water.

Lastly, and probably the best is that it’s always quite here during this time because only the local people are surfing and there’s not much hustle anywhere which makes it incredibly easy to improve as you get many many waves.

It feels so good to be finally back into that routine. I only realized it now how much I’ve missed it.


Social bonds

Beyond surfing and university there’s one more thing that particularly brought me joy those past weeks. It’s connecting with new amazing people.

This semester I’ve already got to know so many amazing human being that I can’t count them anymore. I am busy spending time with inspiring and fun people almost every day. It even gets so intense that I don’t know with whom to spend time first. But I love it. And the great thing is that way you can bring people together.

I got the chance to teach some of them surfing and share my stoke about that sport with them. It’s so awesome to see how they get hooked by something you love so much.

In addition, I myself found some surf buddies with whom it’s even more fun to jump in the water and catch some waves. You can always learn from and coach each other and just enjoy being there sharing the same passion.

Lastly, having such supportive and fun people around all the time makes you feel very grateful for where you are and what you are able to experience.

Having some friends from home visiting, some I just recently got to know in Morocco was amazing too. That’s what I love so much about traveling. You can form social bonds beyond those you form at home. People you get to know while your travels have the potential to become one of your closest friends. And I should probably be used to this by now, but it is always surprising when friends you made while traveling actually come visit and you get to see them again.

Spending time with new and old friends was definitely the highlight of those past weeks and I can just encourage everyone to be open and go out there and seek for new social bonds.


Sharing love and happiness

Last but not least all those things, the surfing, the people, the weather, the goal crushing and nature as well as the books I read and the research I do at the moment inspired me to take it even one step further with sharing love and happiness.

As you’ve probably realized by now, I am a very positive and happy person and theres really no one I don’t like. I never hold grudges because what good does it? And I am not angry or negative about anything because it doesn’t serve any purpose.

Of cause, I have bad days, days where I’m sad, stressed or unsatisfied. But drawing my attention on those feelings and stopping them from taking away my happiness by letting them go is so much more effective than getting caught up in a downwards cycle of negativity. Knowing that I have a choice over how I feel by realizing that all feelings and negativity in my life is only created through my mind, who builds up pressure through drawing my attention to all the struggles and challenges in past and future, away from what is important and awesome right now, really helps me to see them for what they are. A trap to fall in created by my mind wanting to identify myself with them to not realize how great life, this very moment, is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not perfect at it and often I still get overwhelmed and stressed out. But as soon as I realized I am creating stress, anxiety, fear or negativity in my life by getting to attached to the past or the future or identifying myself with my current situation I accept and let them go.

I draw the attention away from that situation and feelings back to the joy of being here at that moment able to live this awesome life that makes me so happy. It doesn’t count what will happen tomorrow or in a couple hours. It also doesn’t matter what happened a day or two ago or even this morning. All that matters is, what I do now and I can chose now, how to feel and what feelings to let in.

So as this has been one of the main things I’m currently working on, I want to inspire you to also let go of what doesn’t serve you and accept your feelings and thoughts at this very moment. But don’t let them effect you. Know that no matter what might cause you stress or discomfort is not there to bring you negativity but to challenge you to focus on the present moment and the love and happiness that is in every thing around you.



That said, I hope you have an awesome weekend and I can’t wait to see you again next week for a new post.

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