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Welcome or welcome back to my blog. As you can see I’ve renamed the Friday posts from “a week in my life” to “chasing dreams”. From the content, I’m sharing in those Friday posts, nothing has really changed. I just thought it is more appropriate to call it that way as the purpose of these post really is to inspire you to create your own dream life. My aim is to show you how to get in charge of your happiness by showing you how I live my life and create happy moments every day.

I hope that through my story and my experiences throughout the weeks you get new input and maybe a heads up when you need it to keep going with your passions, see the bright side of life and share this positivity across your tribe. You will be able to read what I’ve learned about life and happiness and get inspiration on how to deal with all the ups and downs every one of us has in their lives. It really is all about being real, being authentic and showing that no matter what, there’s always a way to see things positively and take them as an opportunity to learn and grow and create more happiness.

So now that you know about the change of the title, let’s get to the core of this post.

22nd of February to 8th of March

Keep calm the busy times

Like I’ve already mentioned in my last post on this series, at the moment life for me is going pretty crazy. Not that that’s a bad thing at all. I love it when much is happening, especially if its things I love. However, in such times it is particularly hard to not always think of what must be done next and rather stay in the moment, fully enjoying what is.

The past couple weeks I found myself more focusing on the things I needed to get done more than on what was happening at that moment. I had my to-do list constantly in my mind and therefore wasn’t able to be fully present and enjoy what I was doing at that moment. Also, many times I caught me thinking something that started with “I can’t wait till yxz”. Most of the time it was that I wished for calmer and quiet and less activity.

However, as soon as I realized that state of waiting and wishing to be somewhere else I focused all my attention to where I am. Because I knew that even though I’m wishing for quieter now, once I have the quite I’ll wish for more action in my life. Nothing of both will ever be good enough. In addition, I knew in quieter times I’d look back to this moment regretting that I didn’t enjoy it to the fullest because I constantly was somewhere else with part of my attention.

That’s why I had to change my point of view. I had to give up waiting and wishing and start living.

Being fully present is not always easy. I have a hard time with it too. But what really helped me these past weeks was to first, write all the things I had to do down that came to my mind whenever they did. This way I could let them go. And then also schedule some time every couple days to batch process those notes and get that stuff done. Second, when I was busy living life I solely focused on being there completely. I shut out my thoughts and worries and enjoyed being with my friends.

Completely surrendering to what is and take your full attention to what is happening at the moment made me realize how much I actually enjoyed spending time with all those amazing people here.


Don’t always expect the worst

In addition to all my social events I had some exams coming up last week. Since I’ve been doing this Erasmus exchange, studying really became a rare occasion for me as we don’t really have to study much here.

However, that only results in me freaking out even more when there are exams coming up because I feel so unprepared.

I really tried to keep the calm and trust in things working out. It helped to study with some friends and knowing they kind of felt the same was very comforting.

And in the end, it turned out all the stress was for nothing anyway. It was as easy as I hoped it to be. I passed without studying. Maybe not good but who cares.

So, what I’ve learned again is to not always expect the worst and to make mountains out of molehills and instead just have faith in things working out.

And even if they don’t what bad will really happen? I would have to take it again. That’s it.


Knowing there is a time for everything

Whenever I was not busy with hanging out with my friends or going to class I either worked in the surf school to make some real money or focused on getting my own business further to eventually make money with it.

Sometimes it makes me feel unsatisfied to not be able to spend as much time on something as I would like to because there are other things more urgent. However, knowing that there is a time for everything and knowing where my priorities are helps a lot with not getting stressed out about putting back in one area.

Especially surfing lately came very short. Not because I didn’t make it priority, more because conditions weren’t playing in my hands. But still I identified it with me not putting enough focus on it.

It’s okay though to sometimes focus on something else because it is more important or simply there at this time and then come back to everything else another time.

You can’t do everything at once and you shouldn’t feel guilty for putting things off because you are enjoying something else. These past weeks were all about socializing and doing good in university, so what’s wrong with that, right? Next week will be more on surfing again.

Nothing is stable and that’s a good thing. With change comes excitement and with excitement comes happiness.


Acknowledge the change

Even though I love those busy times and really enjoy them when they are, I love to create some solitude for myself as well.

Just beginning of this week, I had a couple days without any crazy activities. I was just getting stuff done and working on some projects, going on walks and working out.

Spending that time with myself and on things I haven’t had much time lately really showed me how important it is for things to change. Only if you have both, busy times with lots of social activities and times of productivity with more solitude you truly balanced.

And although I’m – since very recently – a true believer in accepting things as they are and offering no resistance to the present moment. I also think that, even when we are completely present and at peace with how your life situation looks at that moment. We can still take action towards more balance in this life situation if that is what makes us happy.

I think what it comes down to is really just observing your inner state of mind and doing whatever you think is needed for you to stay at peace. Enjoy the busy times and create solitude whenever you feel like it. Enjoy solitude and seek more action once you feel you need it.

That said, after those couple quite days, this week is going to continue with lot’s more awesome things, full of great people, fun activities, surfing I all get to enjoy.

Life really is pretty damn good and I am stoked to be living it.


I hope you too are happy and at peace with where you are. If not, start to accept your unease and find ways to change your situation. But always know:

Happiness cannot be found, it is always there. You just have to let it in.

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And then, I can’t wait to see you again on Monday.