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Are you often feeling stressed out, restless and unsatisfied? Well, then you are definitely not alone. There are many people, like you and I, that feel that inner misbalance and incompleteness and are longing for more peace and calm in their lives. Very few people have really found that inner balance and lasting happiness in their lives. But there is help on the way. Throughout my recent research about happiness and fulfilment I came across some pretty amazing insights. Along with those and my personal experience I found out that there are a few things you can do to find inner peace and build lasting happiness in your every day. They are all pretty simple and obvious, however very powerful if included in your life.

So, are you ready to find happiness? Okay let’s get to it.

6 things for happiness

About happiness

Before I will tell you what you can do to find that overall happiness in your life, I want to tell you about a huge realisation I had very recently. It is about the very source of happiness.

Happiness as you are probably seeking it is not what you think it is. If I’m not mistaken you probably see all kind of things as happiness. You probably think a better job, a house, a different place, a partner, new cloths, the next vacation and so forth will give you happiness. Am I right?

That’s perfectly normal. We as human beings tend to look for happiness in all kind of things around us. Some are seeking it more in material things like a car, a house or cloths. Others are hoping to find it in more immaterial things like relationships, experiences, passions and hobbies.

But let me tell you – and even though I’m only twenty something I know this for sure – happiness can’t be found in anything. Everything can be a carrier of happiness, but nothing material or immaterial can ever give you lasting happiness. It can bring you pleasure for some time, but it will never make you happy for the rest of your life.

Why? Because everything comes and goes. Nothing is forever and no matter how hard you hold on to something or how many times you buy a thing once it’s too old, it will never be forever. Even your pursuing your passions or finding your one and only can’t, because there will always be times where you might not be able to do whatever it is that you love, or your other half has to go away for a few days or weeks. And then you have times where you’re not happy because you miss doing your hobby or you miss being with your loved one.


You might think now, what are a couple days. It’ll be back in no time and then I’m happy again.

You are right, that’s how it can work. But is this really how you want to live your life? Waiting for little moments of happiness that come and go as they like.

I for sure not. Life is way too awesome to spend it waiting for things that are out of your control. You can’t control what is in the future, so why waiting for it. It will only make you restless and unsatisfied because it’s not in your power to decide when it comes and goes and leave you unhappy.

Why don’t we take charge of our inner peace, make an end to waiting and start to be happy every single moment of our lives. Because that is what we truly deserve.

Being happy every moment is impossible, you might think now. And yes, you are probably right. There will always be moments where you are not jumping up and down, sparkling with joy, but it is possible to feel inner peace and therefore deeper happiness at any time.

Happiness, like I said, isn’t something material, not even something immaterial. Happiness is the feeling you get when you are in total sync with the world around you. When you feel the connection between all being and when you are completely aware of all the beauty and positive energy that is within everything.

Happiness is nothing that can be found. Happiness is always there. You just have to let it in.

Free yourself from the thought of finding happiness in anything. Stop waiting for some moment or thing to come. Also, don’t bother with what has been. Nothing that is gone will ever come back in the same form, nor should it. What happened is beautiful and amazing and part of your life’s journey. Embrace it but let it not become focus of your living.

Be here. See and truly feel all the spirit and happiness that is around you right now. Open up to the happiness that is always there in everything you see, do and feel.

Become present by focusing only on what is. Focus on your breathing. Focus on the life inside you and know that happiness doesn’t have to be found.

Happiness is within you. Within everything.


6 simple and amazing things that benefit your inner peace give you lasting happiness

The above is the foundation of lasting happiness in your life. There is no way you will ever feel completely at peace and happy if you don’t manage to give up waiting and identifying with past or future and instead live in the present moment.

Once you are able to have your focus on the now majority of the time there’s hardly anything more you have to do to be happy. Happiness is always with you and you will feel a sense of inner peace at any time.

Now I know this isn’t easy and I struggle with it myself many times. Being present and focusing on the now is a whole challenge to itself.

However, research shows, there are some more things you can do to create happiness and will make it a lot easier for you to practice being present.

So, implement some of those things in your daily life and start to focus on being full there at any moment.

1. Positive Mindset

Being present gets a lot easier if you implement a positive point of view on things. Of cause, this is not that easy either, but try to stay on the bright side of things.

See the glass half full rather than half empty. Know that no matter what is happening and no matter how bad you might feel at the moment, happiness is never lost. You just have to focus more on the happy rather than the negative.

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2. People

Relationships. For sure they help you be happier. Spending time with amazing people you care a lot about can really boost your mental health, help you stay positive and practice being present.

When you are with your friends, family or partner try to fully be there. Be grateful for those connections. Surrender completely to this human connection and feel the connectedness between you and your other.

Also see the beauty in every stranger. Know that even if you don’t know each other, you are connected. You are one.

Take every relationship in your life as a tool to greater happiness. They are the best source for appreciation, inspiration and support.

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3. Nature

What better way to clear the head and calm down than being out in the wilderness.

Being in nature, surrounded by no more than vibrant life can be the best tool to reconnect with the now.

There is no unhappiness or negativity in nature. There is only love and beautiful energy within everything.

So, go out there, wander around and embrace the beauty of nature to calm your mind.

4. Mental Challenges

The most frequent time when we start to identify with past and future is when our mind is not challenged enough.

Your mind likes to wander around always seeking for identification and analysation. The mind never rests unless you give him something really hard to chew on or tell him to shut up.

So, what I found is really helpful to keep your mind busy for a while is work on things that are mentally exhausting. Not too much of cause. It’s important to give your mind some reset as well. But jumping between objectively and deeply using your mind as a tool to come up with solutions or create something and completely stop thinking by creating a mind stream and let all thoughts just float through is the best way to keep your mind engaged.

5. Working out and living healthy

Another thing that is proven to improve your happiness is your physical health. Exercising frequently is not only giving you strength and confidence, it also makes you feel good about yourself and therefore makes it easier to stay positive.

Fuelling your body with good food is the best you can do to give yourself the energy you need to go about your life. That might sound cheesy now but food also has energy, not just what we know as calories, but more spiritual energy. So, every food you eat carries a spirit within. This spirit can either be loving and positive or deconstructing and negative. Usually all plant based food carry a lot of positive spirit and energy with them. Processed foods in contrary are full of negative, poisoning spirit.

If you now only eat those negative foods you will also feel more negative. If you however eat happy food, you will instantly feel happier too.

And if you don’t believe me, try it for some weeks and then tell me that you’re not feeling better when eating healthier.

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6. Give everything your full attention

Lastly, I want to come back to the very introduction of this post. No matter what you do of the above, or anything else, always give it your full attention. Be fully there when you spend time with your friends. Be present when you go on a walk in nature. Taste every food you put in your mouth and feel the tension and contraction of your muscles when you work out. Be in the now completely and focus on what you are doing at the moment.

That way you will slowly but shortly be more present in every moment of your life and naturally let in the happiness.



I hope this was inspiring and you are now prepared to take charge of your inner state of mind and let in the happiness that is right in front of you.

If you found any value in this post, feel free to share it so we can help others become happier too.

In addition, I’d love to connect on Instagram and Facebook and chat a little about how you create happiness in your life.

And then I see you next week.