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I often get asked how I can stay so happy and positive all the time. Well I guess I’m a positive person by nature but to give you something of that positivity and help you implement it into your life even if positivity is not imprinted into your DNA I thought hard about those little things I do and not do every day that make me happier. So today I’m telling you what I figured out helps me stay positive. These are really simple and sometimes very obvious things but I swear on them and they really have a great impact on my happiness. So, take this as an inspiration and maybe include one or two things of this list into your daily routine and see how it effects your overall mood.

Are you ready? Okay let’s get started.

18 things to make you happy

While some of those things will maybe not be suitable for you as we are all different and have different preferences and lifestyles others will maybe be exactly what you need to transform your life. So just use them as a kick off and inspiration to come up with your own unique happiness habits.

So here are a few things that keep me smiling every day, no matter the day.

1. Feel the beat

First things first, listening to music is always a great mood booster. However, have you ever really felt the beat when listening?

It makes such a great difference believe me. Beats are also energy and by feeling the beat you can absorbed some of that positive energy and use it to your advantage.

2. Drop the sad songs

As much as positive and happy music can lift us up, the more sad and slow music can drag us down. So, drop the sad songs. Even when you’re feeling like that’s the right music to listen to, resist it. Listen to happy songs instead. Even when sad this is such a great way to stop yourself form getting deeper in that whole of negativity.

3. Say no to action and thrillers

Still on the media train, one thing I stopped doing a long time ago is watching action or thriller movies or any kind of show that is too exciting and too gripping. The more you get soaked into a movie or show and the more you identify with what is happening and let it affect your emotions the more stress you cause for yourself. Even if it’s positive stress inform of excitement.

By saying not to this extra upset you eliminate another thing that impacts your emotional peace and balance.

4. Do not go on phone when not have to

The last media related thing I do to be happy and balanced every day is to resist the urge to check my phone all the time. Some days I literally only check it in the morning and before my bedtime routine. This way I keep my mind sane and give myself a break from all that information overload that’s thrown at you through media.

5. Have breakfast

The first meal of the day is so important. It fuels you and gives you the energy you need. I can’t stress it often enough how much I benefit from having breakfast in the morning. I’m more energised and ready to take on whatever the day asks of me.

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6. Sweets for the soul, sour for the heart

In Germany, we have that saying that sour food makes you laugh and I truly relate to that. I make sure that I have something sour and sweet every day. Usually that’s in form of fruits like a mango for example. That combination of sweet and sour really gives me a kick. LOL. Try it and let me know if you too enjoy that fuzziness.


7. Never get too hungry

There’s no worse thing than being hungry, don’t you agree? Hunger definitely is an emotion and being hungry can so deeply effect your mood. So, make sure you’re always full enough so you don’t get hangry and loose some of your light heartedness.

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8. Sleep routine

Waking up and going to bed at the same time every day is such a great way to give your body the rest it needs.  Sleep is so important for us to function and we all underestimate its power many times. Me as well. Usually the first thing I cut back on when busy is sleeping. I wake up earlier and go to bed later to get more done. However, since I’ve prioritized sleeping my whole days have changed. I feel so much more energized and at peace and I get more done at the same time.

9. Lay out your cloths

One thing that stresses out many people is the necessity to take decisions all the time. No one is excluded of this. As humans living in this world we have to take decisions every second of our lives. Some are easy to take others harder. However, every one of us also has kind of a decision budget. That means he or she is only able to take a certain amount of decisions a day. Maybe you’ve experienced that already when you had to take a mayor decision but seemed to not be able to decide. That’s because you’ve been using all your decisions on other less important things like what to wear that day. By sorting that out the night before you have one decision less to take a day.

10. Plan my meals

Same goes for meal planning. Nothing is less present than having to come up with something to cook when you’re hungry. Having a meal plan makes you not have to worry what to eat. You simply cook what you’ve planned to cook. And if you have cravings for something in particular, you can always swap what’s on the plan.

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11. Stretch

A lot of tension and emotional stress is stored in our muscles as we always unintentionally activate them when we are stressed or even positively excited. This stored energy when built up can really affect your inner peace and make you feel heavy and tense. Stretching every day is a great way to release some of that unnecessary energy and you feel light and flexy.

12. Focus on my breath

Almost all of the lasting happiness in our lives comes from being present in the moment and enjoying it full without resistance to what is. Focusing on your breath takes you back into the present. Being focused on your breathing is such a perfect way to remind you of coming back to where you are and away from wherever your thoughts are taking you.


13. Take small breaks

Another thing I love doing throughout my days that really give me that balance is taking small breaks where I don’t do anything. Going on a slower pace and taking time to do nothing but breathing is such a great way to take a second and recall how awesome life is. In this busy times, we often forget about that simple but profound thing.

14. Enjoy the sunshine

While you’re taking a break, why not enjoying some sunshine. I guess we all agree on this, sun just makes everything better and boosts your mood like nothing else.

15. Put on sunscreen

But as we’re talking of sunbathing, please put on sunscreen. Nothing is more annoying than a sunburn let alone the unhealthy impact of it.

But what really makes me happy on putting on sunscreen is the smell of it. Sunscreen always smells of vacation to me and by putting it on every day I include some of that vacation vibes into my day. Isn’t that great?

16. Read

Whether it’s a book, a blogpost, an article, the newspaper or an Insta post, reading something inspiring that gives you knowledge is such a great way to flourish our creativity and enhance your thinking. Make sure though it’s something positive that lifts you up.

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17. Smile

Probably the most important thing I do to be that happy and positive every day is smile. No matter if in the mood or not, I always keep that smile inside me. I try to keep mny heart always light and smiling no matter what.

This takes some practice and I for sure am not perfect in it either, but it really makes a difference. Trust me.

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18. Happy moments

Last but not least, another thing I love to do to end my day happy and positive is to reflect on my happy moments. Each time before going to bed I write down three things that made me smile that day. Having them in mind and realizing that there are so many small things that make me smile every day really makes me grateful and focus on the positive in each day.



That’s it. My secret to stay positive and happy and smile every day. I hope you could take something from that and maybe there are one or two things that you like to include in your day to make it happier.

If you liked something and tried it out, let me know how it works for you. Also, if you have a specific habit or believe that you practice every day to be happier, share it with us so we can benefit from it too. You can either do that here or through Instagram or Facebook. In any way, I’d be stoked to hear from you.

Also, if you want to help me make more people happy and light hearted, share this post so they can benefit from those tips as well.

Lastly, don’t forget to come back Monday for another post.

Lots of love!