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Have you ever wondered what makes traveling so special, so addictive, so joyful? Well, today you are lucky. I will share with you the secret of traveling and how everyone, you and I, can use it to create more inner space and find peace and happiness within ourselves and within life.

So, when you are ready, let’s get started.

the secret of traveling

The foundation

Before I share the secret of traveling and tell you how we can use it as a tool to live more presently, we quickly need to discuss what it really takes to be happy.

I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but many people, and I’m not any different, are seeking for happiness in all kind of things. Jobs, cloths, friends, lovers, kids, houses, cars, whatever you think will make you happy really differs between every one of us. But one thing is the same for all of us. None of those things can actually make us happy. It can bring pleasure and joy for a certain amount of time but after a while, it either goes away, gets old or we get tired of it.

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That’s why some humans decided to not seek fulfilment in things but in experiences. I’m sure you’ve read many quotes about traveling and how it’s the experiences and not the materials that make us happy and that’s why traveling is such a beautiful thing to do. And while I agree that traveling makes you happy and it is a beautiful thing to do, it’s not the experiences themselves that bring this happiness. At least not the kind of experiences you are thinking of now. Experiences, memories even actions can’t make us happy for long. After one experience we want more, we never get satisfied and keep wanting more and more of them. So, they can’t give us happiness and fulfilment either. At least not in the long run.

Now you might wonder, if no things and no experiences can give us happiness, what can?

Well, it’s very simple and I must admit, I knew this deep down inside me, but couldn’t express it until I started getting more into the philosophy of Eckhart Tolle.

What really brings us lasting happiness is being one with life. Living in the present moment and feeling the joy of being alive in every cell of our body.

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Happiness in this world and in your life, is always there. But to make it part of your life, you need to create space within yourself and within your life to let it in. You need to be at peace and without thinking.

Without thought and with inner peace, without seeking to find fulfilment in things or experiences there is room for life to happen and happiness to enter.

So, how does traveling fit in there. How can the experience of traveling make us happy then?


The secret of traveling

The secret of traveling is very mature. It’s really nothing special but therefore even more powerful.

Traveling creates space and helps us enter the state of presence.

Through traveling you are forced to give up everything you believed in and thought to know about yourself. When you go somewhere new, somewhere you’ve never been before, somewhere you don’t know anything about you can’t hold onto your old believes, routines and habits or you will not survive/enjoy the trip as much.

By letting go of everything you used to believe in and identify with you get the chance to open up to new believes and new views on the world and your life. Traveling than, with all its facets and amazing opportunities, can show you many ways of living. That’s the first secret of traveling:

Creating space within us by forcing us to let go of everything we were holding onto.

Traveling also has the power to teach you, if you let it, how to let go of the urge to find fulfilment. Why is that so? When you travel to other places in this world, you will soon experience that it doesn’t matter where you go, or who you meet or what you do there is always happiness within everything, everyplace and every person.

Sometimes it takes a little longer to see and feel it because it is covered up by some form of ugliness, negativity or distraction on the outside. However, it is there. Even in places you’ve never expected to find happiness you can then see and feel it. Knowing that there is happiness everywhere will make you stop to seek it. Because why do you need to seek something that is there anyway. You realize that the only thing you need to do is to let it in.

When there is no inner pressure to find happiness within something you can’t find it in, all there is left is space. That’s second secret of traveling:

Showing you that happiness is everywhere.

The third secret is the experience of the present moment. Traveling is one of the few things that can bring you in the present moment again and again. To be present you need to first stop thinking, second stop wanting to be somewhere else and third really pay attention to what is around you. Traveling can make you do all this without any effort. When you are at a wonderful place you won’t think of being somewhere else, you won’t think at all, you will only be stunned by all the beauty that is around you. Then you will start to not only see the beauty, but also feel it. You will sense the spirit that is within that place, within everything that is there.

Only when you are fully present you can truly enjoy your trip, that’s why it’s not hard for many to not think of anything else than being there. That’s the second secret of traveling:

Brining us into the present moment by letting us experience the beauty of this world.

To sum it up, the secret of traveling, the reason why it gives us so much happiness is not the experience of it but teaching us that happiness will come when you stop trying to find it and are present enough to experience the beauty that is all around you.

So now there’s only one thing left for me to do here and that is give you a few tips on how you can intensify that experience traveling is giving us about happiness.


What you can do

To tell you how you can make this experience even greater, let’s look again at the secrets of traveling and what they teach us:

Secret #1: Creating space within you by letting go of everything you are holding onto

One thing you can do to get the most out of this dissidentification with your believes and thoughts is to mentally prepare yourself for it. Start your trip with an open mind. Actively choose to give up everything you believed in and think to know about yourself. Also, do not go on your trip with the goal to find yourself or find happiness. Instead go on your trip with the Mindset to experience, to learn and to take all the beautiful opportunities traveling has in store for you and see what you can do with them.

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Secret #2: Know that happiness is everywhere

Like I’ve said, sometimes it takes a little longer to see and feel it because it is covered up by some form of ugliness, negativity or distraction on the outside.

So, one thing you can do to be more open and go beyond the outer form is to not judge. Take everything as it comes, seek for challenges and see struggles and hard times as chances to transform. Implement a positive Mindset towards everything that is happening on your trip and welcome everyone you meet with love and friendliness.

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Secret #3: Live in the present moment and experience the beauty of this world

Do not plan to much, stop thinking of what could go wrong or right. Drop all expectations. Simply stay in the moment. Enjoy what you are doing, enjoy where you are at. Soak it all in.

Experience the joy of being where you are. Know how awesome life is in this moment and how little it is necessary to be somewhere else to be happy. Pay attention to what is around you. Focus on your sensations. Hear the birds sing, feel the cool air, see the little flower on the side of the road. Pay attention to its colour and how it bends in the wind.

There is so much beauty and positive energy out there. Become aware of it. Do not miss out on any little sign of happiness.



As you can see, traveling is the best tool to become more conscious and one with life. Traveling is a key to happiness, if you are open and ready for it.

I hope this post can make your next travel experience even more rewarding and I’d love to hear if you had a similar experience and thought about traveling. Also let me know what you think makes traveling such a rewarding thing to do. If you want we can connect on Instagram or Facebook and share each other’s opinion there. Or you simply comment on this post. In any way, I’d love to hear from you.

Also, if you have passionate travellers within your circle, feel free to share this post with them to make their next trip an unforgettable experience.

Lastly, make sure to come back next week for another inspiring post.

Lots of love.


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