Happy Friday everyone

So, good to have you back here or if you’re new, welcome. I hope todays post can inspire you to find more balance in your life and at the same time give you a little insight into my every day.

For all those who are not aware of the concept behind this “chasing dreams” series, every second week I share some insights into the past weeks and share with you not only what I’ve done but also what I’ve learned and how it helped me to be happier. Sharing those experiences with you I hope to give you some guidance to also take every opportunity as a chance to embrace change and consciousness.

So, if you are ready, let’s get started.

go with the flow

22nd of March till 5th of April

The past two weeks went by so quickly. The end of the month here in Portugal is always quite busy for me as I not only have to do my monthly goal setting and prepare blogposts for you guys, but also study for exams at university.

And of cause, even though the focus clearly lies on university and preparing next month I can’t hold back on the other stuff like surfing, social engagement, exercising and working on my projects.

I always have such a hard time to let go and take a break of those things, even if it’s just for a week or two. There is this inner pressure that I must manage to squeeze it all in.

It’s like if what I want to do collides with what I have to do. And whenever those two components are not aligned it feels like life is not at sync and I’m somehow working against a greater force.

And to be honest I think it’s not just that I feel like that, I think it actually is that I work against the universe and its greater power.

Going with the flow

These past weeks were the best reminder for me to stop forcing it, to stop pushing and instead go with the flow of life.

I have to make peace with the fact that at the end of the month I have to step back on either one, if not more of those things (surfing, exercising, business development or socializing). Only that way I can make room for my monthly preparing and university.

No matter how much we want it, sometimes we just can’t always make what we would like to do a priority. Sometimes we need to do other things first to then have time for making what we love a priority and at the same time get further in those other areas of our lives.

It is all about accepting the fact that now is the time to do those things, even if we do not enjoy them as much or would like to do something else instead. And it doesn’t serve any purpose to force it and try to squeeze everything in just for the sake of it. If you don’t have time, accept it. Let it go and know that you will return to it next week.

I know this is super hard. Like I’ve said, this is one of my major challenges in life and a serious threat to my happiness and inner balance. I have to tell myself those things every day. But only if we remind ourselves of the importance to go with the flow of life and are present and free from that urge to do everything at once we can create balance and do whatever we do with intention and quality.

So, if I can give you and me something on the way I’ve learned these weeks than it is this.

Do not force it. If you don’t have time to pursuit what you love because there are more important things to do to keep life running smoothly then take a break. Accept that there are times where you might have to do things you don’t like that much and hold back on those you like (and I know, especially if you are used to always being able to do what you love this is so hard). Make peace with the fact that now you have to do those things and stop trying to squeeze the other things in. If you still have time to do those, awesome! But it is okay to maybe not do 10.000 steps a day this week or go surfing a few times less because you have more urgent things to do.

Go with the flow of life and you will feel how the energy of the universe stops working against and rather with you.


Sticking to your routines

In such times, what really helps me is to stick to my routines and breaks. Two hours in the morning and at night and one hour to one and a half around lunch.

Those breaks and routines not only ensure me that I keep up with the essential things like eating healthy, having a clean home and sleeping but also give me time to chill and have fun in those times of hustling and reconnect with what really is important: living.

Keep that high vibes up

Surfing is one of those things I would never hold back and if not else possible make it part of my lunch break. If there’s surf and I’m not feeling too exhausted I go. Why? Because it makes me feel balanced, it’s my time to meditate and relax. To stop thinking and be one with nature.

And you never know when nature decides to have a bad week and give you no good waves. So, you really have to take every chance you get.

Lucky me, these past weeks the ocean has been good to us and we had plenty of great surf right in front of my door.

And despite my packed schedule I still had time to free for my daily surf. Even if at some days, I had to shorten lunch break to get in that surf. But that’s okay as surfing for me is a break from hustling.

Only when you feel like it gets an obligation you should really consider stepping back a little.


Taking a break

Another thing I treat myself with in such times where obligations dominate is an “off day”.

Usually I never feel like I need weekend or vacation or any similar term like this. I love every day equally because no matter what day it is I always get to do things I love. I know not everyone has that privilege and I really count myself lucky.

That is also why it is so hard for me to hold back on doing those things and instead focusing on my rather unpleasant obligations.

But that’s where weekends, vacation and off days get into play. If you find yourself in a time of extreme hustling and feel like you are not enjoying life as much anymore as you maybe could then why not create some space for yourself to find that inner balance again.

Block a day or half a day, depending on how much time you can spare and do something fun. Socialize, chill or have a cleaning day. Engage in something that brings you joy and makes you feel alive.

Having such an off day is essential to keep you motivated and your mind positive.

Keeping the mind healthy

But of cause your mental health and positivity most of all depends on your inner state. If you are full of resistance and fight the stage you are in currently you will create suffering and unhappiness for yourself.

If instead you are at peace and accept the position you are in, whether you like it or not, you let go of that resistance and create space for life to happen and for positive energy to flow in.

It’s all about being aware and identifying those negative thoughts and emotions and then letting them go.

A week ago, I was feeling so overwhelmed and burned out by all the information I soaked up the past weeks and months. So much has happened and so much of my thinking has changed – most of all through two books I’ve read – that I felt like I can’t take more information in.

I wasn’t as focused and light hearted as I usually feel and that gave me a headache. That is why I decided it might be a good idea to take a break from researching and reading for a week or two. Just to give my mind that break to digest everything it has been confronted with.

Especially if you are in a time of great change, if your view of the world basically gets thrown upside down you need this time to digest.

If you don’t give yourself that time you will first not create enough space for that transformation to happen properly and you will also enhance negative thinking which then affects all other areas of your life.

So, here’s one more thing you can take away from my experiences these past weeks.

Stay conscious and aware of your mental state, of your thoughts and emotions. And once you realize there is unease, resistance or overwhelm, try to find the source and act up on it. Take a break if necessary and possible or accept and find peace within that state if not. But know you always have a choice if you let go of the urge to achieve something, please others or be somewhere or someone else than you are at this moment.



That’s it for this week. Let’s sum up those two key take aways I want to give you today:

  1. Do not force it. Make peace with the fact that now you have to do your obligations and stop trying to squeeze the other things in. Know it is okay to not get done everything and accept that there are times where you have to hold back on your passions and focus on your obligations. Remember, everything will pass, good and bad. Everything has its time.
  2. Stay conscious and aware of thoughts and emotions. Follow them to the source and accept that they are there. Then choose to act upon the situation by either making peace with the fact that you can’t do anything, change your position or take a break. You always have a choice of how you feel and see things, if you let go of the urge to achieve something, please others or be somewhere or someone else than you are at this moment.

I hope these two reminders will help you to overcome the next struggle and find more peace and happiness in that moment.

If you have any tips on how to act in such times, I’d love to hear them. Comment below or send me a message on Instagram or Facebook.

Also, if you know someone who is going through such a rough time, send him or her that post so they can hopefully find that inner peace again.

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Lots of love!