“Surfing is such an amazing concept. You’re taking on Nature with a little stick and saying, ‘I’m gonna ride you!’ And a lot of times Nature says, ‘No you’re not!’ and crashes you to the bottom.”
Jolene Blalock

Surfing and life have so much in common and there are so many important things we can learn from being a surfer and spending time in the ocean. You don’t need to be an experienced surfer to enjoy and experience those benefits. The power of change through surfing starts the first time you have a surf board under your arm and put a foot into the water. Spending time in the water and practicing the art of surfing is a great way to learn some important traits that are curtail for happiness and success in life. So let me show you how you can make surfing into more than just a sport or activity but into a tool to become the best version of yourself and include more happiness into your life.

The main thing that makes surfing such a valuable experience when it comes to learning for life is the fact that you have to deal with nature. The ocean is unpredictable. You never know what it will do or what will happen. Life is the same, you never know what form life’s deciding to take on. But you can learn to be at peace with not knowing. You can learn to adapt quickly and go with the flow of it.

Here are some traits that surfing helps you to develop that will benefit your overall life. Learn to use them not only in the water but also in life and you will see great things happening.


The first lesson I’ve learned through surfing is being patient. I used to be a very impatient person. Things could never go fast enough for me and I always wanted everything, and everything now. Waiting was horrible for me because I perceived it as waste of my time.

However, the ocean doesn’t care. When you want to have good waves, you have to wait. You have to be patient for the next set to come. You have to be patient enough to not take the first wave of the set if the second is better even if you’ve already sitting there for 10 minutes and can’t wait to finally get up riding again.

Being patient is being at peace with what is and getting out of that Mindset of waiting and start enjoying.


Because of the unpredictability of the ocean and its conditions you quickly learn to accept what is. You don’t have any control over the conditions and it doesn’t matter how badly you want to surf, you have to accept that the conditions are like they are and take what you get.

Resisting what is and wanting the conditions to be different from how they are will not bring you further. It will only bring you unhappiness.

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Many times, I’ve spent in the water and wasn’t performing the way I could have because I wasn’t in the right Mindset, the conditions weren’t playing in my hands or I simply sucked in my performance. However, as this happens in surfing quite frequently compared to other sports and that state can sometimes even hold on for months or years you quickly realize there is no way around surrendering to that state and not letting it affect your happiness or love to the sport.


Keep laughing

Surfing is the best way to learn how to not take anything to seriously. I’ve seen the worst and most funny wipe outs at the same time happening only while surfing. Like the quote in the beginning of this posts states, surfing is a funny concept. Even if you think everything is great and you’re on point with your performance, the ocean suddenly decides to show you otherwise.

However, it’s a good way to learn not to take those struggles to seriously and instead laugh at yourself and this occurrence and try again.

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Not to force it

Along with impatience wanting to be in control and being stubborn is such a bad habit many people, me included, have. Though when you want to succeed in surfing you have to learn how to not force it. Only once you let go of wanting to be perfect of wanting to do that turn just for the sake of doing it you will rise above and unleash your true power. You can’t just do what you feel like, you can’t force anything to happen or be there. You can’t shape a wave the way you want it to be (human minds found a pretty good way around this by building wave pools, but the ocean doesn’t work that way) just so you can do the turns you want to do.

A good friend once said to me: don’t force it, go with the flow.

And that, in my opinion, sums up the art of surfing pretty well.

Stop thinking and be present

Surfing is a great way to practice being present and stop thinking. When there are set breaks you have enough time to shut down your mind and focus on your breathing. Be there, in the water completely. Enjoy the stoke that you experience when being one with the wave. Know that this is how it feels to be present. This is how it feels to be one with life.

Being without mind, not thinking and simply enjoying is being present.



When you’re in love with a nature sport you get the privilege to experience greater power. Power that is beyond everything you will ever experience. The ocean, nature has its own will, it’s on life and its own spirit.

Surrender to that power. By giving in to this power and letting nature and the ocean become one with yourself you can find positive energy that is beyond what you’ve ever felt and which will help you to live life in a more fulfilled way.


This might truly be a state of more advanced or better say more passionate surfers, but then there’s no way out of it. Once you become to enjoy the pleasure of surfing and saw and experienced the beauty and joy the ocean can give you, you develop a love for it that is beyond the love you’re feeling in other areas of your life. At the latest then you start to realize that you have to do something to protect what you love.

These days we can’t keep our eyes closed anymore and not see what we do to this planet and its life, including ourselves. We need to take responsibility for our actions and start to treat the environment better.

Only of we are good and loving to what brings us so much pleasure we can life at peace. So, start today and protect what you love. Every single one of us can have an impact and take responsibility and action towards a healthier ocean and a healthier world.

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If that post didn’t make you want to start surfing I don’t know what will. LoL. I hope you could take something from that post and also my fellow surfer buddies can now view surfing from a different angle.

If you yourself have experienced such positive impact of surfing on your life than feel free to share it with us and also feel free to share this post if you think someone could love it.

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Lots of love!