Have you ever wondered why traveling changes people’s lives so much and what it is that makes it so irresistible? Well, what about the fact that through traveling you establish personal traits that can really benefit your everyday life. But what exactly is it that you learn while traveling and in what way does it make your life better? This question I want to answer today and give you a good reason to explore the world and travel more. Knowing about those 8 traits you can be even more intentional and open for personal change throughout your next trips and use that shift of inner consciousness to your benefit for more happiness and a smoother life at home.

So, if you are ready, let’s get started.


I guess I don’t have to tell you how awesome traveling is. And if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you probably know how much I embrace and celebrate the act of traveling just for its own sake. Traveling is fantastic and simply seeing other places of this wonderful planet should be reason enough for everyone to go out there and discover.

However, traveling is so much more than just having a good time, seeing new places and meeting a lot of amazing people from all over the world.

I’ve shared the secret of traveling in one of my last posts. There I tell you exactly why it is the key to becoming one with life. But here is it again in short.

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Traveling is taking the first step towards an easier, more fulfilled life in the light of gratitude and presence. It’s such a great tool to become more present and conscious about what is happening in and around you. It’s the door that will lead you to inner space, peace and happiness.

Like it is with everything in life, to overcome struggle and move past your current stage of life and get closer to enlightenment you need to develop as a person. You need inner and sometimes outer change to happen to rise above the mental and physical state that you are in. Only this way you can truly enjoy every moment of your life with all its ups and downs.

Throughout my travels, I changed a lot and learned so much about myself and what I want to use my life for. But there are especially 8 traits that I found were most beneficial on my everyday life. Developing them made it possible for me to become more conscious and deal with life’s unpredictability in a more positive and productive way. Also, many of those traits helped me to achieve my goals and create the life I’m imagining for myself. And as I want this for you too, here they are.

positive traits of traveling

8 positive personal traits that benefit your everyday life

1. Openness

Probably the first thing I got better at through my travels was being open towards new people and new things. Especially if you are traveling solo, there is no way around being open and taking the first step towards getting to know someone.

Openness towards really anything in life is great. Whether it is people, situations or experiences. If you are open and welcome those things with love and kindness you will soon find yourself within a supporting environment that will give you no less than love.

So, use your trip to be open. Get to know people. Welcome them into your heart and experience the power of connectedness to people all over the world.

2. Open mindedness

Along with openness there comes open mindedness. Only through non-judgment of what happens true change can happen. If you resist and judge situations, things or people you will not be able to move past your current believes. You will limit yourself because you can’t accept that there are other believes, ways of living, ways to happiness that are all equally good and effective.

Experiencing life in different cultures is the best way to practice non-judgment. If you can manage to be open minded about those cultures and accept them as they are and see them as an equally good way to live a happy life then developed something great.

No culture or way of living is better or worse than the other. There might be a way that is working better for you, but in the totality of this world, they are all equally good. And who says that the way of living you practice right now really is the best one for you? If you are not open towards experiencing and letting in other ways you will never know.

3. Acceptance

Acceptance is the foundation of all happiness. If you cannot accept what is, if you always fight against unpleasant situations or circumstances you will never find true inner peace.

Traveling is the best way to learn how to accept. While traveling you are constantly forced to face challenges and experiences you haven’t asked for and which you might want to resist at first by feeling angry, sad, upset or unhappy. However, once you start accepting them and learn to take things as they come without wanting to escape you can use that momentum as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

So, learn to love the unpredictability of traveling and welcome every experience with total acceptance as if you’ve wanted them.

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4. Adaptability

As a result of lives fast changing and unpredictable nature we are constantly asked to adapt to new situations, circumstances and challenges.

Whether it’s in your personal life or in your job there are always changes and that’s a good thing. Change is needed for growth and transformation.

Being on the road is a great way to learn how to adapt. You never know what is going to happen, even less than in life in general as there is so little you know about the circumstances you find yourself in. So, as you don’t know much about the country, the people, the act of traveling you are forced to adapt quickly and without resisting. Otherwise you will constantly feel stressed out and unhappy.

Make it a challenge next time you are traveling, to adapt even faster by being aware of the unpredictability and fast changing nature of things while traveling.


5. Curiosity

Traveling makes you curious. The more things you see the more you develop a desire to see and experience new things. You learn to love learning new things and I bet by now you are probably already addicted to getting behind the nature of whatever you experience.

Curiosity is a great trait to include into your daily life as you start to ask for new experiences and knowledge all the time. Developing and improving your skills and keeping your mind engaged is a great way to make sure you are inspired and use your mind to its best ability.

6. Responsibility

Nature can also teach us another incredibly important thing in life: responsibility.

As you get to see so many beautiful spots on your trips you will eventually start wondering how people can treat this wonderful earth with such carelessness and be so heartless towards all being besides themselves.

Once you’ve seen your favourite beach, mountain or national park covered in trash you will not question your own responsibility for this planet and start to be more mindful with your consumption.

However, of cause not only responsibility towards this earth is important, but responsibility towards everything in life. Towards your actions, your relationships, your work, and so on is crucial for your life to be at its best.

But as it is with everything, you have to start somewhere. So, let’s take this moment and be thankful for this experience you get while traveling and that it shows you how important it is to take responsibility towards your own actions.

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7. Gratitude

Especially through being connect with nature while you are traveling you learn how to be grateful.

Seeing all the beauty this planet has to offer and also seeing all the suffering there is makes you grateful for what you have and where you are at.

As you find out more and more about yourself and learn what you don’t want for your life and yourself you start to adapt a Mindset of gratitude towards those things in life that bring you peace.

If you than use this gratitude in your everyday life and bring it into every moment and interaction with another human being you will soon see more and more positivity and happiness coming into your life.

That’s how it works. What you give you receive.

8. Creativity

Last but certainly not least, another way in which traveling is impacting our lives positively is flourishing our creativity and imagination.

The more you see of the world, the broader your perspective will get. Soon you will find yourself knowing that there is more out there than only what you’ve thought there is.

Traveling helps you to see the bigger picture of all that is. This then will help you think bigger as well. You will return from your trip inspired and with lots of ideas on how to change your days to the happier.

Use this creativity and make the best out of it. Change bad habits into good ones, include more pleasure and peaceful moments into your every day and live every moment knowing that there is more out there.

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Now that you know what traits you can develop while traveling and how to use them to make your daily life a little easier and happier it’s on you to take action.

On your next trip pay closer attention to situations and opportunities to embrace and seek to develop those personal traits.

And in your everyday, if there is a situation like this constantly remind yourself of similar ones during your trips. Then choose to stay true to the new trait you’ve developed and use it to its best ability.

If you’ve developed some of those traits, I’d love to know how they are benefiting your daily life. Also, if there are others please share them with us too so we can implement them ourselves. So, let’s connect on Instagram or Facebook or on here and help each other grow.

Lastly, if you want to share this post to help me spread the stoke of traveling, feel free to do so.

And then don’t forget to come back next week for more.

Lots of love and positivity.


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