Do you want to reduce stress, anger, sadness, dissatisfaction, unease and restlessness from your life and become happier? Awesome! You are at the perfect place. Throughout the last few years I paid very close attention to how certain things I perform every day impact my state of inner happiness and balance and how they benefit the stoke in my life. Traveling as well as self-development played a huge role in my happiness journey in the last few years, but also food and exercising turned out to have such a positive impact on my life that I want to share with you how you too can use them to become happier.

If you’re ready, let’s get started.

transform oyur life to the positive - Transform your life to the positive - How to use food, exercising, traveling and self-development to become happier

Introduction to happiness

First of all let’s quickly have a look why each of those areas impact our lives so positively.

Let’s start with the obvious, self-development.

Self-development also known as personal growth is overcoming the limitations within yourself and within your life. Only by reflecting on yourself, your actions and habits you are able to become aware what it is that brings you discomfort and negativity.

Personal development gives you the tools to see those destructive patterns in your life and in yourself and shows you ways to overcome them and transform yourself and life to the happy.

With traveling I guess it’s also not very hard to see why it benefits your life in a positive way. Traveling not only enhances the development in yourself but also shows you so many more important things about life and teaches you lessons that you can take to become excited about being alive.

Lastly food and exercising impact your life positively and you will probably know this already as well, but what you put in your body and how you take care of it really effects how you perform in everyday life. If you treat your body with love and care it will show you what it is capable of. Feeling good about yourself, inside and outside is curtail to be at ease and balanced within yourself.

So now that we know those parts of life are important to create lasting happiness, how can we use them to set the initiation for transformation?

How to use personal growth to become happier?

To use personal growth to become happier, you first have to be come open and drop any resistance to what is. Only if you accept your current state and the experiences you make in life, if good or bad, you can see beyond it and take them as lessons to learn from and finger points into the right direction.

Practice self-awareness

The first way in which you can use personal development to transform your life is by practicing self-awareness. Like I’ve mentioned before, to eliminate the things that have negative impact on your happiness you need to become aware of them. Watch your inner state at all times and realize when there is anything that causes negative feelings or unhappiness. If there is, that’s the perfect foundation for the next point.

Dissolve destructive habits

Once you are aware of what is going wrong in your life at the moment or in what way you are taking away the happiness from yourself you can set goals and resolutions to dissolve those destructive habits or remove them from your life.

Self-development gives you the best tools for that. Look for ways to improve and work towards overcoming that negative habit.

Learn more about yourself

Self-development is a great way to find out more about yourself. The longer you have been reflecting on yourself the more things you learn about yourself, your behaviours, thought patterns, likes and dislikes. The more you know about yourself the easier it will get for you to take the right decisions. Use past mistakes and your preferences as guidance to choose the right thing for yourself.

Create little challenges and learn new things

Lastly, personal development is a great way to set yourself challenges and keep learning new things about life and about yourself.

If you keep learning and striving for transformation you will overcome more and more limitations in your life and therefore let in more happiness.


How to use traveling to become happier?

Traveling has one secret that makes it such a powerful tool when it comes to happiness. That is because through traveling you are forced to give up everything you believed in and thought to know about yourself and get the chance to disidentify with who you thought you are and find ways to live more present and conscious and closer to who you really are.

So, when you go on your next trip, don’t only travel but be open and alert to see all those opportunities to let in happiness and strive for learning. Especially while traveling life seems to have so many important lessons to teach us.

If you want to get to know the whole secret of traveling, you should check out the following post.

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Connect with nature

Nature is such a great thing to teach you that there is more to everything than what as what it appears. Being out there and adventuring is such a great way to learn to appreciate what you have and see the beauty that is within everything.

Learn to live in the moment

Traveling most of all teaches you how to live in the moment and not worry about what will happen next because you usually don’t know. And even though your home life isn’t any different from that, it seems while traveling, not knowing what’s to come is okay, it’s normal. But how is that different in your everyday life? Why is it so important to know what is coming that we get all feed up on this? Apply this lesson from traveling and live more in the moment and stop worrying about the future.

Learn to live with change

Everything in life is ever-changing. Nothing stays the way it is and traveling is a great way to get more used to this. When you’re backpacking, and going somewhere different all the time your whole routine, your days, environment, really everything changers all the time. The more you experience change, the more you get used to it and the less you fear it.

Meet new people

A great way to let more happiness into your life is to let in good people. Traveling makes it very easy to meet new people and because of that great amount of people you get to know you can focus on those who bring you the most happiness.


How to use exercising to become happier?

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

being active and living a fit lifestyle is not only giving you the looks that make you feel good about yourself, but also the inner confidence you need to take on life. Moving your body and challenging it to foster growth is a wonderful experience and will really unleash those endorphins.

Create a feeling of accomplishment

Once you’ve done a workout or training you’ve never done before, that might have been challenging and you wouldn’t have thought you’d make it is such a rewarding and uplifting experience. Feeling like you’ve accomplished something, even if that feeling is just short term is a great way to include a few more moments of excitement into your life.

Feel your power

Overcoming your past stage of fitness and moving onto the next stage is such a great way to see what you are capable of. Many times, we underestimate ourselves, especially our bodies. By exercising regularly and pushing yourself you get a better sense of what you are capable of and then you can use that powerful feeling to face every other challenge in your life with more ease.

free your mind

A lot of the unhappiness and negativity in our lives is caused by thinking to much. We are trapped in an endless cycle of thoughts. Mostly not positive ones. By being active you can force your body to take the attention into its muscles and away from the mind.

feel exhausted

I don’t know what it is with that but I found feeling exhausted physically is somehow giving me a feeling of accomplishment. When I’m falling into bed tired and feeling every muscle because I’ve been really using them (in a good way of cause), I feel at peace and happy.


How to use food to become happier?

Food is the fuel for your body and soul.

Eating the right food does not only ensure that you have enough energy to do whatever you have to do, but also makes you feel energised and light. All you need to feel happy and balanced.

Feel the energy

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you haven’t eaten enough for a few days or maybe even exercised that much that you somehow feel like you don’t have energy and then you eat something healthy, something filling and nurturing and suddenly you feel all that energy coming back? Food is great. Food is so powerful!

Implement mindfulness

Eating is a great way to implement more mindfulness in your life. Eating without distractions, paying your full attention to every bite you put in your mouth is a very easy but effective way to stay present and enjoy the little things in every moment.

Focus on your senses

Some people say food is better than porn and I definitely agree with them. LOL. If you eat mindful and pay attention to the flavour ever food puts in your mouth you can have a true experience of pleasure.

So, focus on your sensations and really taste the food you put in your mouth.

Feel good about yourself

Lastly and most obviously, the healthier you eat the better you will feel in and about your body. So, take care of the food you put in and choose healthy, nutritious foods rather than packed and pre-made stuff.


Now that you know how to use those four areas of your life to implement more happiness in every day, it’s on you to take action. Choose one or two things you want to include and then focus on them and make them a fixed part of your daily routine.

Also, don’t hesitate to experiment and come up with more things that benefit your happiness.

Then if you want you can come back here or go to Instagram or Facebook and share them with us, so we can also benefit from your experiences.

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Lastly, feel free to share or give feedback on this post so I can improve and others can benefit from my knowledge.

Lots of love!


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