Physical health is one of the most important things we want to take care of, when it comes to living a happy life. If you are not physically healthy and feeling good in your body then you can’t use your full potential. We need all our energy and mental sharpness to succeed in life, fulfil our purposes and live the happiest and most amazing lives that we can. Through some of my previous post I’ve already given you some insights in what you can do to use exercising and food to become happier. But today I want to give you a few very explicit tips on what you can do to improve your physical health and become happier.

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A little heads up to start

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be exhausting and time consuming. It doesn’t mean you must cut out sweets and pizza for the rest of your life – of course, it would be good if we did – but let’s be honest, where would be the fun?

Living a healthy lifestyle is not only about being active and eating clean, it is about much more.

The main-focus in living healthy lies in living balanced.

It’s about finding the balance between enjoying and treating yourself, taking time off and relaxing and pushing yourself, challenging your body and eating as healthy as you can.

So, before we get to those 4 tips, let me set an intention for all of us with which we should start this journey of living a healthy life. Remember and recall it at any time throughout this journey to maintain, regain or readjust your focus.

Living healthy is about listening to your body

As you go on this journey to figure out what the best and healthiest way of living is for you, always pay attention to your body and what it tells you. If you need a break, take a break. If you need to challenge yourself, challenge yourself. Give your best at any time, but also forgive yourself if you sometimes can’t.

This is a journey and you have to enjoy it. Be one with all the ups and downs and don’t force anything that you can’t control. Living healthy is not about looking a certain way, it’s also not about a specific diet, it’s about getting you in your best shape so you have all the energy and strength to do whatever you want to do.

Your aim should always be to be happy and become the best version of yourself, living your best life, you must get this healthy Mindset and practice it every single day.

I want to show you four simple things you can change to improve your physical wellbeing, to have the best life possible. Not just from the outside, but from the inside too.

Those four things, combined with a good diet and some exercise, is the best start into a better life.


1. Use little opportunities to move and enjoy fresh air

Get out there. Go for a nice walk whenever the sun is shining or just have your daily lunch outside. Try to spend at least one or two hour of your day outside. Air is what we need to breath and the fresher the better. Don’t you think?

In addition, sun produces Vitamin D, which we need to get all the good stuff out of the heathy foods we eat. Our bodies need Vitamins to work proper. Also, the experience of nature can be very healing. Especially if you feel ill, nature can do magic.

It’s not even a thing that hard, to go outside every day. I for example try to have lunch or breakfast outside in the sun, if it is shining. Furthermore, I try to go for a quick walk whenever it is possible and the weather is not too bad. Or I take the bike to university instead of going by underground service. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a way to spend more time outside. You’ll see it feels so great.

2. Water is the new juice

Have you ever paid attention to how much of the beverage you are drinking is only water? Many people drink not too little but the wrong things and that is why they are dehydrated.

Swap a few cups of coffee, juice or soft drinks for water. Drink at least 3 litres a day and experience the difference that it has not only on your wellbeing but also on the glow on your skin.

3. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

The good old apple. Don’t we love it all? Of course, any fruit really is great. Make sure that you are at least enjoying one of those natural sweets a day. You can add them to a smoothie, in your muesli, on your toast or simply as a snack.

Add a veggie too and you are good to go. If you believe it or not, but there are many ways in which you can make vegetables taste good. If you need some inspiration, check out the recipes on my blog.

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4. Sleep

Lastly, sleep, sleep, sleep.

I just recently again discovered how important it is to sleep enough. I was getting in late the night before but I knew I had a full day the next day so I still got up at 5Am, I shouldn’t have. That resulted in that, I got not even half done of what I had to do because I was too tired. I should have just slept an hour or two longer and could have probably been so much more productive.

That’s just one reason why sleeping is important. But there are many more advantages which I pointed out in a separate post.

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Those where my top 4 quick tips for a healthier life. But because I have a run at the moment here are three more things you can implement to improve your mental health and make those above tips even more effective.


5. Do some fun things

And by that I don’t mean to drink alcohol and party every weekend. Although there is nothing wrong with that. If this is what you want and what brings you joy, go for it. What I truly want to say is, you should do things that bring you joy more regularly.

Ask yourself, if you are benefiting from the activities you are attending during your time off work, school or university. If not, do something you like better. If yes, well done! Keep going.

It’s important, we do something that frees up our mind and brings us balance. We need this to regain energy and be more focused on the stuff we must do later and to not get over worked or stressed out.

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6. Don’t compare yourself to others

Another thing we should consider doing, while trying to change your life to the better. Don’t try to be somebody else. It just makes you disappointed or unsatisfied because you see all the good things, other people have and you might not. Instead you should focus more on the great things in your life. I’m sure there are a ton of them. You just need to see them instead of just looking at others and pointing out all their good features and why that makes you less amazing. You are fantastic the way you are, and so is everyone else. We all are unique and no one is perfect.

We’re all just humans and just because someone has something or can do something better than you, it doesn’t make you less beautiful. On the contrary, it makes us special and that is what you should aim for. We all should rather want to be unique and special and therefore maybe not totally perfect, instead of trying to be a perfect copy of someone else. Don’t you agree?


7. Have a positive Mindset

If we want to be truly happy and stay this way for a long time, we won’t get there by just changing things. Of course, everything starts by changing one thing after the other, but it all comes together in the way we see the bigger picture.

While we’re trying to do as many things, we love, as possible and therefore having a happy and healthy life, we are likely to get caught up in getting stressed out. We can’t make enough time for things we love because there are so many obligations we can’t get rid of. As human beings, we tend to only see the negative parts of everything. We just see the amazing party we’ve missed, because we had to do this annoying paper work. Or how we don’t have time to go on vacation, because we have a job or studying obligations.

It is very easy to get bummed out by all the things we must do, but don’t want to. For me for example, it was when I had to start studying in a country I don’t really wanted to live in. By thinking how my situation sucked. I let this negative feeling grow inside me and eat me all up. Instead of getting depressed by fulfilling my obligations, which I had to take in order to get to the next step of my glorious life, I should have done what I used to do since I’m a little kid. I should have stayed positive. Should have stuck at my optimism and thought of the benefits I’ll undoubtedly get from compromising.

I promise you. You will get further by thinking positive then by being conquered from your negative thoughts. It will not only help you to be happier but also save a lot of energy and time. You won’t feel sorry for yourself all the time and therefore won’t miss out on the great things in your life. Of cause, it is okay to whine every now and then. But the major time it’ll be good, if we manage to be optimistic.

And if you’re at a point, where you think you can’t possibly ever start being optimistic again, let me say this one thing. Good and bad times come and go, if we want them or not, we can’t do anything about that. What we can do though is, to get the best out of both times and for that matter have the best life. Even if it seems impossible at a time to stay positive, remember the clouds will pass the sky and there will be sun again.

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If you manage to stick to only a couple of those things you will already see an improvement in your quality of life. If you too have some tips then please feel free to share them with us here in the comments or on Instagram or Facebook.

Also feel free to share this post to help me make other people’s lives easier and improve their health.

And then, don’t forget to come back next week for more.

Lots of love!