Don’t we fear it all, getting out of shape or falling off track with our exercise and clean eating routine once we head of on vacation? But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. As an absolute sports addict and clean eating freak and full time traveller at the same time I had no other chance than to find a way to make both work. And because I don’t want to withhold this powerful strategy from anyone, I am sharing with you today, how you can too stay healthy and on track with your training when you are on the road.

Sound’s good? Okay, let’s get right to it!

healthy while traveling

The Mindset

Working out and eating clean while traveling isn’t hard at all. All it takes is the right Mindset and a little bit of effort.

If you really want it and believe you can maintain your workout routine and healthy diet you can.

Take on that positive Mindset towards success and you will succeed. Along with a little strategy this willpower is all you need to stay on track.

Of course, especially when you are not staying in one place for longer or go to certain countries where a healthy lifestyle isn’t that established yet it can get harder. However, it’s not impossible and it all comes down to how much you want it, how much you are willing to sacrifice for it and how good you can adapt.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help you with all of that.


Let’s start with training.

Exercising while traveling is pretty easy if you don’t rely on one specific exercise program. There are many ways to be active and in fact traveling is one of the best ways to start a more active lifestyle as you are out and about, exploring the world.

So here are a few options you have to maintain your exercise routine:

If you are flexible and traveling around

This is a win, win situation and you have nothing to fear. Just pick the activity that suits the situation best. I love to plan before how many times a week I want to exercise and have a list of my favourite workouts on hand. That way I can choose whatever fits best when it’s time to work out.

Some things I like doing are: running, yoga, surfing, bodyweight training, biking, bodysurfing, hiking.

Make sure that you have a more or less fixed schedule of training days, that makes it easier to stick to your routine and also guarantee the best recovery time.

But of course, if life comes in the way, that’s okay. Just see how you can adjust.

If you are not flexible and traveling around

If you have a fixed workout routine and traveling around a lot then it can get challenging at times, especially if you need a certain environment.

However, here your creativity is questioned. You know your workout best, so find ways to make it happen if you really want to. Ask locals about a place where you can do it if you don’t know the area.

But also forgive yourself, if you can’t find a way. Move on and try again when you are somewhere else. Or find a different way to stay active.

If you are flexible and staying in one place

This again is perfect, as you are staying in one place longer, so you know the surroundings and have probably already found great spots to do your workouts.

You can now change it up by doing different things and therefore maintain the fun.

If you are not flexible and staying in one place

This also is perfect. You only need to find a good place for you to do your workout. That might take a couple days after you just arrived, but once you found your space, you only need to do it.



With nutrition, it is kind of similar. If you travel around a lot you always have to figure out where the next supermarket is or what you can get there and you probably won’t have a fridge or oven most of the time. It can get very hard to cook for yourself in that case.

That’s why most people eat out then but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t stick to your goals. In most countries, you will find healthy and organic restaurants. Especially in more developed ones you’ll have plenty of choice where to get a nice and clean dish on the go. They might not even cost that much.

Also, some countries tend to have rather poor diets in general so most of what you can buy in supermarkets then isn’t that healthy.

However, being somewhere else can be very exciting too as you get to experience new cuisines and ways of cooking.

So, don’t hesitate to try some of the local food. Most countries have healthy dishes all together.

Breakfast you can easily prepare for yourself. Buy oats and fruits and you are good to go. Or eggs and toast for the savoury lovers.

Lunch and dinner, you can also cook yourself if you can or you go to local restaurants and see what they have to offer. I recommend choosing fish above meat or if you can and want vegetarian is the best option all together as those plates have the most vegetables.

In case you need something quick on the go like a snack, vegetables and fruits are always a good choice. You can easily prepare a salad out of carrots, cucumber, tomato and some beans. You don’t even need a fridge or heater.

For carbs, you can always buy whole wheat bread and if you crave protein or fats, canned tuna and avocado or nuts are the best choice.

You see. It may be a bit harder and also more expensive, because veggies just cost more than a burger from McDonalds. But it is possible. You just have to commit and really want it.

I even find eating healthy is easier than working out during traveling. Your biggest enemy when trying to keep eating healthy is your impulse.


The Balance

Finally, I want to come back to the beginning. The reason why you went on vacation in the first place: to relaxed and enjoy.

So even though I love your approach that you want to keep up with our routine, don’t forget to enjoy living.

Don’t get upset with yourself because you’re not able to do the workout routine you have planned to do or because you can’t grow muscles like at home. Also, if you might not feel as exhausted as back home, don’t beat yourself up for that. Take this as a rest and recover time and treat your body well. You will see nothing will really change. If you eat well (I’ll tell you how in a few seconds) you won’t lose much muscles. You might not make a huge progress in reaching your goals but sometimes our body need rest and not just for one or two days.

Also, there are some reasons why you took this vacation and even if it is “just to relax” that is fine. We all need some down time every once in a while. It will help us make even bigger progress if we get back into your routine at home.

Also treat yourself and indulge in some sweets if you want to. Those guilty pleasures will not make you unhealthy, in contrary, they keep you healthy because they make you happy.

It is all about balance. 

In my opinion it is important to eat as healthy and work out much as possible during your travels because otherwise you will probably regret it when you’re back home. At least that is what I’m doing. I’m always angry because I have to start all over again. I hate to muscles or feel not healthy anymore. That’s why I try to keep my lifestyle as good as possible. I might not be able to make new progress but also not make any steps backwards. So, when back home kind of can start from where I left when I stepped on the plane.

Nevertheless, it is very important for me to live and enjoy my vacation time. It is all about enjoying your time off and finding the balance between treating yourself and sticking to your goals.


That’s it. I hope you are now better prepared and know how to maintain your healthy routine on your next trip.

I’d love to hear how you are dealing with this topic and what your experiences are, so please share them with us in the comments.

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And then see you next week.

Lots of love!


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