Planning a trip to Lisbon, Portugal and looking for some travel inspiration? Perfect. Today I have 4 charming places for you that are all within the Lisbon area. Each of these places is unique, exciting and beyond beautiful. From beach town over national park to city vibes there’s something to find for everyone. So, let’s get carried away and discover some amazing places.

4 charming places around Lisbon that are worth a visit

Lisbon itself is so far one of my most favourite cities to visit. There is so much to discover and so many different things to do, you really never get bored. The city has the most beautiful streets, street art, some amazing cafes and restaurants, great beaches, always good weather and some of the best viewpoints I’ve ever been to.

The people are beyond friendly, the pastries are delicious and the seafood is mouth-watering. There really is nothing you could miss here.

However, if you’re in Lisbon for a longer time or maybe you’ve been here multiple times already and are looking for something new, something beyond the beautiful streets of Lisbon, then here are 4 places that are within an hour car drive of Lisbon.

All are also accessible via train, in case you don’t have a car.


In the south of Lisbon, on the other side of the bridge about an hour car ride away you can find Sesimbra. A lovely little beach town with some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen in Portugal.

The town has many small and charming restaurants, shops and cafes most of which have an ocean view.

Especially during off season this is a great place to escape the business of Lisbon and find some quite in nature sounded by mountains.

Sesimbra Beach


North of Lisbon is the loveliest surfer town of Europe: Ericeira. With its famous beaches and incredible waves Ericeira attracts many surfers all year. However, especially during summer time this place is full of vibrant life. There is no better place to experience the beach vibes and treat yourself with some healthy smoothies or delicious wholesome foods in some of the organic restaurants.

Ericeira is wild, exciting, quirky and full of life. An awesome place for everyone who loves a mix between partying and beach.



North west of Lisbon you can find Cascais. Cascais is the closest to Lisbon and super easy to access by train. You can even ride the bike all the way from Lisbon center to Cascais, which is one of the most beautiful bike tracks I’ve seen.

Along this track, you cross many small beaches and get a feeling for what it is like to live in a city that has beaches.

Cascais itself is very young, but with still lots of tradition. Some of the best spots are the harbour with its fishing boats and super delicious seafood restaurants, the city center with lots of shops and more traditional Portuguese restaurants and lastly the beach walk with its huge amount of outdoor activity possibilities.

Cascais is a great place to visit if you don’t have that much time, but want to experience a more laid-back, and south European lifestyle.



If you continue riding the bike beyond Cascais you will eventually end up in Sintra. The greenest and most natural place around Lisbon.

Sintra is huge. You can easily spend an entire week just to explore this area. There are lots of stunning beaches, with cliffs and amazing scenery. But Sintra has also great mountain bike tracks, hiking trails and beautiful castles.

In the middle of a national park there is so much nature and green around you, you will feel like in a fairy tale.

Sintra town is also worth a visit. There are many historical buildings and lots of old ruins to discover.

So, if you’re in a group or with your family, Sintra is the best place to visit as there’s something to find for everyone.


Beyond those four places there are of course many more stunning villages and towns to visit around Lisbon and the best thing is, they are all super close as Portugal itself isn’t that big.

So, if you’ve got time, take it and explore the area around Lisbon. Go all the way up to Peniche and Nazaré and all the way down to Setubal.


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