Having a bad day? No worries, I got ya! Today I have three sayings for you, which I’m sure you’ve heard before, that all point to the one secret that creates immediate joy and happiness in your life. So be prepared for some greatness to happen in the next few minutes. I will give you an easy to follow and hard to stick to strategy on how you can remove any unhappiness from your life and create more pleasure in every day.

So, if you’re ready? Let’s get started.

3 sayings that create immediate joy and happiness

There are so many sayings, quotes and phrases out there which we use so frequently on Social Media. We resonate with some, some inspire us, some help us move past a destructive or negative thought, some push us through hard times, some pull us out of sad times and some entertain us.

But do we really understand what’s behind them? I for sure don’t!

However, the more I reflect, the more I learn about self-development, about life and about happiness the better I understand the truth those words are pointing towards.

There is more behind every saying than what we resonate with at first. There is an ultimate truth behind it that, if recognized, will lead you to greater happiness and joy in life.

However, seeing the truth, really seeing it, isn’t easy. You can’t just say you know now, in fact, if you say so, you probably don’t know. Knowing is a change in your thought pattern that happens immediately after you’ve realized the truth that is behind this phrase. So, do not seek to understand, but understand that you have seek the experience of life find the truth.

Now that life lead you here to this post though, let me share the truth that is behind the following three sentences and how you can use and implement that truth to create joy in life.

The Sayings

Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

If nothing goes right, go left.

The Truth

All the above sayings lead to one ultimate truth about life: Accept and surrender to what is, and there will be no unhappiness.

Acceptance and surrender is the foundation of all happiness. Happiness can’t enter your life if there is resistance in some form, mentally or physically. Resistance is negativity and negativity will take away your happiness.

If you resist the present moment, if you fight what is or has happened, if you try to change things as they are happening or have happened you will create great unhappiness for yourself.

There is nothing and no one who can change what has happened. There is nothing you can do to change what is happening. You cannot control life. So, stop trying to. Stop fighting, trying to change, is resisting change is fighting what is, is creating unhappiness.

But the good thing is you don’t have to control life to be happy. You don’t have to change what is or has happened to find joy.

Happiness and joy in life are not the things that happen, happiness in joy in life is the state in which they are happening. And they can only happen in a state of non-resistance to what is. In a state of complete acceptance and surrender.

By that I don’t mean to stop doing something about a situation that is bothering you. Of course, you can take action towards happiness by removing yourself from a situation or changing it (if possible). What I am referring to is the Mindset in which you are taking action. If your Mindset is negative, full of resistance, you will not be conscious enough to find the right solution. But if your Mindset is positive, full of acceptance to what just happened you will know the right thing to do to let in happiness.

So, when life decides to give you lemonades, choose to accept them, know that they serve a purpose, know that you can’t just throw them away. Decide to accept them and make the best out of them, aka. lemonade.

And if once again, you feel like nothing goes right, know that you have the choice on how this will affect you. Setbacks and failure do not have to impact your life negatively. Just because nothing goes right, doesn’t mean it has to be a shit day. You have the choice to go left, to surrender to that shit and accept it, knowing that it will pass eventually or you will find a way to make it right again.

And finally, know that no matter what brings you unhappiness, stress or negativity in life at this moment, Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it. So, chose to not react, chose to not feel sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed or whatever negative feeling you are feeling. If you don’t react emotionally or physically you will not only take away the power of that negative source, but also consciously chosen happiness over unhappiness.

Best example here, if someone says something to you that hurts you, if someone tries to pick a fight with you, just don’t react. Just say “okay”. Accept what he or she said, know that it’s not who you are, know that this person only wants to provoke you and make you feel bad. But you have the choice not to. Just step away. Resist the urge to react to it and see what happens.


That’s it. I hope you found value in it. If so, I’d appreciate it so much, if you’d share this post with whomever you think can need it. Together we can bring happiness to this world.

Also, I’d love to know if you have sayings or phrases behind which you’ve already detected the truth. Please share them with me either here in the comments or on Instagram or Facebook.

Now, enjoy your week and don’t forget to come back Friday for a new post.

Keep smiling!