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Welcome or welcome back to my blog, it’s so good to have you here.

If you believe it or not but it’s time for another part of the “chasing dreams” series. I hope you are excited for today lessons.

For all those who are not aware of the concept behind this “chasing dreams” series, here is what it is all about.

Every second week I share some insights into my past two weeks and share with you not only what I’ve been up to but more importantly what I’ve learned though life and everything that has happened.

I reflect on those lessons and see how they’ve helped me to become happier, healthier and closer to my dreams.

Sharing those experiences with you I hope to give you some guidance and inspiration on how you too can see those little lessons life is teaching us every day and take those opportunities as a chance to enhance change and consciousness.

Now let’s get to it.

1st to 14th of June

What two weeks it’s been. It feels like months have passed in just two weeks. I guess that’s because I went through so much change those past weeks that I have a hard time putting it all together.

But let’s start in the beginning and hope I’ll find my way through.

Don’t be afraid to start something new

It all started with my focus resolution of this month: opening up and challenging my fear of being in front of the camera on Social Media.

I decided it was finally time for me to get a little bit more involved and show you on more about myself. On my blog, here I don’t have any fears of sharing my struggles and being vulnerable. Even on my posts on IG I feel comfortable about opening up but Video guys, is a whole different level.

I was so worried what other people might think about my English which is super ironic as I don’t have any concerns about that in the offline world. I also feared saying something wrong or getting the message out in the wrong way.

In addition, I had no experience at all with being on stories or IGTV in person. I always just posted pictures.

However, I knew that it was time to face that fear and gain some skills in that area if I want to get a step closer towards my dream of owning a business.

So I did it. I stepped out of my comfort zone and started something I’ve never done before.

Being a beginner isn’t something to be ashamed of

Not having any experience in that area I of course failed a few times. And as a perfectionist had many moments where I doubted myself and my abilities and this while project.

However, already on the first day of my challenge I’ve experienced so much love and excitement about me opening up to you that this positive energy that was send towards me gave me so much momentum and strength that I was able to push through all those struggles.

Learning something new is never easy.  You just don’t know how to approach things the right way. And you can research and read about it as much as you want, in the end all of it won’t really prepare you any way as trying it out is a whole different story.

Though, getting all that support and experiencing how much I actually enjoyed opening up and being vulnerable made it so easy for me to deal with those setbacks I had. In addition, it made learning new things and maybe failing here and there so much more fun.

If you don’t have the expectations to do things perfectly (and let’s be honest, you definitely shouldn’t have if you start something new) but instead just enjoy learning and growing with those experiences then being a beginner can be super rewarding and learning something new can be life changing.

Keeping the balance

Besides that, challenge another reason why those two weeks flew by is the momentum I gained through last month’s focus resolution.

For those who don’t know, I’ve worked towards being more productive and overcoming some of my unproductive habits and believes last month. I basically established a whole new way of living and working which gave me, as far as I can tell till now, the perfect work-life balance.

Even though every day is the same and even though I do the same “unexciting” stuff day in day out I am super excited and the days go by in a blink of an eye.

I will soon release a blogpost about my life audit and tell you my key take aways from that month, but for now let me tell you the two things that gave me the most balance.

First it is having a 5/5 approach. So, working 5 hours a day and having 5 hours of pleasure time a day, that includes working out, surfing and meeting friends.

 That policy not only forces me to focus on the essential and be more productive through those 5h of work, but it also ensures I am balanced and get to work towards my other dreams and build a solid social life.

It’s just perfect to ensure there is a little bit of room for excitement and joy every day.

The second thing that really helps me keep the balance and contributes to my enjoyment of this ordinary life is the off day I have every Sunday.  This entire day off everything, including all electronics, is the perfect solution for being burned out and overwhelmed. It gives you space to clear your head and think about other things. Those days are usually the ones where I come up with the most amazing ideas and have the greatest breakthroughs.

And they are also perfect to connect with what really is important in life: living.

It is amazing to dream big and work towards achieving your goals but we shouldn’t ever forget that life is happening now. We need to live life in any moment to be truly happy and satisfied. If we constantly live in the future or past by hustling towards our goals we miss out on the real fun that is happening in this moment.

So, having that off day and also those 5h a day is my insurance to not forget about living life in the now.

Sit with it!

Apropos now, one last amazing thing I really established the past couple weeks that contributed major to my happiness and overall positive experience of life which makes time fly like crazy is the daily meditation.

I made it a non-negotiable habit to meditate for 10 minutes every morning and evening. Just being there focused on my breath and feeling my inner spirit.

In the mornings, I usually use the meditation to connect with the positive vibrations, connect with myself and set the mood for the day. I end every practice with an intention to guide my day. That really helps me to stay in a good mood and don’t take life to serious.

The evening practice I use to clear my head, let go of everything that has bothered me throughout the day and reflect on the happy moments I had.

This is such a good way to release tension and stress and prepare for a proper night of sleep.

I will intensify that practice next month in my focus resolution “Improve sleep”. And of course, I will tell you all about my experiences. So, stay tuned.


Now that’s it with today’s lessons. I hope you could take something from this post and are feeling inspired.

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