Are you struggling with thinking too much of the wrong things? Are you caught up in negativity? Is your life not going in the direction where you want it to go? Or are you maybe even feeling like you are working against life? No worries, this post will help you to find alignment with life and yourself and enhance positivity and success in your life. I will show you a way how you can use the power of Mindset and change it to finally create the life you imagine for yourself.

Sound’s awesome? Okay let’s do it.

Here’s what we will cover:

What is Mindset?

Why Mindset is important?

The power of Mindset

How to change your Mindset?

What is Mindset



The established set of attitudes held by someone.

You can differentiate between 4 types of Mindset. A growth Mindset and a fixed Mindset, and a negative Mindset and a positive Mindset.

Growth and positive Mindset are not the same, however they are interconnected and can’t go without one another. Vis versa for fixed and negative Mindset.

Growth and fixed Mindset are terms that were introduced by Carol Dweck.

A growth Mindset states that one perceives abilities and skills as something developable. Failure and setbacks as an opportunity to learn from and enhance success. Succeeding is in that context seen as fruits of hard work and effort.

A fixed Mindset makes someone perceive ability and skills as something inherited, something one either has or hasn’t and there is no way to change this. Failures and setbacks are often seen as ultimate definition of oneself. Success is something that has to come natural. Any effort or hard work towards success is seen as failing and makes you not suitable for that skill or ability.

Positive and negative Mindset is what most people will generally know as Mindset.

A positive Mindset is the decision to see everything from a more optimistic and growth oriented point of view. It makes you believe in the good things and aim for further attempts to eventually get the desired outcome.

That is why it is connected to the growth Mindset. Both those Mindset make you think positive and keep putting in effort to work towards improvement.

A negative Mindset is judgmental, it refers to the worst-case scenarios as part of your reality. Same as the fixed Mindset it makes you believe you’re not good enough. The negative Mindset lets you see everything from a point of failure and inability.

You can generally say that most people will have an overall tendency to either a negative or a positive Mindset in life.

With growth and fixed Mindset, it is a little bit different. They are hidden and can differ across all areas of your life.

So, you can have an overall positive Mindset and a growth Mindset in many areas of your life like relationships, sports and work, but still have a fixed Mindset in some other areas of your life like, your personal traits, language skills etc.

Or you can have an overall negative Mindset about life but still a growth Mindset in some areas of it.

This really depends on each individual. However, the good thing is each of those 4 Mindset can be changed.

Change happens with awareness. So, the first step I will introduce to you below is building awareness. First though, let’s see why Mindset is so important.

Why Mindset is important

Mindset is the state your mind is in. The foundation which directs all your thinking, feeling and action.

Your Mindset is the energy frequency under which everything you think, do or feel is running.

If you Mindset is fixed, full of negativity and resistance, your thoughts, feelings and actions will get effected by it.

If you Mindset is positive, directed towards growth and transformation you will perceive your life happier, act happier, feel happier and think happier.

You can view your Mindset as the fuel you are running with. So, if it is negative, you will create a pain, negativity and suffering in your life.

If it is positive you will create joy, excitement and happiness for yourself.

That is why Mindset is important. That is the power of Mindset. Your Mindset creates your reality.

So how do you want your reality to be? Full of pain, anger and hate. Or full of love, joy and excitement.

Do you want to stand in your own way towards your dreams and take away your happiness? Or do you want to live your dreams and create a life full of happiness?

Either way, you have the choice every moment, to create the reality that you imagine for yourself. You have the choice to change your Mindset and make your dreams become reality.

So let’s see what the true power of Mindset holds for us.

The power of Mindset

I’ve already slightly toughed on the power of Mindset above. But let me go a little bit more into detail here.

So, if your Mindset is what creates your reality, how is it effecting your performance and way of living?

Imagine your Mindset is like the lens through which you perceive your reality.

If it’s fixed and over shadowed by negativity, you will perceive your reality as something negative.

You will feel unmotivated to stick to your goals. You will perceive failure and setbacks as a sign that something isn’t meant to be. And you will get caught up in procrastinating on your dreams because you are afraid to fail. Because failure would mean you are not good enough.

There will be even more negativity in your life because you define yourself through these setbacks.

And you will stop aiming for your dreams as soon as you have one little setback.

If your Mindset is positive and directed towards growth you will see the light and beauty within your life. You will want to put in even more effort to make your dreams become reality once you experienced a setback. You are motivated to work hard and give your everything. Your doing will be guided by consciousness and joy because the outcome doesn’t really matter. What matters is the learning process, the journey that takes you there.

You will create happiness simply through enjoying the process and knowing that the outcome will not define who you are.

How to change your Mindset

Now let’s see how we can change the Mindset to a more positive, growth oriented one.

Like mentioned above, it all starts with awareness.

Building awareness

Become aware of your negative or fixed Mindset. Detect it in those areas of your life where it is holding you back. See the negativity in your life and ask yourself what causes it.

Find the source of that negativity. Reflect on why you are having a fixed Mindset in those areas. Was there some experience in your past that makes you believe you are not worthy?

Know you can change it. Know that it is within your power to remove that destructive mind pattern and change your life to the better.

Choose to let go

After awareness, what follows is letting go. Once you know what it is that causes negative thinking, once you know the source of your fixed Mindset, you have to let go of that believe.

I know this is super hard and takes a lot of practice. Our minds are so powerful and if you have had this thought pattern for a long time, it takes time to dissolve it. It takes time to rewire and change that mind pattern.

So be patient. Stay conscious and detect it whenever it is arising. Then choose to let go of that believe. Know that it’s no longer the truth you’ve always though it is. Know it is not serving any purpose anymore.

Breathe it out.

Focus on the stoke

Direct your focus towards joy and happiness. Once you feel negativity emerging, focus on the feeling of love, joy and excitement. If it helps, imagine a moment where you had those feelings and manifest them in your current state.

Take immediate action

Stop that thinking. Create a midstream in your head that let’s all those thoughts float away. Choose to drop your fixed Mindset, write down how you should think instead or speak it out loud if that helps you.

To the opposite of what you would usually do. Choose to react the other way as you used to react.

Remove yourself from the situation that causes this negative thinking, and move to something that naturally brings joy into your life.

Later then, reflect again on the situation and see if there are any triggers and how you can remove them from your life or if there is any strategy on how you can react more growth oriented and positive once that trigger arises again.

Align yourself with the positive

You now know what it takes to have a positive, growth oriented Mindset. And I am pretty sure you have already some areas of your life where you are holding that Mindset. So, analyse them. What are those mind patterns like? How are your feelings towards success and failure in those areas?

Then use those thoughts and behaviours to build a strategy to use in the areas of negative, fixed Mindset.

Align yourself with the positive in any moment. Choose to feel happy rather than sad. See the glass half full rather than half empty. Focus on the learning, on the progress as the ultimate source of happiness and success rather than the outcome.

Choose your Mindset

Finally, every time you see those triggers, every time you realize you are in a state of negative or fixed Mindset, choose to change it.

Like I said above, changing your Mindset is nothing that you can do now and than never again. You have to do it every day, every moment. Sometimes it’s harder, because you don’t immediately realize you are in a state of negativity. But the more you practice the easier it will get and eventually you will have dissolved those fixed mind patterns and moved on to a more positive way of thinking.

It takes time. But the decision you made today, to learn more about Mindset is the first step in the right direction.

I know this is challenging and it would be so much easier if you had someone that would help you. Well, you have me!

I am here to help you change your Mindset. I will support you as good as I can and I will provide you with lots of helpful tips and inspiration on how to dissolve those negative mind patterns and change your Mindset to the happy.

Amazing News

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