Have you’ve ever wondered why most travellers have such a happier life after they’ve returned from their travels? As a long-term traveller and self-development advocate I made it my mission to search for the answer behind that question and show you a way how you too can use traveling as a tool to grow and enhance happiness and transformation in your life. Today I am sharing 5 things you learn while traveling that make your everyday life easier and help you to remove unhappiness from your life.

So, if you are ready, let’s go!

5 amazing things you learn while traveling that make your life easier every day

Making new friends

I found, especially when you are getting older, making new friends doesn’t get easier. There are just not that many opportunities anymore to get to know new people. And most of the time, when there is an opportunity, we are to shy or don’t feel comfortable to make the first step because we are not used to getting to know people anymore. Or even worse we are surrounded by people we can’t really see any connection with.

So yeah, finding likeminded people and making them your friends, for sure isn’t easy.

But good thing is, traveling can help you make it easier.

Through traveling you not only learn to take the step and get to know new people. You will also have the opportunity to choose because you will get to know so many. Traveling makes it so easy to connect with people and not just any people but people you really resonate with. And who knows, maybe you will even find your best friends on your next travels. I at least did.

Get out of your comfort zone

Have you also got the impression that, the older you get the harder it is to start learning something new? Not because the actually learning process gets harder, no already the motivation to get started takes a lot of effort.

We are so much more afraid to fail when we are older. We naturally dislike unfamiliarity and uncertainty. Discomfort is something that makes us feel anxiety and we choose to rather not challenge it. However, that makes us miss out on so many awesome opportunities that would lead us to a happier life.

Good thing is, you only have to go on a short trip to somewhere new and you’ll find stepping out of your comfort zone so much easier.

Traveling itself is stepping out of your comfort zone. But also, while you are traveling there are so many small and big moments where you have no other choice then to step out of the familiar into a more unfamiliar environment.

So, if you want to learn something new, go traveling! You can thank me later ;).

Deal with expectations

Ah jah, those expectations that always ruin the fun. Haven’t we experienced it all. We were looking forward to something so much and have already imagined how awesome it’s going to be and then, surprise, it wasn’t like we imagined and we let this affect our overall experience of the event. Our expectations weren’t met so we were disappointed of whatever it was that we were attending.

Well, let me tell you that. If you travel, you have to either drop expectations all together, which in my opinion is the best you can do for life anyway. If you have no expectations there is nothing that can disappoint you. You take it as it comes and it can only be great.

The second choice you have is to live a life in disappointment and hate the trip you’re on because nothing meets your expectations, which, let’s be honest, isn’t really an option.

So, let’s take some of that non expectancy we have while traveling into our everyday lives and see what happens.

Staying conscious

When you are traveling there is so much happening. Every moment something new. If you’re not conscious, if you are not present in the moment you will miss so much of those amazing moments.

And as we all don’t want that, we naturally are more present when we are traveling. So, if you travel a lot or for a longer time you can use that opportunity to practice being present.

Take some of that consciousness you have while traveling into your everyday life and experience the immediate change in your overall state of happiness.

Experiencing life

What better chance to experience life as while traveling. Standing on a huge mountain with views as far as one can see. Or walking through the rainforest, hearing the birds sing and the leaves whistle. Or being in the ocean, feeling the waves go through and the sea breeze on your skin. What makes one feel more connected to life than that?

Traveling helps you to see the beauty within everything. It connects you to nature, to life that is present everywhere around you.

Once you had a glimpse on how it feels to be connected to this higher energy that is flowing within everything that is, within you, you will experience everything that is happening differently. You will see the true beauty, you will experience what true happiness feels like and you will live life in the most rewarding way possible.

Traveling is transformation

Traveling is your best tool to create a life full of happiness. And everyone who has travelled for a longer time, will agree with me. The things you learn while traveling are unforgettable. Traveling changes in ways nothing else can. Traveling, as challenging as it can be at some times, is the best experience one can make in her life. It is your ultimate tool to design the life you imagine for yourself.

And because I love traveling so much. Because I had the chance to experience the true power of traveling, I want to inspire you to travel too.

I want this positive change for you too. I want you to live the life of your dreams!

That is why I wrote a book called “Let’s Travel! An inspirational guide to wanderlust” to be released on 15th of July.

In this book I not only give you great tips on how to best prepare for your next trip, get the best experience while you are traveling, and deal with all the struggles that are occurring before, during and after your trip. But I also show you multiple ways in which you can use traveling as a tool for transformation in your life and your personality.

So make sure to save the date and don’t miss out on the release. This is your chance to use traveling as steppingstone to happiness.


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