Have you ever had a major change in your personality that resulted in an even bigger change in your life? What if I tell you that this positive change you’ve experienced doesn’t have to be a onetime thing. Everyone, you and I, can use personal development as strategic tool to enhance positive transformation in our lives. Though why is that so? Today I am sharing the impact of self-development, how personal growth affects your performance and also give you 4 simple but powerful ways in which you can improve your personality and see immediate positive change in your life’s happiness.

So, if you’re ready, let’s grow!

Here is what we will cover:

What is self-development?

How self-development affects performance?

Ways in which improve yourself

What is self-development?



The process by which a person’s character or abilities are gradually developed.

Self-development also known as personal development or personal growth is the process through which you take your personality to improve it.

Many people refer to their personality as what they are, but the truth is, your personality, your abilities not even your character is who you really are.

All the above things come to manifest through past experiences in your life. Your character, your personality is a collection of thought and behaviour patterns which came to build through relationships, experiences and believes you adapted in your past. They build up to recurring thought patterns that your mind plays over and over again in certain situations. They become so natural and familiar that we confuse them as who we are.

But you are none of these things. Your character, your personality and your abilities are part of you. They belong to you as part of your past and are (if impacting your life positively) important for your future.

However, you are not your personality or characteristics. You are energy. You are consciousness, you are life.

It’s hard to visually explain who we are as a person. The best experience you can get about yourself is if you feel deep inside you. Drop all the believes you have about who you are and simply listen inside you. Feel the life that is within every cell of your body.

Feel your inner spirit. That is who you are.

Everything else is only part of your past, present or future.

But what is developing yourself referring to then. Personal growth is working on this mind patterns to remove the destructive ones, those which bring unhappiness and negativity in our lives and strengthen those which bring happiness.

Self-development is building supportive habits that help you to experience life with all its awesomeness, make your dreams come true and create happiness within your life and those of others.

How self-development affects performance?

In the post last Monday, I went into depth about Mindset. I also pointed out how Mindset affects your performance. One of the main take away was that if you have a negative, fixed Mindset you are creating negativity in your life that is holding you back from pursuing your dreams and enhancing success.

With self-development, it works kind of the same way. If you have many bad habits and destructive mind patterns that are causing you suffering or negativity you create a barrier in your life that stops any positive energy to enter.

Those thought and behaviour patterns that happen automatically and are the reason for most of your failures, and unhappiness in life.

So, if we remove them and replace them with good, supportive behaviours and thought patterns we can implement a change in our Mindset which then takes us to a happier state.

This wave of positive energy then enhances even further success by helping us to go with the flow of life rather than working against it.

This way we are not only able to have the best experience of it but also take effective action towards our dreams and the life we imagine for ourselves.

So, if you too want to become happier and build a solid and supporting foundation for your dreams to flourish on, join me and let’s together work towards becoming a higher self.

4 ways to improve yourself

there are millions of ways how you can improve yourself. And which are the best, is as individual as each one of us is. It really depends on where your pain points are.

To find your pain points you have to reflect on your personality, your thinking and your living and detect those things that bring negativity, unhappiness or holding you back.

Write them down and then one by one start to find strategies to dissolve them.

Personal growth, as Mindset change, is nothing that you do once and then never again. Personal development is a lifestyle you choose. It’s a commitment you make to work towards becoming a greater self every single day.

So, don’t give up if it gets hard at some times, that is normal. Either push through it or forgive yourself for not doing what you intended to do. There will be another chance for you to try. Probably sooner than later.

Now though, I have 4 things for you that I found many people are struggling with and which are a great way to start your self-development journey.

1. Let go of your fear of failure

Being not good enough or failing in something we want to succeed is holding most of us back from pursuing our dreams.

Though this fear of failure really is nothing of big concern. Failing is part of life. Failing is part of success. You need to fall to grow. So, stop seeing failure as something irreversible. It isn’t failure is a lesson you learn. That’s it is. If you fall, stand up again and try.

One of my favourite quotes about failure is the following. It sums up fear of failure and why to let it go pretty well:

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. – Samuel Beckett

2. Believe in can be done

Another belief I found many people have is the believe that something isn’t possible. Especially when it comes to chasing your dreams and doing things that are beyond the norm we are constantly accompanied by the thought that it might not be possible to achieve what we set out to do.

But believe me, nothing is impossible. Or let’s put it that way: everything seems impossible until its done.

Most of what we perceive as being hard work or impossible at first turns out to be not even that hard to do after all. All you have to do is believe in it!

Believe it can be done and then see what is happening. I do not know the science behind this, but I know that simply believing in it can make things happen.

3. Be confident about yourself

No matter what someone says you are or what facts tell about yourself, like I mentioned above, you are nothing of that. You are more than your thoughts, your emotions and your abilities. You are pure positive energy.

Know that you are not your thoughts. Know that you are not your abilities. If you really found your inner source of being than nothing someone says or does. Nothing you think or do can affect your state of inner peace and connectedness to who you really are.

So, start to connect with your inner self as many times as possible throughout every day. Feel your spirit and keep that connection alive for as long as possible.

4. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

Comfort is something we as human being naturally seek. It gives stability, certainty and controllability in a world of unstable, uncertain and uncontrollable circumstances.

However, if you choose comfort over growth you will stagnate and eventually cause dissatisfaction and unhappiness in your life as you are not excited anymore.

So, choose to challenge yourself. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Choose to embrace uncertainty from time to time. Try something new and get excited again.


A last word

There is one important thing I have to tell you before you get started with your personal growth journey. You can’t work on all things at the same time. You have to focus on the most important trait to develop and give it all your attention. If you focus on too many at the same time, you won’t see results. So rather go step by step. Trust me it’s quicker.

If you feel like none of the above really is something you want to work on right now, I’ve got good news.

On 15th of July, I will publish a few books one of which is my “Let’s Grow! A practical guide to a greater self” guide. There I give you even more tips and strategies on how you can improve your personality and work on dissolving destructive patterns in mind and behaviour and get one step closer to the live you imagine for yourself.

So, save the date, to not miss out on the release. I’d love to help you even further with becoming the best version of yourself.


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