Hello hun!

Welcome or welcome back to my blog, it’s so good to have you here.

If you believe it or not but it’s time for another part of the “chasing dreams” series. I hope you are excited for today lessons.

For all those who are not aware of the concept behind this “chasing dreams” series, here is what it is all about.

Every second week I share some insights into my past two weeks and share with you not only what I’ve been up to but more importantly what I’ve learned though life and everything that has happened.

I reflect on those lessons and see how they’ve helped me to become happier, healthier and closer to my dreams.

Sharing those experiences with you I hope to give you some guidance and inspiration on how you too can see those little lessons life is teaching us every day and take those opportunities as a chance to enhance change and consciousness.

Without further detour let’s get started.

14th to 28th of June

Those past weeks had some highs and lows. One high was definitely the weekend at home, in Germany. It was so amazing to see my whole family again after half a year. It’s crazy how time flies and the great time I have here in Lisbon along with regular phone calls do really make it feel like not that long ago.

However, last time I saw my family was in January and there also only for a week. So I was super excited to get to spend a couple days with them.

In addition, this was the perfect opportunity for me to get a few vacation days in. As my trip home was so short I didn’t schedule any work. I got everything important done before and all the rest had to wait till after. So, it were three real days off work. Man, it’s been a long time since I had that. I can’t even remember when.

After I got back though I almost immediately fell into a low. The first couple days where quite busy as I had a lot of catching up to do, but then as the weather got worse and post vacation blues set in I got a little underwhelmed and unexcited by life. I had a couple meh days and had a hard time to motivate myself to do anything other than laying around.

However, I managed to get back the excitement through an intense treatment with social time and surfing. By the end of this week I was physically exhausted but happy and back on track.

As it is common for such times I’ve of course learned a lot again, mainly about how I can stay excited about life even if my everyday life is a little more mediocre than I wished it were at this moment. But let me tell you a little more in detail about those life lessons of the past couple weeks.

Nobody said it will be easy

During my time at home I had an interesting conversation with a former school friend of my dad.

As it’s usually the case on family festivities, you get asked that one question sooner or later: What’s your plan for after university?

I usually then tell people about my business idea and how I’ve already started it. And mention some of my travel plans alongside it.

So, when I was telling this amazing woman about my business idea she wasn’t as excited as I hoped.

Even though she was super happy for me and thought my idea is great and worth pursuing she also said she has a hard time imagine how to make it profitable.

I kind of expected a reaction like this.

Without getting too much into detail about why she thinks it’s hard to make it profitable, the one think I was taking from this conversation was the following.

Without doubt, chasing your dreams and building your own business is hard. There will always be people who can’t imagine you can make money with it and there will always be those who either don’t know better, begrudge you for it or think to know better even though they don’t.

But it does not matter what other people, if close to you or not, think or say about the success of your ideas and dreams.

What matters is that YOU think it is possible!

Because first, you know your idea best and if you’ve done research and honestly believe, maybe even have proof, that this can be done than I’m sure you are better informed then them. And second, even if you didn’t do research yet (which I definitely recommend you do though before you get started, just to stay realistic), if you believe it is possible then it is.

Do never, under any circumstances let anyone else make you believe your dreams can’t come true. If you keep believing and working towards making them happen than facts can stand as much against you, in the end it won’t matter.

Don’t forget to be present

A constant reminder, which I don’t get tired of mentioning to you and myself as it is without doubt something we, especially I, tend to forget quite often.

When I got back from my little vacation I was so busy catching up with work and so busy worrying about not forgetting anything important, that I forgot the most important. Being present.

I usually realize I wasn’t present if something super unnecessary happened that causes trouble in my life. Like forgetting to set the break in the car and therefore having it roll onto the street. (Nothing happened it was just super stupid)

Something that could have, and does probably happen to all of us from time to time. It’s those little things we forget which if we do result in a shakeup of your inner peace and momentum.

Those are the signs that I once again was too caught up in thinking and doing that I wasn’t present enough to remember the simplest things.

So, Tara and everyone else out there, don’t forget to be present in your actions and take that minute or to something takes longer to prevent bad things from happening.

Talking about that, I’ve started a little experiment to keep me present during everyday life. I’ll soon share my experiences on Instagram so make sure to follow me there.

Decrease in excitement is the cause of all meh

Another result of not being present can be a state of meh. Those times where we feel super unmotivated and uninspired by life. Those states of underwhelm result out of a lack of excitement in our lives. Which again results out of not being present enough to see the little things that happen every day that make us laugh.

After not having been on a proper adventure in half a year (which is the longest time since about 2 years) I definitely feel like I need a change.

I love my life like it is, I love being in Lisbon and working on and for my business. However, there could be a little bit more excitement and change in my life. Don’t get me wrong I go through amazing change personally, but I’m more referring to a change of scenery. Something that inspires me again and shows me that there’s more out there than what I know.

I guess we all need that change occasionally. A too long period without a proper adventure will put all of us in a state of mediocrity and underwhelm. So, we have to do what’s in our power to keep that everyday life exciting to.

That is why I can’t wait to go on that Spain Roadtrip end of next month.

You need the people

Being at home, seeing my family and some of my best friends again really showed me once more how important it is to have those people around you more.

You can have as many lovely and amazing people in your life, you can have the best colleagues, the best study mates, flatmates or occasional acquaintances, if you don’t have your loved ones around frequently there is a lack.

I love meeting people, I love connecting and I love getting to know new people. I need that to be happy just as much as water to stay hydrated.

However, I can meet as many amazing people as I want, if I haven’t seen my close friends for a too long time I am feeling not complete. New friendships just can’t replace, nor should they, those you’ve been having for years.

We need people who know us, who know your struggles and your pains, we need them to lift us up, give us true advice, make us laugh and feel good about ourselves. We need them to feel complete.

That’s why I want to encourage you, if you feel alone sometimes, call a friend, someone who knows you and tell them that you miss them. I bet you’ll feel so much better after.


That’s it with this week’s lessons. I hope there was something for you too and that you have also had a couple very educational weeks.

I’m super curious to hear about your life lessons, so feel free to share them with me in the comments of on Instagram or Facebook.

Also, don’t hesitate to share this post as well if you know someone who might need to read this.

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