Hello my love!

Welcome or welcome back to my blog, it’s so good to have you here. If you believe it or not, but it’s time for another part of the “chasing dreams” series. I hope you are excited for today lessons.

For all those who are not aware of the concept behind this “chasing dreams” series, here is what it is all about.

Every second week I share some insights into my past two weeks and share with you not only what I’ve been up to but more importantly what I’ve learned though life and everything that has happened.

I reflect on those lessons and see how they’ve helped me to become happier, healthier and closer to my dreams.

Sharing those experiences with you I hope to give you some guidance and inspiration on how you too can see those little lessons life is teaching us every day and take those opportunities as a chance to enhance change and consciousness.

Now without further ado, let’s get started.

12th to 26th of July 2019

The universe is powerful and it is always listening. When you ask for a change, when you tell the universe you are ready for growth and new beginnings it will hear you.

And it will give you what you’ve asked for.

Longing for a change to get back the bliss

For a few months now I’ve been longing for change, for new adventures. These past 6 months have been life-changing in many ways. I have grown so much, I have overcome some of my biggest struggles that I was dealing with since I was a teenager and I stepped out of my comfort zone and finally made a dream come true that I have for a very long time now. Building my own business.

However, what came a little short during those months of self-development and business building was adventure. Of course, the path that I’ve been going down and the journey that I am on currently is an adventure itself, for sure! But the longer I haven’t left Lisbon the more I felt like I needed a change of scenery.

I love Lisbon and I am living my dream life here, at the beach, growing my business, doing what I love. But traveling is part of my lifestyle too and I am a wanderluster by heart. And despite how much I love the lifestyle that I am living right now, I also miss traveling.

Traveling for me was always my greatest source of creativity and focus. And I feel that is what I miss most at the moment, clarity. Building your own business, or achieving your dreams in general can be mind-blowing sometimes and it’s hard to not lose focus.

That is why I am longing for change, for a break to clear my head, refocus and do something else but working.

And I know that once I got this break I can come back with more excitement, more energy and more dedication towards hustling further.

So, whenever you feel out of energy, unfocused or uninspired, take a break. Even if you are in the middle of changing the world, take a break. Get out of your current environment, drop all your habits and routines and go on an adventure.

I promise you won’t regret it.

This is how I want to be: kind, humble, confident, stoked

Last year I went through a very hard time. I was trying to be someone I wasn’t to be with someone I loved. I haven’t realized at first how much I was not myself. Only once I was put in front of the decision between my dreams and my feelings I realized I had to find myself again and find back to who I was and wanted to be.

I’ve never been someone who pleases others, I always knew what I wanted and went for it. I’m not one of those people who you can tell what to do or who follow the rules.

I make my own rules, I shape my own board and I am confident about it. Despite what all others say.

Back then I wasn’t any of that which made me really unhappy at some point. However, early enough I realized it is within my power to choose to find back to myself.

I was at a similar point a few years back, after I returned from my first world trip. I lost myself and my happiness because my dream life got taken away from me, by myself. Back then as well I decided at some point that it was enough. That I don’t have to be the person that I was becoming, that I can be the person again that I was and wanted to be.

So I did some thinking. I meditated over who I wanted to be. And I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be the kind friend and supporter, confident but humble towards life and myself and stoked about being part of this world.

After figuring this out it took only one final decision in my mind to make it happen.

And you can too! Stop being someone you are not. Figure out who you want to be and be that person. It is within your power.

Then remind yourself of those traits over and over again until you became that person. Write them down, feel them in your gut and make them part of your way of thinking and living. Repeat them in your mind every single day:

I am kind. I am humble. I am confident and I am stoked!

Connecting beyond the usual – find your tribe online

When I was younger I never felt like I belonged where I was. I never had that tribe of likeminded people. In contrary, I felt like I was so different from everyone else my age. I didn’t fit in and didn’t feel understood.

Now I’m well aware that is normal when you are a teenager, however for me it continued. I love my friends and I love my inner cycle and we for sure have lots of things in common. But the only person in my life that has this same deep desire of creating something of his own, to leave something behind and to create something of impact is my brother.

None of my close friends has this ambition, this vision to change the world to a great extent. That sometimes makes it hard to make a change and achieve those goals. We all know a supportive environment and people who you can talk to about gains and struggles, people who understand what you are going though is crucial to make the impossible possible.

During this path that I’ve been walking the past year I knew that at some point I had to change this. I couldn’t only rely on my friends, who are super understanding and supportive and I love them. But unfortunately, they can’t relate to my goals. I needed a tribe of likeminded people who knew what I was going through.

And because I couldn’t find that tribe offline I had to find it online. And I did.

In this age of Social Media possibilities are limitless. And I am beyond grateful to final have found that tribe, those likeminded people who I can turn to for support and inspiration. And I can call them my friends now, even though most of them I haven’t met in person yet.

So, if you too feel the desire to have a tribe of supportive and uplifting women who help you to achieve your goals then reach out!

Join my amazing community and let us love and support you!

The world won’t stop spinning – Deal with pre-vacation anxiety

Who knows it? You are about to go on vacation and all of a sudden three days before you have a major freak-out because you think you will stop achieving your goals and lose track of them. You imagine the worst case of never finding back your momentum and end up failing on all your goals. Or you just super stress about what could happen if you don’t check your emails for a month now or don’t check anything off your ToDo list for a while.

That’s me every time before I go on vacation. Every time I think, okay this time I won’t freak out and then I do.

I used to freak out even weeks before, now I was able to delay it until one or two day before and it got less intense as well.

Through my self-development process one thing I learned, that really helps me to prevent and deal with this pre-vacation anxiety is the knowing that “nothing bad will happen” and “the world won’t stop spinning” if I don’t check my emails for a while or if I take a break from working towards my goals.

If you have a strategy that makes sure everything important is running smoothly while you are away and if you have strategy as well how you can get back on track after your return, nothing bad will happen.

Just remind yourself of those times where you went away last time and did nothing, was anything bad happening then? No.

If that still doesn’t help, imagine the worst case that could happen and then think of how you can solve it in case it happens. You’ll soon realize that first, the worst case isn’t that bad after all and that it’ll be easy for you to solve it and get back on track and second, that this case is very unlikely to happen anyway.

And then you can go and enjoy your vacation and take the break you need to come back more energised and ready to crush it again.

Thank you Portugal – so full of love

Last but not least, I want to end this post with a BIG thank you Portugal!

I’ve lived here for a year and it was the most incredible year of my life. I finally got a sneak peek of how my future could look like and I loved it.

I loved everything here, the people, the place, the food, my work, my life. During this past year I didn’t miss anything, not even traveling. So, I am beyond grateful to have gotten the chance to experience how it is to live my dream of living at the beach in a city that feels like home.

Before I settle down somewhere though I need to keep exploring, there are so many more places in this world that need my attention and I want to see them all.

So for now I’ll say goodbye to this city that definitely got a place in my heart. But I will come back and pick up where I left.

What’s to come now?

That’s the big question isn’t it. Well I don’t know what is expecting me but what I know is that it’ll be full of joy and growth.

I will travel for a couple month and then head home to Germany to finish my studies and keep growing my business.

And then we will see what happens from there.


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And then have an awesome weekend!

Lots of love!